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Why does Installer open, then close?

Installer Why does Installer open, then close? Both of our iPhones have recently been doing this. Problem is, we can’t review apps without a fix…and we have tried everything we can think of to stop this from happening. The only thing that fixes it is replacing our LocalPackages.plist with a stock version and then Installer opens. However, when you do this, Installer thinks you have nothing installed and you have to reinstall all your apps to get them to show up in Installer. Here’s some info about our iPhones incase it helps. We both have a lot of apps installed. One iPhone is on 1.1.1, the other on 1.1.4. The permissions are set correctly. We have plenty of space left (we used bosstool). 1.1.1 was jailbroke with, 1.1.4 with Ziphone 2.5 or so. If anyone has any ideas let us know…we are completely out of them!

AirHockey 1.003

AirHockeyAirHockey is a air hockey game, hence it’s name. AirHockey was created by Nicoteam. When you open the application you have the choice to play by yourself or play two players. Basically you use your paddle to knock the puck into the opposing side’s goal. The first person to 11 wins!! The only problem is that the puck randomly glitches and it is able to pass through your paddle or it just ends up somewhere else. You can get AirHockey from the iSpazio source. Check out the screen shots below :-)
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spoofappSpoofApp is the iPhone app for all you pranksters out there. I got my iPhone out at a recent family gathering and even my grandparents had a good laugh with this. SpoofApp allows you to call someone, and disguise your number with some one else’s, and even allows you to change your voice! [Read more…]

Installer Featured Applications

Installer This is pretty sweet. Installer now shows a list of featured apps. At the time of writing this article the list included Wallpaper, Collage, Tap Tap Revolution, Sketches & iWoman. There’s also a “More Coming Soon…” section which states:

We’re working on new and exciting things for Installer! We’ll keep you up to date here.

Featured Applications

iPhone Dev Team Quits… April Fools?

Dev TeamSo the news is all over the blogs that the iPhone Dev Team has bailed. And not just all over the web, but their own website shows nothing but a resignation letter. Hopefully, this is just an early April Fools joke. Let us and the Dev Team know what you think in the comments. Here’s a copy of the goods:


The “DevTeam” would like to announce the immediate withdrawal from the iPhone development arena.

It was anticipated that the DevTeam would be releasing a tool for the iPhone sometime this week, unfortunately it has been decided to withdraw all development activities on this tool. [Read more…]

InstaFresh 1.0a

InstaFresh I put off installing this app because I thought that it was an app that would force my sources to refresh every time I opened Installer and that it definitely something I did NOT want. I seriously think there are times when I start refreshing my sources…go and do something, actually forget that I started refreshing my sources and then remember and go back to check and it is just finishing refreshing!!! However, this app ended up being exactly what I was looking for! InstaFresh allows you to set when YOU want your sources to auto-refresh (if ever!). [Read more…]

The Logo Contest Begins!

Icon As you all know (because I know you all watched Episode 6 of iPhone 101) we were planning on debuting a Logo Contest. Well, wait no more!! The Logo Contest has begun! We are very excited to be able to give away prizes to the top 5 designs…the main prize being a 8GB iPhone or an 16GB iPod Touch, chosen by the winner (plus a ton of other prizes!!)! For more info, the complete list of prizes and the rules for the contest…click HERE for the Logo Contest Page or click on the Logo Design Contest link in the upper right corner of the site! Good luck and happy designing!

TTR 1.4

TTR Tap Tap Revolution (TTR) has to be one of my all time favorite iPhone apps!! If you haven’t tried it…you are totally missing out! Version 1.4 of TTR now makes the app compatible with 1.1.3 firmware and above!! Very cool! I believe there was a fix through BigBoss to make the previous version of TTR work on 1.1.3 and above but, you do not need that anymore! Besides the firmware compatibility update, [Read more…]

iChabber 0.2

iChabber This app allows you to chat using your gmail account or other jabber account. I’ve tested it and it works. Very fast over WiFi. Simple setup, just type in your username and password. You can use a proxy if you’d like but it’s not necessary. I think it would be nicer if it looked more like the stock SMS. I don’t like going to a separate screen to type than the history page. It would also be kewl if a badge appeared when on the springboard when you have new messages. There is also a User button in the buddy list menu that doesn’t do anything for me. Available through the iSpazio Source.

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Ringtones 2.73

Ringtones I was expecting version 2.73 of Ringtones to fix the SMS error however, it did not. There is one new visual change though…the app now shows that is has checked the Binary, Encoder and Ringtones path and then displays how much Disk Space you have free. A very nice touch I think. It does not automatically bring you to the Ringtones page…you have to tap Ok, Continue at the bottom. Like the previous version, [Read more…]

Earth3D 2.110

Earth3D When you open Earth3D you will get a 3rd person view of the Earth as it spins. As it spins you will also see the moon and sun in their respective positions. I can’t tell if the position of the moon and sun change based on the time or not. It would be really sweet if they did. If you just sit and watch this app, it moves very smoothly. However, if you try to drag your finger on the screen it gets glitchy. Earth3D is available through the iSpazio source. Keep reading for screenshots!
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Millionaire 0.6.1

Millionaire SWEET ACTION! Version 0.6.1 of Millionaire now supports English!! I checked my Installer before we went out for lunch (Texas Roadhouse…YUM) and it wasn’t there but, when I got back from lunch it was!! Very cool! The app plays the same as before…it is just in English now! Though, the currency is not in dollars but, maybe we will see that in the next update. Millionaire is available through the iSpazio source.

Note: For info on how the game works…click on the Millionaire link above!

Millionaire 0.6.1

Sugar Tracker 1.2

This is an app that is supposed to track your glucose level and insulin schedule but, for the life of me I cannot get it to work (and yes I have Jiggy 0.26 installed :) )! I get an error every time I open the app. If anyone got it to work let me know. I was just excited because it was another app under the Health category…iWoman has been by itself since the beginning! Sugar Tracker is available through the BigBoss source.

Sugar Tracker 1.2 Sugar Tracker 1.2 Sugar Tracker 1.2
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iPark 2.0

iPark The update to version 2.0 of iPark made me kind of curious. The previous version of this app (it’s initial release version) was very simple so, I figured I would see some new features with this release. I was slightly disappointed to notice only one new change to the app but, it is a good change! Visually the app is the same though, there is one cool new change…when you go into the Settings to reset your parking number, the app no longer closes it just brings you back to the screen where you can enter in a new parking number. This is much more convenient then the app closing and having to reopen it and wait and then enter in the number again. Though, [Read more…]

iPhone PWNED

Watch “iPhone PWNED” from your iPhone or iPod Touch