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Installer Update 3.0

InstallerThe is finally out of beta and has become a full fledge app!! The new update is Installer 3.0 (notice the lack of beta at the end of that)! There are also some cool new features with the update!! When you go to install or update an app you are given the options to Install/Update the app, add the app to the Queue or Cancel. Once you have added an app to the Queue and you select another app you will then get the options to Install/Update the app, add/remove the app to the Queue, Clear the Queue or Cancel. If you add an app to the Queue it will add it to a “list” of apps that you would like to Install or update (it is not list you can see…just a list the Installer creates for itself). So, lets say you want to update Converter, iZoo and MACalc…you can go and select “Add to Queue” on Converter and iZoo and then when you get to MACalc you can select Install and it will do all three at once. [Read more…]

SummerBoard Update 3.1-1

SummerBoard This is what everyone has been waiting for (at least everyone on 1.1.3!)!! The update to SummerBoard 3.1-1 updates the app to work on version 1.1.3!! YAY! Note: You are not able to install the new version of SummerBoard if you are on any other FW besides 1.1.3. If you try to install it, you will just get an error saying that you cannot install it and that it is only for FW 1.1.3. Below is the screenshot:

SummerBoard Update 3.1-1

Converter Update 0.19

Converter I asked myself when I saw an update to Converter what this app could possibly add to make it any better…well, they have a added a few SWEET new features! If you tap on Setting in the upper left corner, once you have opened the app, you will see one of the new features…the ability to change the language of the app. As of now, there are three options; English Russian and Hebrew. Though, when I changed it to Russian I had a slightly difficult time getting it back to English, like it got stuck…I was worried for a minute that I was going to have to learn Russian! The sweetest part of the update [Read more…]

MobileCast Update 2.2.2

The update to MobileCast 2.2.2 fixes quite a few bugs and adds a few new features! This app is available in the through the Ste Packaging source. One of the new features added with the update is an Edit button it the lower left corner of the main Feed menu. If you tap on the Edit button you are able to delete feeds or you can now sort your feeds by moving them in whatever order you would like them in. To move a feed… [Read more…]

killBoard Update 1.0.1

KillBoard There was an update to killBoard version . Honestly, I’m not really sure what you can update with this app…there are no visual changes and it still restarts your SpringBoard. Maybe just some coding stuff! killBoard is available in the through the iPod Touch Fans source.

killBoard Update 1.0.1

Search 1.07b

Search We have never done a full review of this app…so, instead of just telling you what the update does (though below is a list of specifics for this update)…I am going to give you the full review!

Search is an app that allows you to search your Contacts and Calendar and is available in the through the Ste Packaging source. When you open the app…you will get a pop-up asking you to donate now or later. If you choose to donate, you will not get the pop-up any more…if you choose not to donate you will get the pop-up every time you open the app. After you have made your selections…the app will open to the main menu. If you tap on the first option, Go To Date, it will bring up a scrolly wheel in which you can select a date. Once you have entered the date… [Read more…]

Backgammon Update 2.2

Backgammon The update to Backgammon 2.2 fixes a few bugs (they are listed below) and also adds a new option in the Settings Menu. When you go into Settings, you will now notice the option to turn on/off One-tap movement…if you turn on One-tap movement you can tap a piece and it will move according to how the dice were rolled. However, [Read more…]

iZoo Update 1.1-2

iZoo I do not see any major changes with the update to 1.1-2. I did notice that you can no longer tap to the left of the score to get a hint!! However, I did hear through the grape vine that we will see this feature again in a future version! The app seems to play a little quicker and smoother but, that could just be my imagination!! iZoo is available in through the iPod Touch Fans source. Below is the screenshot!

iZoo Update 1.1-2

MACalc 0.1.5

MACalc MACalc is a “RPN/Algebraic multi function calculator.” I have absolutely no idea what that means! When you open the app…it will open to one of the two available calculators (Float or Integer)…to switch between the two, just tap on the display area. Also, depending on which calculator you are in…you can tap the Mode button on the right side to switch between different modes. If you are in the Floating point calculator, you can select between two modes; Scientific and Conversions. If you are in the Integer Calculator, and you tap the Mode button, you can select between three modes; Dec, Hex and Bin. There is also a Menu button in the lower left corner… [Read more…]

How to Restore

Restoring your iPhone can be very scary and may not always work unless you put the iPhone into recovery mode first. We will try to help you through this process. Here are the steps:

1. Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable.
2. Close iTunes.
3. Hold the home & lock button at the same time until you see the connect to iTunes symbol on your iPhone. [Read more…]

New Featured Theme

Below is a new addition to the Featured Themes section of our Themes Gallery. For more cool modding check out our Wallpaper Gallery and our Custom Icons page. If you would like to submit a theme you have designed…just email it to –

Thank you to brandch for his Ripple theme.

To download Ripple…just click on it.
Ripple designed by brandch

iZoo Update 1.1

iZoo Ok…so, after finishing my previous post about changing the iZoo skin…I went into the Installer to see if there was anything new and cool…I was surprised to see an update for iZoo but, I thought I better check it out. And, the update adds a few new features including…THE ABILITY TO CHANGE THE THEME!! They are totally trying to steal my thunder! And I was soo excited about my iZoo modding post! :(

So, the update adds two very cool new features; the ability to change the theme and the ability to Pause the game. To change the theme…just tap the Themes button in the upper right corner…you are then given four options of themes; Garfield Bejewled Mod, SunSeeker Theme, Zoo Keeper Original and Zoo Keeper Updated by t4t5. To select the theme you would like… [Read more…]

iZoo Skins

iZoo As you all know I was HIGHLY excited when iZoo was released because it is similar to Bejeweled (which I LOVE!!) only with little zoo animals! So, what is the one thing that could make iZoo better than it already is….yes, you guessed it…a Bejeweled skin!! YAY!! I have actually found a few skins for iZoo and thought I would share them with everyone! Oh!…I also found a cool little trick that you can do in iZoo…if you are stuck and want a hint…you can double tap to the left of the score and it will put a blue box around the icon you can move!! It is pretty cool!

Note: These themes will overwrite the original theme.

How to change the iZoo skin:
The first thing you need to do is make a backup of the original files so that if you want to go back to the original iZoo theme you can (because remember these themes will overwrite the original iZoo theme). To create a backup… [Read more…]

iPhysics Update 1.0.1

iPhysics The update to iPhysics 1.0.1 adds a new feature to the Options menu. The new feature, Compatibility mode, alleviates the flickering issue that some users were having. If you turn Compatibility mode on…the app will go into “compatibility mode” slowing down the engine and reducing the graphics…making it interact better with other apps. However, if you are a huge fan of iPhysics… [Read more…]

BossTool Update 0.35

BossTool The update to BossTool 0.35 makes it compatible with version 1.1.3. So, for all of you who upgraded to 1.1.3 and miss having BossTool installed…here you go! If you have already installed BossTool, and you are not on 1.1.3,…you can still update with no problem. The update does change the Relocation features…instead of being able to relocate your Wallpaper, Ringtones and Applications it now gives you the option to relocate your Fonts, Ringtones and Applications. If you have already installed BossTool and used it to relocate your apps… [Read more…]