Community Sources 3.4

There is an update in the to Community Sources version 3.3. The previous version of the Community Sources (version 3.3) included the Conceited Software, Ste Packaging and and the BigBoss’s Apps and Things (BigBoss for short) sources. The update does not add a source instead, changes the url for the Ste Packaging source. The new url is – Once you have updated…you will see New and Improved in the tag line of the new Ste Packaging Source in your Installer. The reason for the new url is that Ste has acquired a few sponsors who have chipped in to get better servers and more bandwidth for the Ste repo!! As of yesterday morning the move to the new servers was complete and the source should be working correctly. To see all the info about the new url check out Ste’s website. Below are the screenshots:

Community Sources Update 3.4 Community Sources Update 3.4 Community Sources Update 3.4

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