iPhone 101 – Episode 5

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  1. great show. i was wondering if you ever got my application. If you didn;t i will resend it, i am asking for no money, a free service. :)

  2. I just sent you an email! :)

  3. Daniel Chuery says

    Awesome video cast! I´m from Brazil and i´ve told about appleiphoneschool.com to at least 5 friends of mine who also love to be aways updated about new apps! tks a lot!
    see you next time! ^.^

  4. Hi… Why dont u guys put this video so we can c it on the iPhone?
    btw I love this site!!! I check it like 10 times a day!!!

  5. @Daniel…Thank you…glad you like it.

    @Michael….You can subscribe to it on iTunes…then you can see it on your iPhone!

  6. to find their Podcasts on itunes, search “IPhone 101” just in case you can’t find it.

    Brooke also I sent you a reply

  7. I just thought of something else…if you have the app MobileCast you can add this url – http://feeds.feedburner.com/iphone101 – and add our PodCasts to your iPhone that way.

  8. Good to see you guys are back.

    Question on Eps. 5 you state that the last 3 digits of the iphone serial number is the year/week of production.

    But, my iphone is 755? week 55? how long is the year in Apple time?

    Thanks and glad you had a great time in the Carribean?

  9. It’s the third, fourth and fifth numbers. So mine says 726 as those numbers, so Mine was made in 2007 week 26th.

  10. week 49

  11. I believe the weeks started before the iPhone was released, this would explain the high numbers. Also, I have added a link for iPhones to watch the video. It will play the .m4v version in Safari via QuickTime.

  12. About time….I was wondering were you guys left of to. I have been getting a lot of information in your web address as well as on the Videos (witchI have to say there are cool).
    Ps. I did the speeker thing and it did work, nice job,

  13. Your videos are so addicting….geez…. ;) As far as the speaker thing goes I did mine last week bc I was sick of the low volume. Im 1.1.2 OTB upgraded to 1.1.3 and mine is much like yours as it is only slightly louder. Do you guys know any good ways to make quality sounding ringtones. Im using garageband to make ringtones and they sound so bad. Anyways, good job this week.

  14. Great job. Like the energy between the two of you. I won’t poke my iPhone yet, but I am glad it worked on yours.

  15. Dustin James says

    I do believe that one of the firmware updates makes the speaker volume louder.

  16. Thanks guys…glad you like it.

    @Dustin…we have heard that too…but, we have been through all the firmwares on our iPhones’ starting from 1.0.0 and have never noticed a difference.

  17. hey brooke and doug. great site, I love your podcasts!

    @doug: what kinda case do you use (the slim black one)? i’m searching for a nice case they all look kinda crappy or you have to take them out of the case everytime to use. is it the iSkin revo one? thx.

    greetings from switzerland.

  18. @andy: I’m using a case by “incase”. Very nice although over time it does get loser. Still the best from what I’ve seen.

  19. really helpfull!!! and funny…
    by the way guys you relly like in love together, you look like so great together…
    you lucky guy must have fun making those videos…!!!


  21. Hi Brooke and Doug, This is a great website. I really enjoyed the videos you both put out. I just came across this site recently and check it everyday. Though this may be strange I don’t even have a iphone or ipod. Can’t afford it right now and the wife wants a super expensive coffee machine were saving for. So I am out the iphone till later. But thanks for the great site and I will check back often.
    Take it easy……..
    Bryan in Germany

  22. Coffee Machine WHAT! Well…maybe after the coffee machine you can save for an iPhone!! BTW…I’m glad you enjoy the site and trust me you are not the only person who checks the site who doesn’t have an iPhone!

  23. Hi I would like to say this is a great site. I was finally able to hack my iPhone running 1.1.3 thanks to you guys. Although I reset it and am now waiting for the SDK it was great to be able to do it. I was just wondering when the next episode of iPhone 101 was coming. It is a great podcast series.

  24. You guys are pros, got definitely be back. Nice to see someone else obsessed with iPhone. Go iPhone’rs!!

  25. Great Podcast!

    About Ido2Go.com
    It’s written on the from page of the Web-App that it’s not associated with Fox OR American Idol.
    So, I wonder if the voting option actually works :)

    • Yeah, I totally noticed that later and we were wondering the same thing. I will have to try it and let you know!

    • I sure hope voting is possible.
      I live in Israel and being able to vote will be cool! :)
      Although I doubt it… since they make money on the text messages and they don’t have any reason to just give that option for free.

  26. I NEED EPISODE 6!!!!! This is the best podcast i have ever watched. You guys are the best!!!!

  27. Nice episode.. You guys are awesome!!!
    I love this website!

  28. Whens episode 6 coming out? I love the show but you guys need to make new episodes more often.

  29. I see, well tell him to get his butt back here so we can see another show! =P Thanks for the quick reply Brooke! I wish you both well.

  30. when is there going to be another episode

  31. When is Dough expected back? We miss him. =P

  32. just wondering if you guys got my job review? great show i cant wait for episode 6! just think you guy shoud do it more often.

    Thanks, matt

  33. can’t wait for episode 6!

  34. sebastian says

    so doug is back where is episode 6 ? :) hurry up plz

  35. Hey guys,
    just wondering if you get profit from this site because mosso cost 100 a month and you have very little add plus heaps of writers. Ow and 2 iphones. plus wouldnt running this site be time consuming.

  36. We’re all still waiting for episode 6…

  37. sebastian says

    still waiting :)

  38. Are you guys still alive? We miss your show… =[

  39. Just got back from Brazil, we’ll be recording tomorrow! Yay!

  40. YAY! I can’t wait!

  41. like im just wondering but you said you’d record the 18th and its the 19th? like when do you thing itll be ready?

    • Haha…yep we did record it last night…but, video editing is VERY time consuming…especially when adding all the overlays and stuff. Doug is working on it…hopefully it will be done by the end of the week!

  42. Great Show again cant wait for six

  43. great show, for the speaker amplifier experiment doug did, i tried it on a week 50, worked perfectly…. also i’ve heard rumors that the speaker+microphone is louder and has better quality on the 16gb iPhone….

  44. do you guys no wen episode six will be ready??????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????

  45. I’m anxiously waiting for episiode 6!

    I’ll be checking back in frequently.

  46. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks for replying so faast

  47. Hey i live in australia, i forgot that you are a day late so i was up till 12 waiting for episode 6. Hopefuly it will be release today. :)

  48. do u now wat time it will be on the site:)
    cuz I cant wait

  49. awesome webshows, still waiting for episode 6…

    • Doug is still working on it at this moment. He had a slight intermission because he took me out for my Birthday tonight (which my birthday is actually tomorrow…well I guess today since it is 12:10am)…so, he didn’t get as much done on it as he thought he was going to!

  50. Will it be up today

    • Sorry guys we are having rendering issues…we have had to render it twice now and it take a long time each time…Doug is trying it again right now.

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