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iApp-a-Day – Pumpkin

PumpkinThe first of many apps to come in a project called iApp-a-Day is called Pumpkin. It displays a orange jack-o-lantern face on a black background and rotates when the phone is rotated. Here are some screenshots:

iApp-a-Day - Pumpkin iApp-a-Day - Pumpkin iApp-a-Day - Pumpkin
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Apple Makes Change Name has received a letter from Apple’s Lawyers requesting them to change their name. And that’s not all:

– Apple owns, through its Ocean Telecom affiliate numerous U.S. and international filings for the iPhone trademark U.S. Ser. No. 77/007,808.
– Since the services we offer here on MMi are directly related to Apple’s iPhone, Apple Inc. believes that ModMyiPhone will inevitably confuse consumers into believing we are associated with Apple Inc., therefore infringing on Apple’s Trademark rights. [Read more…]

Colloquy Version r70 Crashing

I’ve had troubles with the new Colloquy crashing. I do have 4 IRC channels open but that shouldn’t matter. The only way to fix it is to disconnect from the channels and restart Colloquy. Here are some screenshots:

Colloquy crashed Colloquy r70 Crashed Colloquy r70 Crashed
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Colloquy Update Version r70

Colloquy has updated to Version r70. It now allows for spell correction! It also has colored usernames, a username list, timer counting connection length, and a reorganize settings page. Here are some screenshots:

Colloquy r70 Update Colloquy r70 Update Colloquy r70 Update
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Another update to I haven’t noticed any significant changes. Here are some screenshots:

Installer 3.0b7 Update Installer 3.0b7 Update

New Video – AppSnapp

Installer 3.0b5 Update

There is an update for One thing I notices is a new source called iApp-a-Day 1.0. It is put out by Nullriver. The notes describe it as an app-a-day project for November 2007. Add this source to install the apps as they become available. [Read more…]

AppSnapp Instant Jailbreak from Safari

There is now an easier way to jailbreak your iPhone. Just visit from Safari on your iPhone and follow the instructions. No need for a PC or mac. This works for iPhone and iPod Touch on version 1.1.1. And according to the F.A.Q. on – this works on non activated phones. There is a way to get to Safari by typing in some key commands. Here is what AppSnapp can do for you: [Read more…]

SummerBoard 3.0a11

I’ve upgraded to SummerBoard 3.0a11. I’ve read in the forums that turning off the “dim wallpaper” function increases stability. I had it off to begin with and have left it off for now. There doesn’t seem to be any new features but I’m assuming this is a public release for 1.1.1. I was using 3.0a9 beta that came with OneTouch. Here is a screenshot: [Read more…]

New Video – Customize

You can find more information on Customize at

Google Releases IMAP Service

Google now has now released the IMAP service for Gmail accounts. This means that your email can actually synchronize with your iPhone instead of just pulling it down from the server. Before you would setup a Gmail account on your phone by adding an account and clicking on Gmail. If you read email on your iPhone it would still show as new in your Gmail account and vise versa. Now it is synchronized both ways and you can label your emails from the iPhone. Here are the instructions from Google. Also, be patient for the feature to become available for your account. One of my newer Gmail accounts didn’t have the feature available to activate.

UPDATE: 5thirtyone has posted an article explaining some advanced settings you should change to ensure your trash, drafts and sent mail. Here’s a snippet: [Read more…]

New Video – Switching from dropbear to OpenSSH on iPhone

When using OneClick to jailbreak the iPhone it installs dropbear. I wanted to switch from it to OpenSSH so I can connect to the phone over wifi and read and write files to is using WinSCP. Here is a video and some screenshots of the process:

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New iPhone Commercials

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New SummerBoard Video Posted

We’ve created another new video, this one is showing how Summerboard works.

Themes Page

We’ve created a new page to display many of the available iPhone themes. You can see it here: