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New vWallpapers

vWallpaper There are a few new vWallpapers up on Two of which are mine and Doug’s favorites! I really like bluelines1 by I love how it moves around each icon!! Sooo sweet. And Doug totally loves the Mario vWallpaper. It is so funny, every fives minutes he is like, Look At This!, and shows me the Mario video wallpaper!!! It is only cool like the first 100 times you see it! Unless you are addicted to it like Doug! :)

Click HERE for info about the vWallpaper app.


Note: The Mario vWallpaper wouldn’t upload correctly so we had to use YouTube. The preview is stretched but the original file is the correct resolution so it will look normal when you add it to your iPhone.

Duo – Possible Future App?

Now wouldn’t this be really cool! Totally possible on the iPhone. Besides this video, we cannot find any information about this app. It was tagged iPhone so, it might be assumed we will see it on the iPhone in the future. However, the video below shows the app running on an Android. Let us know if you have any info about it.

Looking for cool new ringtones for your iPhone? Well, look no further! is a way to subscribe to ringtones via iTunes. The ringtones are created by Geoff Smith, who I love! He is really really good. You can even subscribe to a free trial (which I did) and get three sample ringtones. Below is some information and a few videos about how it works. Totally check it out!

RingtoneFeeder is a weekly automated delivery of original ringtones exclusively produced and optimized to sound great on the iPhone.

When you subscribe you will instantly get the latest 5 ringtones released and then at least one new ringtone every week for as long as you remain subscribed.

Once a ringtone has been released it will not appear in the weekly updates again.

Just $1.98 per month or $19.98 for a full year.

Get more info at

Justine’s Video

Get original ringtones delivered automatically to your iPhone

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iFob 1.45

iFob When I went to do a review on the update for iFob…I remembered how cool it actually was! Just the thought of a native social networking app that informs you when you are near other people who have iPhones is just so very cool! I would love to hear about your experiences with this app. If you have ever used it and if you actually met another iPhone user, a total stranger, through iFob! The possibilities! Ok, now for the updates! The update to iFob adds a new option that I think is really helpful! In the Settings, you are now able to turn on/off the ability to see yourself on the Near list. I honestly like the ability to turn this option on because, [Read more…]

ShopList 0.34

ShopList Honestly guys, I do not see anything new in version 0.34 of ShopList. The app functions the same and there are no new options. So, it must just be coding stuff! Let me know if you guys notice anything. I still like this app for making lists! Shoplist is available through the Trivialware source.

ShopList 0.34

TwistedFingers 1.0

TwistedFingers TwistedFingers has been out for a little while now however, I have yet to do a review of it (until now!). Think Twister with this app…only with fingers instead of arms and legs. When the app opens, you have two options; Start a New Game or Settings. There is only one option in the Settings menu and that is the ability to choose if Blue or Pink starts. When you select New Game…it will light up a circle with either blue or pink (based on what you chose in the Settings). It will also have the number 1 on it, that is the number of the move. So, player 1 will place their finger on the blue (or pink) circle. Now, [Read more…]

CubicMan 0.0.2

CubicMan Well, CubicMan has had quite the makeover! In version 0.0.2 of CubicMan you will find a newly designed interface which I must say is very sleek! The new design is complete with a new icon! When you open the app, you will get a nice splashscreen and then the main menu. From the main menu you can choose to Play the Game, go into the Options or find out more about the app. In the Option, you can turn the sound on/off, choose to control the block by swipe or by the accelerometer, play the game in landscape or portrait mode and turn quick move on or off. Once you have selected your Setting, [Read more…]

RepoName 0.02b

RepoName There are no visual changes with version 0.02b of RepoName. Though, it does fix it so that you can enter the title of an app with any capitalization and it will find the app. So, you could search for VWallPaper (when the title of the app is actually vWallpaper) and it will still find it. Though, I am a little confused because the developer’s site says that it is version 0.10b but, I only have 0.02b in the Installer. Though, the capitalization fix works on the version I have (0.02b). So, I’m not sure what the deal is! A very good update none the less! RepoName is available through the DavTeam source.

RepoName 0.02b

Logo Design Contest Winners

We are excited to announce the winners of the Apple iPhone School Logo Design Contest.

1st Place goes to Peter N.

2nd & 3rd Place go to Javier S.
Javier S. #2
Javier S. #5

4th Place goes to Juan G.
Juan G. #1

5th Place goes to Jacob G.
Jacob G. #1

Thank you to everyone for participating! We will be contacting the winners about prizes soon. The web clip should work now and the logo will be added to our webpage soon. RSS Feed

vWallpaper By request, we have added an RSS feed to! If you would like to see new video wallpapers as soon as they are posted, you can subscribe to the RSS feed. Below are three new vWallpapers that were just added. You can get the vWallpaper app through the Skrew source.

Dactyl 0.02

Dactyl Version 0.02 of Dactyl makes a few changes to the app. The background color of the app has been changed from tan to blue. There are also sound effects now and when you miss a bomb…it explodes. I’m not big on sounds effects but, if you are…they are now available! Other than that, the app functions the same as in the previous version. The mole skin for this app (by iSpazio) works with version 0.02 of Dactyl as well. Dactyl is available through the source.

Dactyl 0.02 Dactyl 0.02 Dactyl 0.02
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vWallpaper 0.5

vWallpaper Version 0.5 of vWallpaper moves the files from the /Library/Skrew/Videos folder to the /Mobile/Media/Skrew/Videos folder. If you have SSH’d in any videos, you will need to move them to the new folder (/Mobile/Media/Skrew/Videos). They will not show up in in version 0.5 of vWallpaper until you move them. However, the best part of the update, is that the Camera and iPod bugs are fixed! YAY! You can now take a photo with your Camera app while your video wallpaper is running…totally sweet. You can also listen to your iPod. However, [Read more…]

Mole – Dactyl Skin 1.1

Dactyl Mole Skin Oh my goodness, this is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Mole – Dactyl Skin is a skin for the Dactyl game. So, instead of bombs, you have to tap on gophers! It even changes the icon to be a little gopher icon (ok, I technically think it is supposed to be a mole but gophers are cuter!). The skin is actually very nice, I love the little farm house in the background! Though, it still says, “Bombs defused.” It should say something like Moles Bopped. Other than the new skin, [Read more…]

SpringDial 0.9996

SpringDial The update to version 0.9996 of SpringDial finally makes it compatible with my iPhone!! I was soooo sad when version 0.9994 did not work!! This is one of my Top Ten Apps! The only visual change to the app is in the News Section. There is a poll in which you can pick one of three icons that you think should be SpringDial’s new icon. I also noticed that when you create a speed-dial for a contact that does not have a photo assigned to them, it now puts the stock Phone icon for that speed-dial. In previous versions is used the SpringDial app icon for a contact with no photo. I’m honestly not sure [Read more…]

Periodic Table 1.0

Periodic Table Periodic Table is exactly what you would expect it to be…a Periodic Table. The app will open to the main screen which lists all of the elements on the Periodic Table in Alphabetical order. What is cool is that you can change the list to Symbols and search based on the Element’s symbol (in Alphabetical order)! If you tap on an Element that is in the list…you will get a ton of info about that Element such as it’s Symbol, Atomic Number, Atomic Weight and a ton of other information (see screenshots below). On the lower menu bar [Read more…]