1.1.4 ZiPhone Jailbreak

ZiPhone’s latest version (2.5 at the time of writing this) can be found here. It is highly recommended that you do a full restore to iPhone FW 1.1.4, because just updating to 1.1.4 will leave all your 3rd party applications on your iPhone but you won’t have access, nor will Installer recognize them as installed.

Go download ZiPhone from the link above. When you run it it will ask you where you want to extract everything, I just created a folder on my Desktop. Go to that folder and run ZiPhoneGUI. If you haven’t restored yet, near the bottom right of the GUI click “Click here to show advanced features” Then click DFU Mode, this will put your iPhone into restore mode and make you restore it with iTunes, which will also allow you to ‘restore and update’ which is what you want to do. Do the whole restore and update process till and you will be on an unjailbroken 1.1.4.

Now back in ZiPhoneGUI, the easiest part, Click one of the following buttons found on the right side of the GUI:
Note: your iPhone needs to be plugged in to iTunes.

Do it all! -Will jailbreak, activate, and unlock.
Don’t Unlock -Will jailbreak and activate
Jailbreak -Will just jailbreak (for AT&T customers)
Refurbish -Puts everything back to how you bought it. (nice if you need to take it in for repairs)

While ZiPhone is doing its thing, you will actually see lots of code scrolling on your iPhone, don’t be alarmed! It’s normal, and very fun to watch!

Well, I wrote this all up hit save and lost all of the following. Normally doing something a second time should make it better, but I won’t promise anything.

Now the fixes
To get some of the apps working correctly we need to do a little work.

First off, Installer.app will not install apps for 1.1.3 on a 1.1.4 iPhone. To fix this, you need to first install the Community Sources from the Source category in Installer. Refresh, then go back to Sources and install BigBoss’s Recommended Sources, that will give you iSpazio and iPodTouchFan’s sources, the rest of the sources included in that pack are great too.

Refresh your sources again, and now you will have a category called Tweaks 1.1.4, in there you will find “1.1.4 Campatibility Patch” Install it. Now you can install 1.1.3 applications, but it is HIGHLY recommended that you uninstall this patch when you are done installing old apps. Not sure why, but thats what it says.

The other big problem is that SummerBoard’s Themes are not always installing in the correct directory. So the other fix is located in the ‘Tweaks 1.1.3’ category in Installer. It is called “Smb Themes Fix” (from the BigBos source), install it and it adds a symbolic link for you, so SMBPrefs can find all your themes correctly.

The second problem with SummerBoard’s Themes is that they do not always get installed with the correct permissions. There is a fix found once again in ‘Tweaks 1.1.3’ called “1.1.3 Theme Fix” (from the iPod Touch Fans source). After you have downloaded the theme you want to use, install this and it will correct all the file permissions for you. When ever you download more themes you will want to run this again to fix them. Which is very easy because, after using this once, the fix can be found in the Uninstall list, but instead of an uninstall option, it says reinstall. So just go back and run it every time you download more themes.

Apps are being updated daily to work better with 1.1.4, hopefully all the directory mismatch problems will be resolved soon.

Otherwise, this was an easy jailbreak.

Happy Hacking!

-Native terminal applications still do not work, stuck with incorrect password prompt
– See likwidfuzion comment below to fix this. Thanks!
-Customize is not working for me, but other users have said otherwise
-StatusStyle 2.3 or earlier will erase your springboard plist, reseting your icon order and your alarm clocks. I know, alarm clocks, weird, but its true, I was late to work…) I would put off on using StatusStyle till an update comes out.

I’ll keep ya posted on anymore bugs I find.

Post your success or failure. We want to hear how it went for you!

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  1. So is there any way around erasing all my stuff everytime I restore?
    Someone should really make a “pack” and “unpack” application for storing SMS messages, settings, applications and the such over a restore…

  2. You should get all that stuff back after a restore.

  3. you could save the installer plists and you applications. Then put them back.

  4. likwidfuzion says

    -Native terminal applications still do not work, stuck with incorrect password prompt

    You need to install SUID Lib Fix under Tweaks (1.1.3) to fix that. You’ll also need to install BSD Subsystem 2.0 Termfix to fix the backspace issue.

  5. Is there any reason to go to 1.1.4 if you’re 1.1.3 and very satisfied? I think I’ll wait for sdk instead of updating for no worthwhile changes and reinstalling all my apps.

  6. I am still having problems with customizer not working

  7. Bige2333 says

    whether or not you decide to update your firmware to 1.1.4 is soley up to you….i personally have chosen not to update at this time….with things constantly changing by the minute….”literally”, i would rather wait for the sdk release and see what that brings along….i am currently at 1.1.3 unlocked and jailbroken and very satisfied with all my apps working including customize…with 1.1.4 u get some “fixes” for bugs, but have also heard people claiming that the new firmware possibly fixes some “signal” issues, giving some happy iphone owners better reception in places where it was not so good before…….

