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Guitar Tuner 1.1

Guitar Tuner Another simple app by Robota Softwarehouse source generates tones so you can tune your guitar. A nice interface allows you to select the note easily and shows which string you are tuning by coloring it blue. The tone lasts for about 6 seconds and you can mute it sooner if you’d like by hitting mute or go to another note by tapping on it. There is also a volume control. The only thing this app needs is a little smoother sound. There is a click when the tone turns on and off.

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New Apps – 6 New Costumes

DressUp There are six new Costumes available in the through the Ste Packaging source for the DressUp app. The six new costumes include; a Dog Costume, Easter Costume, Hair Costume, KGB Costume, Mouths Costume and a St. Patrick’s Costume. Each of these six apps are installed individually…so, you can choose which costumes you would like to add to the DressUp app and which ones you do not want to add. Once you have installed the costumes you like…you can open your DressUp app and the new costumes will be there (they do not create a new icon on your SpringBoard these are just extensions for the DressUp app). Note: Make sure you already have the DressUp app installed before you install the costumes. See the screenshots below to see what images are in each costume.

Dog Costume Easter Costume Hair Costume
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PhotoBoard Update 0.3.2

PhotoBoard PhotoBoard has been updated to version 0.3.2 in the and is available in the Ste Packaging source. The update to PhotoBoard adds a few new features. The first change you will notice is to the intro screen which has a new image! Another change is that the Setup option now functions and allows you to adjust the brightness of the wallpaper background. But, the coolest part of the update is that when you go into the Roll option it brings up all the images in your Camera Roll and you can choose which images to import into the app!! It used to just pull in the photos automatically starting with your oldest photo. It even gives you a little thumbnail of the photos so that you know which picture to choose (it will not give you a thumbnail for screenshots). Another new feature that you can change which photo is on top of the other…just tap on a photo and it will bring it to the top of the pile. Though, I have noticed that if you import a screenshot into the program it is a weird size…I’m not really sure why that is…it like stretches it! Overall…a very good update! Here are the screenshots:

PhotoBoard Update 0.3.2 PhotoBoard Update 0.3.2 PhotoBoard Update 0.3.2
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iPhoneHome Update 0.7.3

iPhoneHome There is an update to iPhoneHome in the…available in the Ste Packaging source. The update now allows to you pick from all five options in the stock Phone app on your iPhone…iPhone Favorites (which was actually an option in the previous version), Phone Recents, Phone Contacts, Phone Keypad and Voicemail. Here are the screenshots:

iPhoneHome Update 0.7.3 iPhoneHome Update 0.7.3

Chess Update 1.1 & 1.2

Chess There are some updates to Chess in the through the Robota Softwarehouse source. With the update to version 1.1 there have been some changes made to the Settings. If you tap Settings you will now find an option to turn the Sounds on or off. If you turn Sounds on…you will get even more options…you can adjust the Volume, and turn on or off the Move Sound, Select Sound, Hit Sound and Illegal Move Sound. The Settings have also been put into nice little categories (Game, Layout, and Sound) which is nice an organized! I did not notice any visual changes in the update to version 1.2. Let me know if you notice anything! I did notice with both the updates that the first time you open the app it does not show that Please Donate below the board. The Screenshots:

Chess Updae 1.1 Chess Updae 1.1 Chess Updae 1.1
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More Firmware 1.1.3 Video

Due to so many believing that 1.1.3 information was fake Gearlive’s Bleeding Edge has released another video of firmware 1.1.3:

New App – CameraPro 1.02

CameraPro CameraPro is a new app that allows you to add features to your Camera. It is available in the through the Ste Packaging source. Not all of the features are free…but, a few of them are. The options that you get for free include Digital Zoom, Black & White, Image Size and Auto-orientation. The following options can be used up to five times before you have to purchase the app in order to use them; Self Timer, Burst Mode and Silent Shutter. They also plan on adding (to the purchased version) Manual Exposure, Shutter Speed and Scene Mode.

To begin using the app just tap the Continue Button in the lower right corner of the main screen. You will then see a menu bar on the bottom of the screen…if you tap the Preferences button you will get options to turn on/off Fast Burst and Silent Mode. You will also notice that the ability to add your Flickr account to the app and send your pics straight to Flickr will be available soon…it should be available around the second week of January! If you tap on Pictures on the lower menu bar…it will bring up your Photo Albums (when you take a picture with this app, it is put into your Camera Roll on your iPhone with the rest of your pics). The About button gives you more info about the app. To get back to the screen to take a picture just tap Capture in the lower left corner. To use the app… [Read more…]

Firmware 1.1.3

Top news right now is the future release of firmware 1.1.3. There are some nice features including the Google Maps GPS via triangulation. Here’s the list of possible new features:

– ability to send an SMS message to multiple people (currently available from iSMS)
– Google Maps application pinpoints your location using cell tower triangulation (previously available from MyLocation 1.0.5 until it was shut down by Google)
– Google Maps displays the Hybrid map view
– drag and drop application icons on your home screen (currently available in Customize)
– The home screen supports pagination (multiple pages like summerboard)
– ability to add web bookmarks to your home screen (currently available from iphone apper or the LimitedEditioniPhone Source)

This doesn’t add much to a jailbroke iPhone, but [Read more…]

Source Page Update

Our Sources Page is undergoing a temporary redesign. Some of the sources will now be clickable. When you click on them…you will get a list of the posts we have written about the apps from that source. This is just a temporary change…we plan on changing the sources page so that when you click on the source you will get a page listing all of the apps in that source. For now…you will have to just see them in post form!

