Installer is a 3rd party app that allows you to install most other third party apps. When jailbreaking your phone, most programs also install or tell you how. See our mod/hack page on how to jailbreak.

New Update to v3.0 – nullriver has updated their to v3.0. Here’s a video and some screenshots:

AppTapp Installer 3 Intaller Update v3.0b3

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  1. Hey Guys,
    I Use your site alot and wanted to congratulate on your sucess with the site its 24 april 2008 and i went back to the 56 page for the first post. you site is so popular now.

  2. i have iphone3gs with 4.0.1 firmware
    and i need to install ”” on my iphone 3gs so can you help me how can install this applications…….?

  3. TYVM you’ve solved all my plorbems