iCountDown 2.0

iCountDown I have referred people to this app before but, I have never done an actual review of it…until now! iCountDown allows you to create four countdown timers. So, lets say you are getting married in June, you can enter in your wedding date and it will tell you how many months, days, hours, minute and seconds until you get married…or if you are having a baby, or your anniversary, or your mom’s birthday – you get the point! This app is available in the Installer.app through the Ste Packaging source. The app opens to a default countdown. To add your own countdown, tap on the plus button in the upper right corner. From here you can enter the title for the countdown, the date it is going to occur, the time is will occur and how you would like the countdown displayed. The choices on how it displays are Days:Hours:Minutes:Seconds, Seconds Only, Moons(months):Days:Hours:Minutes:Seconds. Once you have entered all of the information you can tap Back in the upper left corner to add it to the main list of countdowns. You can only add four countdowns total. To edit a countdown you have already created just select it and then tap Edit in the upper left corner on the main screen. To delete a countdown…slide your finger to the right, on top of the countdown you would like to delete, and tap on the delete button. When you reopen this app…it will update the countdown from the current time. I think this is a pretty cool app…I’m going to add a few countdowns to it! Below are the screenshots:

iCountDown 2.0 iCountDown 2.0 iCountDown 2.0 iCountDown 2.0 iCountDown 2.0 iCountDown 2.0 iCountDown 2.0 iCountDown 2.0 iCountDown 2.0 iCountDown 2.0

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  1. this is a cool app too.. i wish it has the countUP feature too..

  2. i want a countdown to the 1.1.2 OTB anysim!! if i go to buy an iphone in new york right now, will they only have 1.1.3 iphones? or is there still 1.1.2 iphones available??

  3. @alex_dlc – I would say you have a 50/50 chance right now. By February I bet there are not too many 1.1.2’s left in the store.

  4. thanx, my friend in ny is going to buy my iphone this afternoon, hope she dosnt forget i need 1.1.2 and not 1.1.3. i guess it depends on where you buy it, she will buy it in the NY apple store on 5th

  5. I”m having difficulty with the countdown. I installed it but when I program, it doesn’t stay. Is ther an I countdown fix?

  6. mrBoJangles says

    Yeah, mine won’t save either.
    Everytime I open it up it acts like I’ve never been in before.
    Is this a demo or something?

    {iPhone v1.1.4}