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Funiculus 0.60

Funiculus Version 0.60 of Funiculus brings a ton of new features! When you open the app you will notice a new look and some options along the top. The first icon brings you to the “original Funiculous…and the standard tuner. The second icon, the guitar looking one, will bring you to a new screen that has the pitch meter at the top, a fretboard and two arrows. You can use the two arrows to select an instrument…you can choose from; Guitar: Standard,12 String Guitar: Standard, Mandolin: Standard, Banjo: Standard, Ukulele: Standard, Violin: Standard, Viola: Standard, Cello: Standard, Baritone Ukulele: Standard, Guitar: Drop D, Guitar: Open A maj, Guitar: Open C maj, Guitar: Open D maj, Guitar: Open E maj, Guitar: Open E min, Guitar: Open G maj and Guitar: Open G min. Once you have selected an instrument… [Read more…]

1.1.4 App Updates

The following apps have been updated, in the last few days, to work with 1.1.4….they do not have any visual changes, just compatibility fixes.

Bookmarlets 1.20
BossPrefs 1.55
Categories 1.71
Caterpillar 1.0v2
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Happy Leap Day!

Photos Happy Leap Day (yes that is a word!) from everyone here at Doug has decided that everyone should get Leap Day off because, “It is not a real day!” Ha! I told him that it was a real day…just one that only happened every four years! Either way, enjoy your extra day!

Converter 0.21

Converter Version 0.21 of Converter has some great new features. Once you open the app…head over to the settings menu…here you will notice right away a few new options; Advanced Mode and Restore Defaults. If you turn Advanced Mode and tap the Done button, you are brought to a list of all the categories of measurements…when you choose one it will bring up the list of units available for that measurement. You can then select one and change it and it will convert all the units at once. So, lets say you choose the Kitchen category and then leta say you then choose the unit cup, you can change the cup amount to 5 cups and it will convert all the other measurements – 5 cups equals 40 onces or 1.25 quarts or 240 teaspoons. It is pretty cool! You can also [Read more…]

Sketches 0.6

Sketches The 0.6 update for Sketches brings fun updates. You can now choose from 24 different colors instead of 6. There are also updates to the toolbar icons and other minor visual changes. Sketches 0.6 works with 1.1.4 now and can adapt to different firmwares during installation from 1.1.1 to 1.1.4. [Read more…]

Pool 1.2

Pool Version 1.2 of Pool is now available through the Ste Packaging source instead of the iPod Touch Fans source. So, this update will actually show up in the Recent Packages section of the Installer and not the Updates section. There is one new feature in the Settings and that is the ability to change the ball size…you can pick between size 16 or 18. Also, the carpet background that was added in version 1.1 has been removed… [Read more…]

Backgammon 2.3-1

Backgammon Version 2.3 of Backgammon now allows you to play all three levels of the game free…before you had to donate in order to play all the levels! So, that is pretty cool! Also, in the settings menu you will notice there is now an option to turn on/off a Double Cube. Once you are in the play screen…if you tap the Menu button in the upper right corner you will also get four options; Double, Resign game, Resign match and Dismiss. For some reason those options do not work for me…I can only choose Dismiss. Backgammon is available through the Ste Packaging source. Below are the screenshots. [Read more…]

Listen and Subscribe to Our Articles (text to speech)

I hate text to speech stuff unless it is high quality and useful. Our newest writer, Sahil, found a website that is both. converts your blog articles into speech and publishes it as an MP3 RSS feed. You can subscribe to our articles via iTunes below or visit this page for many other ways to subscribe. We are working on a way to embed this feature at the end of all of our articles so you can listen right on the site. Look for it next to the Digg button. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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ALSO! – If you subscribe via iTunes, the article’s text is published as lyrics on your iPod. Check it out!

Subscribe to Apple iPhone School Articles (text to speech) via iTunes Subscribe to Apple iPhone School Articles (text to speech) via iTunes

iPod Touch Commercial: What I’m Looking For

Watch “What I’m Looking For” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

Caterpillar 1.0

Watch “Caterpillar 1.0” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

SuperPong 0.5

SuperPong SuperPong is a block-blasting pong game developed by Spiffyware. This game is outstanding, especially for it’s first release. The object of this game is to bounce a ball off of a paddle and make the ball destroy all the blocks. When you click on the application you will be greeted with a title screen stating the developer, and the developer’s website. Then you will have a pop-up explaining you how to play which I will get into a bit later. You have three choices of difficulty, “Piece of Cake :-)” which is easy, “I Think I’m Ready…” medium, and “This is Cruel!” which is the hardest difficulty. The higher the difficulty, the faster the ball will move. [Read more…]

StatusStyle 2.3

StatusStyle The only change I can see for version 2.3 of StatusStyle is the fact that it has a new icons (which is very nice). However, I still have the same problems as before…the Carrier Text and the Time Text still do not change. Changing the StatusBar works just fine but, nothing else does…slightly frustrating because I really like this app!! And, [Read more…]

ContactFlow US 0.7

ContactFlow Version 0.7 of ContactFlow brings some sweet new features and a new name! ContactFlow has now been renamed to ContactFlow US (remember this is from a French repo) there is also now a French version of ContactFlow called ContactFlow Fr. You can update to ContactFlow US without uninstalling your current ContacFlow…just update like normal! Ok…on to the new features. [Read more…]

SDK Release Announced

We finally have a release date for SDK! By the sounds of it Apple is planning quite the event for March 6th. So, no more speculation needed, we finally have some hard facts…though I do feel like Steve is letting me down a little I know I can quote him saying, “The end of February” on more than one occasion! Anyway…I can’t wait! We will keep you updated!

PhotoDial 1.01

PhotoDial Version 1.01 of PhotoDial fixed a bug that used to make the app crash if you opened it and you didn’t have any photos assigned to your Contacts. However, the update DOES NOT fix the issue that makes it incompatible with version 1.1.3. When I tested this version(1.01) on a 1.1.3 iPhone…it still crashed…and if your 1.1.3 acts anything like the one I tested it on it will SERIOUSLY mess up your iPhone…including all the things mentioned in my previous post about this app and a few more like [Read more…]