iCave 1.00

iCave iCave is a combination of two games; Cave and iCopter. The object of the game is to keep the snake from touching the cave walls and the red blocks. The snake is automatically pulled down…when you touch the screen, it will pull the snake back up. It is touch sensitive so the longer you hold your finger on the screen the faster the snake will move up. When you hit either the wall or a red block, you will get a Game Over screen with your Score and Hi Score are at the top. It would be cool if there was the ability to add your score to a High Score list! iCave is available through the BigBoss source. Below are the screenshots!

iCave 1.00 iCave 1.00 iCave 1.00 iCave 1.00 iCave 1.00

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  1. Hey Brooke, it looks like you got a couple upates to install on your phone there :) (Only 25 in red, yeesh)


  2. there goes my spare time…

  3. my highest so far is 00965

  4. 965?? Faaaack! Mine is 903 and that is getting tight!

  5. zachary milburn says

    my high score is 1338. No joke, how do you take the screenshot after you download it?

  6. zachary milburn says

    dang dude my highest now is 1515

  7. my high score is 1899 and it gets so hard like up to 1200 its fair easy

  8. jasondacyclone@hotmail.com says

    MAN im 937