  8. Bige2333 says

    just curious…how many of u guys are up on 1.1.4? doug u still on .3?
    what about brooke? .1 still lol… =p

    • I am on 1.1.3, Brooke & Sahil are 1.1.1 and Jacob is 1.1.4.

    • Hey…1.1.1 is the bomb digity…you don’t see me writing posts about all the problems that I am having!! :P Though, I might be forced to update when SDK is released…I think I will let Jacob and Doug go first! :)

    • I like to think of myself as a pioneer!

    • Haha!!

    • I was up about 20 minutes after 1.1.4 was out. It’s always good to be new with things plus the texts misplacement drove me crazy. and with the simple 1.1.14 systemplaylist fix it wasnt a problem at all. Didn’t even need 2.5 zIphone. But, I have restored again because of the ap limit. I got jammed up at about 65 btw.

  9. Hi… I have an unlocked iphone (1.1.1) and a was wondering if I can do the “Refurbish” thing in order to update it to 1.1.4 and at the same time to restore the whole iphone.
    And then “Do it all!”
    Can I do it?? what schould i do??

    I´m from Ecuador, sorry for my English…

    • Don’t use ‘Refurbish’ Use the advanced options on the bottom right, then select DFU Mode, that will force you to restore and update, then do ‘Do It All”

  10. I forgett to ask… can I do the update in Itunes to 1.1.4 and then the restore to use then the ziphone 2.5 to unlock, activate and jailbreak.. ???

  11. I can’t uninstall apps just says main script execution failed…

  12. can I ask this, as a 1.0.2 owner….

    if I follow this method, step by step, will I too end up with a working iPhone, with all my apps and running 1.1.4?

    that is, is this “ziphone” app the “silver bullet” ?


  13. doe anybody know why it says “it is HIGHLY recommended that you uninstall this patch (1.1.4 compatibility patch) when you are done installing old apps.” what will happen if the patch isn’t removed?

    • I tried to figure it out, I assume it is only to protect you from installing apps you shouldnt run on 1.1.4 on accident.

  14. I used ziphone 2.5 to jailbreak my iphone. I heard version 2.5c is now out for ziphone. Should I re-install ziphone and if I do will I have to re-install all the apps I have installed… =/

  15. For me, the battery is way better than on 1.1.3… On 1.1.3 I used it 1 day max and now the battery can be used at least 2 days..

    • BigE2333 says

      Are u referring to 1.1.4??
      I have read about the battery life being the shortest on firmware 1.1.3
      i personally get my battery lasting from about 8am till maybe 9pm then i have to charge again….if i use it alot then i might find myself charging around 5pm lol

    • Me also it was like that on 1.1.3 but now on 1.1.4 I can use my battery 2 days :)

  16. Haven’t check on my batery life, but I have noticed the stronger signal. I normally get no service or 1 bar max at work. But since updating to 1.1.4 I am getting 2-3 bars consistantly. Very nice!

    • BigE2333 says

      The frontier man! lol testing out the newest of the newest! hahah…..nice work jacob….keep up the good posts =]

  17. my google maps locate me feature gives me very random results now. One time it will find me pretty close about a (100yd radius), then it will say i am within a 2 mile radius, or then it will say i am about 5 miles away in some other area of town when i am nowhere near there. I never had that problem with 1.1.3. Any Ideas?

  18. i dont have no volume at all etheir is ringtones when i play the i pod or when somebody call they can hear me but i can’t hear them i restore the phone three times but nothing still can somebody help me please

    • restore your iPhone back to OTB and take it in to apple. Probably get it replaced for free.

    • i’m a tmobile customer so i cant go to no apple for replacement unless u have a btter idea

    • Sorry I don’t have any other suggestions for you.

    • I had the same problem, exactly the way you described. This happened after I jailbroke my phone and moved my applications with boss tools. So what I did was do a restore via iTunes and clean the whole system. Remember to completely restore the right way because you don’t want your old applications still on. Once you restore it should be ok. At least for me it was. Your speakers shouldn’t be broken, its an application problem.

    • This is a headphone issue, the phone still thinks the headphone is plugged in, trick is more or less to put the headphone back in, power the phone down, unplug the headphone, power on again!

  19. Is there still no way to update the iPod touch (16gb) to 1.1.4? I heard iNdependence could do it but that you had to SSH and install Installer or something like that and I’m not very tech savvy

  20. I didn’t know that 16gb iTouch’s couldnt upgrade, that is wierd.

  21. thanks fred im going totry that right now

  22. cant get 1.1.4 tweaks!!? i installed the sources as listed above and still dont have 1.1.4 tweaks. help please. i cant install all kinds of stuff.