Multimedia App – VNotes 0.30

VNotes VNotes is an app that allows you to record audio. When you first open the app you will see a blank screen with the options; Studio and Edit. To record a voice note…tap Studio in the top left corner. The app does not start recording until you tap Start Recording in the top right corner. Once you tap Start Recording you can begin talking…as you talk you will see that the app continuously tracks the duration, bytes recorded, average volume and the peak volume of your audio recording. Another nice feature is that, as you record, you can see the real time level of your audio volume so you can adjust the volume of your voice if needed! Once you are finished recording, tap Done in the top right corner. This will bring you back to the main menu where the recording has been added…it is automatically titled the date_the time you created the file. You can then tap on the recording and choose from the following options; Play, Send to Email, Rename, Export for Sendfile, Import Voicemail or Cancel. If you select Import Voicemail…it will bring your voicemails into VNotes…which is cool because you could then email a voicemail to someone! But… [Read more…]

New App – iTrac 0.01

iTrac This is a pretty simple app that tracks shipped packages from UPS, FedEx & USPS. You just enter the tracking info, select the shipping company and tap track. It will give the current package status. Great start for this app. Would be great if it saved multiple packages & gave complete status not just current. This app is running off the new Jiggy Runtime which means you will have to install it before iTrac. Both of these are available in the through the Ste Packaging source.

iTrac iTrac iTrac [Read more…]

Labyrinth Update 1.0.1

Labyrinth There has been an update to Labyrinth in the through the Ste Packaging source. This is another great update to Labyrinth. The first thing you will notice is that there is now a Settings option on the main screen (which replaces the calibrate button from the previous version). When you go into the Settings you can calibrate your iPhone from there…you can now also (the best part of the entire update!!!) choose to turn off the game time limit!! YAY!! Once you are finished in the Settings just tap the Back button in the lower left corner to go back to the main screen. Another thing you will notice is that they have added some additional instructions to the main screen. There have also been some changes made to the Demo option. Once you tap on Demo it will bring you to a menu in which you can choose your level pack. You are given the Demo levels for free…to get more levels you have to pay for the full version. The cost of the game has not changed…it is still $7.00. Just tap on Demo levels to begin. Once you pass a level a screen will pop up telling you Congratulations!, what level you passed and the about of time it took you to pass the level. Another cool new feature is that once you have passed a level you can swipe your finger on the screen to go back and replay the levels you have already passed. When you reopen the app and choose the Demo levels again…it will automatically bring you to the level you left off on. I really sweet update!! These guys really do a great job with this app!! Here are the screenshots:

Labyrinth Update 1.0.1 Labyrinth Update 1.0.1 Labyrinth Update 1.0.1
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New App – iMoon 1.0

iMoon iMoon is available in the through the iPhoneIslam source. This app shows you the phases of the moon. When the app opens it automatically gives you the phase of the moon for the day you open it. You can then change the date and watch as the moon phase changes. I’m not sure what the stuff is above the date…but, overall…not too bad. Here are the screenshots:

iMoon iMoon iMoon
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Garf Update 0.25

Garf There has been an update in the for Garf which is available in the source. The first change to the app…you see as soon as you open it…instead of just saying Garf, it now says Garfunkel. You will also notice that there has been the addition of a Settings button in the lower right corner. When you tap on Settings you get the option to pick your speed, clear high scores, or to turn high scores on or off. There are four speed options…slow, normal, fast (RND15) and Ludicrous (RND25) – which I am guessing by the name, is very hard! An About button has also been just gives some basic info about the app. Once you have chosen all your settings just tap done in the upper right corner. YAY….screenshots:

Garf Update 0.25 Garf Update 0.25 Garf Update 0.25
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Network App – iSMS prev-b1228

iSMS iSMS is available through the in the Ste Packaging source. iSMS is an app that gives you a ton of options for text messaging that the stock iPhone does not offer. Some of them include; viewing text messages one at a time, deleting one message at a time, forwarding text messages and forwarding them to multiple contacts, searching within your texts, adding smilies in your texts, replying to text with a quick reply (from templates provided) and more. When you open iSMS you will see a main screen that shows you the number to texts in your Inbox, Drafts and Sent messages. If you tap on one of those three options it will bring up the text messages in that folder….it brings them up individually from oldest to newest. You can then tap edit in the top right corner and delete one message at a time. You can also tap on one of the messages to bring it up individually. From here you can call the number, reply to the message, forward the message, delete the message or go to the prevous/next text message. What is really cool is [Read more…]