MACalc Update 0.1.6

MACalc The update to MACalc 0.1.6 makes a few changes to the app. One of the change, according to the developer, is that the “tap area” to change between the two calculators is now restricted to the “display area only.” However, I thought this was true in the previous version as well. Another change the developer mentions for version 0.1.6 in a fixed “decimal point” display in Settings but, I do not see any changes to the settings and according to my records this was also available in the previous version! So, I’m not sure what the deal is…let me know if you can figure it out! There is one cool new feature though and that is that you can add skins (see notes below)! MACalc is available in the through the source. Below is the screenshot:

MACalc Update 0.1.6:
*The “tap area” to move from Integer <> Float is now restricted to the “display area only”
*Skins can now be added to “/var/root/Library/MACalc/Skins” (“/var/mobile/Library/MACalc/Skins” with FW 1.1.3)
*Fixed “decimal point” display in Settings

MACalc Update 0.1.6

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  1. this is a GREAT app!!!

    while iphone’s built-ib calc app is sufficient for simple +-*/, this MACalc is great for more… like binaries operations, or dealing with nanos, picos in engineering claculations, trigo operations…

    Went over to author’s site n saw his work-in-progress about adding graphing functionality to the app… i am very excited abt it…