MobileChat 2.21

MobileChat is an AIM application for the iPhone. This is really a nice app…honestly I’m not sure I have seen one better than this. When you first open the app you will come to a blank screen (which will eventually show a list of all your accounts) where you can Add an Account or Edit your Account list (which allows you to delete an account). You will want to start by adding an Account. When you tap on Add Account you are brought to a list of AIM services you can choose from including; AOL, .mac, XMPP, msn and icq. Just tap on the one you would like to add…then type in your screenname and password for that account and tap Save in the upper right corner. You will be brought back to the main list. To sign into an account, just tap on it. Once you have selected an account, it will sign you in…this process takes a little while so be patient…it will give you a warning if it cannot connect…if you don’t have a warning or you are not connected…just wait! Once you are connected it will show a list of all your buddies (it is supposed to show a complete list of your buddies but, all I see are the ones that are on-line).

To chat…just tap on a buddy! This will bring up the keyboard and you just use it the same as you do texting. You can also get more information/options for that buddy by tapping on the More button in the upper right corner. This will give their profile information, you can clear the chat history or you can close the conversation…to get back to the conversation just tap Conversation in the upper left corner. In the mean time, while you wait for a reply, you can tap the Buddy List button in the upper left corner and go back to the Buddy List. From here you can chat with another buddy, enter a new buddy, sign out, change your status to away or online andt change the Settings. In the Settings you have the option to turn on/off Vibration, Sound, Pop-Up Notifications, Auto Reconnect, Wifi Keep Alive and he ability to change the theme (there is currently only one theme). When someone does repy…you will get a little pop-up giving you a portion of the message…you can then tap on the message to get back to the full conversation.

There are two very cool features about this app…one is that you can close the app and it will stay connected and show how many messages you have on a badge on the app icon. Two is the fact that is works over Edge. The initial sign-on is fairly slow via Edge but, once you are signed, on the app works almost like normal. When I tested it, it took 30 seconds or less for me to receive a reply (it may have even taken less than that). It seemed very smooth and did not glitch (though I’m sure this is based on your Edge connection). Also, the chat can be viewed in landscape mode which is pretty cool. So far, I really like this app…I’m going to have to use it a little more to get the full feel of it…but, so far, not bad at all! MobileChat is available through the source. Below are the screenshots.
MobileChat 2.2 MobileChat 2.21 MobileChat 2.21 MobileChat 2.21 MobileChat 2.21 MobileChat 2.21 MobileChat 2.21 MobileChat 2.21 MobileChat 2.21 MobileChat 2.21 MobileChat 2.21 MobileChat 2.21 MobileChat 2.21 MobileChat 2.21 MobileChat 2.21 MobileChat 2.21

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  1. will this display chinese screenname?

  2. will this work with skype?

  3. Been playing a little with this app my self now and must say it seems to be quite genius.

    It can even display the danish characters æ ø å.

  4. Does this not work with WiFi? Arghhhhh!!!

  5. sebastian says

    i am stuck in the connection part ….. the loading bar is full and it just starts again with the loading thing (and agian and agai……..) …. anyone can help ???

  6. I am connecting, it gets as far as retrieving buddy list then closes down.

    Whats happening?

  7. It crashes everytime i try and connect 1.1.3

  8. oh no…is there anything we can do?

    it is version 2.23 not 2.21 which is being described above ;-s

    where can we get 2.21?

    • i believe you are looking at mobilechat with conceited software as source. make sure you have the source mentioned above added

    • Version 2.23 will work too…he put out an update today to version 2.23…I wrote this post last night.


    MobileChat – the native IM client for the iPhone – has been updated to Version 2.1.

    Changes in the new version include:

    * Horizontal/Landscape Orientation Availability
    * “New IM” finally works
    * “Send” Button has been relocated to the keyboard (in place of return)
    * iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 Compatibility
    * DNS Issue that plagued 1.x and 2.0 has been resolved.
    * BSD Subsystem dependency should be gone.
    * Added support for XMPP
    * GTalk has been temporarily removed
    * Sign On progress notifications
    * Disconnect Notification: if you get kicked off, or you can’t sign on, you’ll be alerted now
    * Conversation code-base optimized

    The new version is not in Installer yet (will be soon) – so if you need to get it right now, go to:

  10. what do you mean?

    I have the same Source as mentioned above just a different version

    • I used MobileChat through the source. Conceited Software has MobileChat in their source as well…though I don’t think it is current.

  11. i use the sendowski source v2.21 it works fine with 1.1.4 FW.

    But one question… is it possible to connect all my chat accounts at the same time? or only one at the time, i tried this but i can only connect one.
    Apollo can connect more accounts at the same time.
    but i prefer the MobileChat look&feel

  12. i am on 1.1.3 unlocked and i just got the fix for chat for 1.1.3 and it still crashes after hanging on retrieving biddy list for a minute or so arghh!

  13. sebastian says

    i just signed up with my icq acc its working fine …… msn is still not working

  14. Great app but I have one BIG problem.

    It’s really frustrating when I log on multiple times. I wish I can only log in once and it will stay logged in.

    I’ve used ImChat and Apollo and both of them will log you off unless you keep the “ImChat, or Apollo” open the entire time.

    I feel if you log on you should stay logged on until you want to log off yourself.

    I’ve also noticed that it will only let you stay logged in for a short period of time. If you let it idol then it will shut down to your springboard.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    • What about the setting called WiFi Keep Alive. That should keep it running. Not sure if it works the way is should though. You could also try Insomnia.