    • ok so i have the 1.1.4 tweaks but it wasnt from “BigBoss’s Recommended Sources” its in “BigBoss’s Beta/Exper……” sources.

    • What do you do if the patch in tweaks for 1.1.4 doesnt do anything? Im trying to install customize and it still says error this version reqires 1.1.(123)… so what now?


    • Forget about it. it wasnt even the correct app. it was the “AppSupport Patch” for 1.1.4 to fix dialer crashes and caller ID crap… none of the sources load the “1.1.4 Campatibility Patch” app. not sure what to do at this point.

    • you can go into/ssh into your phone (idk if this is the same for the iTouch but if you follow this path /System/Library/CoreServices you can download your StystemVersion.plist then edit the string where it says ‘1.1.4’ and sub it out with ‘1.1.3’. Then redownload it to the previously mentioned path with the 1.1.3 change. This keeps the 1.1.4 features but tricks everything (I mean everything, iTunes, Installer, and your about section on your phone) into thinking it’s a 1.1.3 phone. So if iTunes asks for a update watch out it won’tupdate anything itll just screw you over. I advise each time you use installer to do this but when you are finished to switch it back to 1.1.4. This being if the ‘1.1.4 Compadibility Patch’ isn’t working/visible. It’s a manual way to do exactly what that 1.1.4 Patch does. Hope this helps anyone still needed help. BTW This site is one of my favorites and I check it everytime before I go on installer. Thanks a bunch for this whole site.

  23. If i restore my iPhone with iTunes, to update it to 1.1.4 from 1.1.3, will I loose all of my text messages, apps, emails, or contacts? I have already backed the phone up using iTunes, is that all i need?

    • depends. contacts if you back them up via AddressBook or Yahoo Contacts you’ll have no problem in theory. emails yes you” lose them but upon sync they should redownload. apps you will lose because its just gonna clean all of that up.
      texts idk and dont c why that matters but if it really does you can go ahead and check out the help section on itunes and see what they say they back up.

  24. Yep

  25. Hey guys,

    How come i cant find 1.1.4 Campatibility Patch in tweaks 1.1.4?? Can someone help me?? Also need help what are the applications that are already compatible with 1.1.4. Thanks in advance.

    • Im still looking too Sherwin… look up a couple posts…

      I went back to 1.1.3 for now. Maybe by the end of the week it will be better.

      Also some thing I have read to note. When you have done your restore to 1.1.4, some sites have said that Zibri suggests you set your phone as a new phone instead of restoring your from your back up file. No big deal as far as contacts go because you can sync them from your computer contacts, but in Jacob instructions above it doesnt say anything about this.

    • i believe its under this source http://repo.ispazio.net

  26. Ok, I am totally bummed right now. I updated BSD Sub v2.1 yesterday, then tried to install summerboard 3.2 and it completely installed but the themes would not work (and it said inactive). I then:
    1st. I installed 1,1.3/4 Theme Fix… no luck
    2nd. Smb Themes Fix… no luck
    This is where it really sucks!
    3rd. I uninstalled summerboard completely and attempted to reinstall it. It downloaded completely and when it went to the install bar, the bar did not even begin to fill before it just switched to the home screen as if nothing had happened. I tried again and the same thing happened.
    4th. I tried to install SUID Lib Fix, but it did the same thing as the summerboard app.
    5th. Tried to install other apps to see if they would work but they wouldn’t. They would download and immediately switch to the home screen. Things like ebooks would work, just not apps.

    Any help is very much appreciated! Thanks for all your great posts!

    • Oh yeah I’m on 1.1.3

    • After installing summerboard 3.2, be sure to power down your iphone/touch. then try the theme fixes. You should see the themes working after that [I had the same problem and it was that I forgot to restart].

    • No luck powering down, because once I uninstalled it won’t let me reinstall any apps. Thanks though… Any other ideas?

  27. Greetings,
    I just moved up to 1.1.4 using ZiPhone 2.5c. Everything seems to work OK, except my email crashes. Can you give me some recommendations. Thanks in advance. Regards

    • I have the same problem but no fix. My iPhone had crashed and I restored to 1.1.4 using iTunes then ran ZiPhone 2.6.b, then used iPhone “restore” to put back my old settings. Everything *seems* ok except that Mail will not even load – it goes to the mail app for a few seconds then returns to the desktop. If anyone can help, thanks.

