Caissa Update 0.83b

Caissa There has been an update to Caissa in the through the Ste Packaging source. I recently updated to version 0.83b of Caissa…below are the changes that have taken place in this app since the last version I had installed on my iPhone (there have been three updates to this app since yesterday).

Thank you to ioffe for his comment informing us of all the new changes!

Caissa 0.83b
* proper handling of draws
* the app doesn’t hang anymore when one side wins
* if game is finished, the app blocks chessboard view, until button “new” pressed
Caissa 0.83a
* addressed 1 memory leak and 2 crash bugs (you can safely drag chess pieces off the board. If you still can let me know :)
Caissa 0.83
* undo functionality
* “pawn to queen” completely rewritten from ground up, eliminated number stability problems associated with this logic
* removed dead reference to Advanced Shape for pieces
* skin and add-on support off-board piece view

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  1. You are very welcome. Fell free to use screenshots from our wiki. I think Eurisko chessboard addon is worth to mention. Aqua and Carbon boards are just spectacular.