  15. somebody knows why it crashes when opening? (1.1.4) regards S.

    • my iPhone is version 1.1.1. I’ve downloaded MobileChat from source successfully and added my MSN account. However, everytime I click “Connect”, MobileChat will shut down and I go back to the iPhone main menu screen. Anyone can help?


  17. iphonefreak says

    it has some graphic bugs…
    the rest is working well

  18. Just wondering, is there a IM app with Google or Yahoo support?

  19. If some of you try to loging using edge with the tmobiel hack 5.99 deal it will not conect i have the unlimite and now it will log in on edge the only one that does not log in for me is the msn on edge but my wife have att and she log in with no problem, one more thing if you have problem with the english try downloading the mobiel fr for some reason this one work wend the othere want dont start and any way is inglish not to translat

    hope this help some of you mobielchat fr is on SOS sourece and sorry 4 the bad spelling

  20. Norbak_kara says

    Wifi keep alive? What’s that for?

  21. Not the best app ever… mixtube app is! Holy cow! Check it out! Mixtube app!

  22. XMPP is the Jabber protocol, and Google Talk uses the same, so you should be able to do Google Talk with XMPP — but I haven’t tested it…

    I haven’t found a Yahoo client yet for iPhone…

    What is the homepage for this app? It would seem:

    no longer is it…

  23. btw… apollo seems to stay logged on before disconnecting for a longer period of time than mobilechat.. Im’ trying to figure out which app im going to delete.. I dont need two mediocre programs

  24. jtesnani says

    I’ve noticed that after 90 mins of inactivity it logs you off. Also surfing in safari logs you off. And aim won’t connect via edge

  25. anybody succeeded in getting this to connect to an osx server jabber service? would be grate for me to make this work.

  26. Hi I tried adding the sendowski.ed source to my sources and it cant seem to find it
    Am i typing it in wrong?

  27. i using the version, and tzones hacked.. it does not connect over edge but works fine with wifi. after connecting , ti shows receiving cookies and body list, there it stays for about 2 minutes , then shows your body list.. works great but pity it does not work with 5.99 t web

  28. i forgot, version 2.23

  29. I can’t even install this app, it says error package download fail. How come the apps I want never work, the same is true for iflix, and listen is removed.

  30. It worked fine the first few times, now just hangs on retrieving buddy list every time i try to open MSN :(


  31. i’m on 1.1.3 and it doesn’t work. it says handshaking and then crashes. i thought this would be a good option but it doesn’t work. i downloaded the 2.23 version, which was the only one available through the source.

    try jivetalk. it’s good. it’s a webapp but if you leave safari it logs you out.

    it works for msn and google chat, i haven’t tried it with aim though. it may support others.

  32. it shows me my icq friends not

  33. curiousboy1022 says

    does this charge you the standard texting fee or is it free

  34. Can someone please explain to me how to install this and make it work on a 1.1.4? please. it looks so good, but i cant seem to make it work =[

  35. christina says

    i have the version 1.1.4 and am trying to login to IM with my msn but i cant, because they said me all time “please wait” and its running…

    can any one help me???

  36. i have downloaded this app and it says Please wait everytime i try to sign plz if u can help ..msg me back or e mail me PLZ

  37. Is it just me, or does this crash quite often? I like the features, but ApolloIM seems more solid.

  38. It’s not only AIM ! Correct the short description this app is BY FAR the best one for iphone

  39. Both Apollo and MobileChat eventually sign out even with Insomnia…unfortunate. MobileChat looks more Apple-like…but Apollo just plain looks nice. I’d choose MobileChat, since the only thing it’s missing is the suspend, better notification, and away message viewing (not using the profile button)…other than that, it’s nearly perfect.

    By the way, the newest MobileChat is 2.23…the main source (though temporary until the one in Installer updates) is:

    Taken right from the MobileChat blog.

  40. How can I use Gtalk on this app ?

    I tried to get gtalk’s setting, but it doesn’t work.

    Anyone got it ???


  41. is there a website I cud download the software mobilechat for my iPhone onto my computer n then use ibrick to upload it to my phone. Anyone pliz help.

  42. I’m on 1.1.4 and i can open the app but i cant connect… the bar fills and fills again but nothing… Anyone help?

  43. i’ve installed mobilechat on my iphone 1.1.4 and when i go to add account, put my details in and click save, it just returns to the menu but my account isnt there? i have tried re-installing it but no luck. any ideas?

  44. Not all the contacts I have are visible on the iphone and my personal title cannot be changed…any idea how to fix everything?

  45. singing creamy says

    I am on 1.14, able to use it w/ no problem. But when click update, it keep say package fail. And i test try to uninstall it, and it also keep say package fail. Very weird!

  46. hey there
    in the installer app
    u got two versions of MobileChat
    so everytime I refresh version 2.0x.x wants to update the latest version…. 2.2 or 2.3
    is there a way to remove 2.0 so it does not keep saying UPDATE when its an older version?

  47. I downloaded Mobile Chat but i have the t-zone hack is there any way for it to work because it signs on but then it goes right to the main menu.. Please help thank you.

  48. how do you add a buddy on mobile chat

  49. mobile chat been kicking me offline the pass few days… and in my installer it says it needs to be updated, but when I try to update, it has a error. The msg said that the package download failed. Anyone else has this problem with Mobile Chat?