  28. I just installed the Ziphone 2.5c but it gives me an error when I open it anyone get this problem?

    • yes.
      i just delete all files from my PC, windows version, and redownloaded it again. then it worked

  29. Thanx to DNO2127, I now found the source for ipodtouchfans 1.1.3 customize app that works on my 1.1.4 iphone. I couldn’t find the app in ipod touch fans app, so my friend found the following source, add this to your installer sources http://www.dlubbat.com/iphone.xml Once added install 1.1.4 compatability patch install Customize version 1.21 (custom) 2 once installed uninstall 1.1.4 compatability patch and enjoy customizing your 1.1.4 firmware iPhone =)

  30. Im curious to know if customize works for everybody or is it just me who’s having problems with it? Is there a fix that I am missing or just one of those things

  31. Im curious to know if customize works for everybody or is it just me who’s having problems with it? Is there a fix that I am missing or just one of those things?

  32. Thanks for the guide… thought I’d let you know…

    I didn’t realized I missed a step in the guide (uninstalling 1.1.4 Compatibility Patch) so there I was wondering why iTunes wasn’t prompting me to update to 1.1.4, seeing my phone looking like a hybrid in settings 1.1.3 (4A102) and modem firmware 04.04.05_G which supposedly were 1.1.4 info. Felt like my phone was in limbo although everything worked fine.

    Checked your instructions a while back and saw what I missed, took it out and so now I am on 1.1.4.

    • Yes.. same thing here too. Now my iPhone showing 1.1.4 but when I connecting with the iTunes – it is showing 1.1.3 …

  33. Jason, I thought my customized wasn’t working before until I installed one of those Customize packages and that’s when it ran well. Have you tried this?

  34. will tis appliation wrk fr ipod touch16gb????

  35. i followed all the step and biggboss recomended sources doesnt show up some1 plz help me

  36. and for some reason whenever i download ebooks the app doesnt show up on the front page. is it maybe because i have a 16gig iphone i dunno but i help you guys can help me with my problem thanx

  37. Stefan Peca says

    i am currently using 1.1.4 and my customize isnt working properly. After eveything i change on it it wont save the settings once im done. Can somone please help me???

  38. anyone know where we install these themes???

  39. ortizlgnd says

    Ok, So I STILL have a 1.1.2 jailbroken ipod ( Yeah, yeah, I know! I’m WAAAAAAY behind). But I wanna updgrade to a 1.1.4 Jailbroken ipod. Whats the easiest and most updated way to do so?

  40. rictheone says

    I just upgrade to 1.1.4 using ZiPhone 2.5c. Everything seems to workin fine, except my email crashes. HELP HELP!!!!!!!! PLeASE

  41. I have a unlocked 1.1.4. iphone. How can I restore or rollback into 1.1.4 with no extra apps. ( just i need to keep the basic apps). Please HELP

  42. Hey guys pretty new to this so bear with me i just recently unlocked my OTB 1.1.3 but was updated through Itunes to 1.1.4 first, i used Ziphone to just jailbreak to have Installer.app, Now i am worried incase i have to take back to O2 if anything goes wrong, i just wanna know if anyone has tried thr REFURBISH button of Ziphone and if it completely makes the phone LEGIT again..

    Thanks fellas

    Iphone 1.1.4 Jailbroken

  43. i used that 1.1.4 patch and my customize does not work it will not let me change anything. Anyone have any suggestions what i should do

  44. I have the 1.1.4 firmware on my iphone. I installed ziphone 2.5. I followed the sequence of first installing the the communinty sources, followed by the big boss’s reccommended. when I went to the 1.1.4 tweaks category, there is not a 1.1.4 compatibility patch.

    I’ve refreshed sources, uninstalled, and reinstalline the files and still nothing?

    can someone help

  45. I just jailbreak my 1.1.4 using ZiPhone, now all my text entry freezes up the ipod. Any reason? My youtube can’t connect either even with the youtube app.. I need help

  46. I recently downloaded the ziphone and got the installer for my ipod. I tried to download some things like summerboard and BSD subsystem but they always come up as an error saying “Package download failed”. Other downloads like Toys come up the same way. At this point im not sure what to do. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!

    • Have you go to installer – sources – press Refresh. Should work otherwise you have to do the jailbreak again.

  47. tre bien

  48. Ammar Malhotra says

    i have unlocked jailborken (ziphone 3.0) iphone 8GB (1.1.3), i want to restore it to factory settings. and i want that it keep unlocked or i can unlock it afterwards anyway to do that…….

  49. hi… i need help. I have a 1.1.4 iphone and my friends unlocked it for me but he was not able to put in the installer. How do I get the installer and making sure my phone would be safe???? please Help

  50. iphone075 says

    please help, i got the problem wiith my phone version 1.1.4 16gb, when i make update and restore the iphone become lock itself, please anybody can help me to make unlock the proper way, how i can solve the problem, i have been download ziphone 3.0 and itune 7.7 and the problem still exist.