iLiberty+ (iLiberty Plus)

Brooke has finally made the move to 1.1.4. We used iLibery+ suggested by BigBoss. Here’s the video:

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  1. I am in a location where I cant see the video – does it give step by step instructions on what you actually did? Ive been waiting for Brooke to do the deed …. as I am desperate to upgrade myself but not exactly sure how to do it!! Cant wait to see the video!!!

    • goto
      there are step by step instructions on that website.
      or you can yahoo or google search

  2. Finally Brooke…. i personally like Ziphone. Another Great video

  3. I like ZiPhone as well….
    SUPER EASY….Just restore…and then run ZiPhone and Jailbreak.
    Takes less than 5 minutes

    • Ziphone ruins the itouch/iphone. it downgrades the bootloader, which makes the itouch/iphone run a lot slower than it should, and theres no way to upgrade it back to normal

    • Ziphone use a 3.9 original BL.. I think is better than a 4.6 fake BL…

    • u guys should try iliberty fantastic it is i started it went upstairs to get a drink and whoosh my itouch 1.1.4 had installer on the home screen already

  4. i did this too this saturday….

    takes lots of time to get it up and running with all the fixes…

  5. You are going to confuse people. Now when they have learned the Ziphone song: “restore and run Ziphone” duduá, duduá, you use iLiberty+?



  6. Another great vid, I too have only used ZiPhone which was troublefree. I noticed that once broken your signal strength indicator turned numeric, is this inherent in Liberty+ or is there another tweak to enable that ??


  7. alex_dlc says

    why iliberty and not ziphone?

  8. Is my video on how to upgrade to 1.1.4 and hack it with ZiPhone

    • Robert Lozano says

      What are the differences between iLiberty+, iPlus and ZiPhone? Why are iLiberty+ and iPlus not clones of ZiPhone?

      NOTE: This is a brief overview of the basics. For a more complete, technical description, see Difference Between iLiberty+, iPlus and ZiPhone

      Behavior an limitations of ZiPhone
      •ZiPhone automatically forces a permanent downgrade of the bootloader to 3.9. This cannot be undone and voids your warranty.
      •ZiPhone performs the most dangerous processes (flashing), during the first phase. This is where memory allocations lead to ramdisk corruption.
      •ZiPhone puts all the apps into the ramdisk and has no expandability.
      •A substantial number of ZiPhone seem to have problems with WiFi after using ZiPhone. See Technical info on No EDGE/WiFi/BT

      Behavior and expandability of iLiberty+ and iPlus
      •iLiberty+ and iPlus use the 3.9 FakeBlank bootloader which is fully reversible via software.
      •iLiberty+ and iPlus both use a small, safer, customized ramdisk, and are expandable via payloads.

      How the ZiPhone process works, and why this is a problem:
      •ZiPhone copies the 2-pass boot method used by iLiberty+, but performs the dangerous task of flashing during the first pass. The 2nd pass is used only for application install.
      •Due to the technique used in booting the customized ramdisk, the memory will corrupt if you try to allocate a lot of memory during the operations. The ramdisk is disintegrating underneath, and corrupts the very data that is being flashed.
      •The payload implementation requires work by the end-user, unlike the iLiberty+ online delivery.

      How the iLiberty+ and iPlus are safer and expandable:
      iLiberty+ and iPlus both use a small, safer, customized ramdisk to do a minimal setup, then use a master script to do the rest after rebooting. This model is called “2-pass procedure”, and offers the most reliability and flexibility.
      •Adding payloads in iPlus requires preparing the new payload, modify the master script, then repacking the payload.
      •iLiberty+ is constructed with 2 totally independent components: the GUI and the payload. Payloads can be created offline, then imported by a few clicks in the GUI.

      How the bootloaders are treated in the different programs:
      •ZiPhone downgrades the 4.6 bootloader to 3.9 automatically, and permanently. There’s no way to go back to 4.6, without physically opening the phone.
      •iPlus downgrades the 4.6 to the 3.9 Fake Blank, which is fully reversible via software.
      •iLiberty+ doesn’t downgrade automatically, it lets the user make his/her own decision. Users can choose the 3.9FB or use an anySim-type unlock with a baseband change.

  9. Congrats Brooke!!!! :) How does it feel to be updated? :)

  10. What’s the “54” beside the “Brooke” carrier name and what’s the “100” on the top right corner?

  11. I am on a 1.1.3 unlocked, jailbroken iPhone. Could you tell me what I should do using iLiberty+ to upgrade to 1.1.4.

    • use Ziphone, it’s much easier, or should i say, the easiest program to use. it is as simple as plug-and-play applications on computers. for a link to a Ziphone download.

    • Actually you shouldn’t use Ziphone. First of all zibri just rips off other peoples’ work. Second of all, Ziphone permanently downgrades your BL to 3.9 while iLiberty uses a fake 3.9BL for it to unlock, which is completely reversible.

    • You will just need to go into iTunes and select Restore. Once you iPhone is restored…just do as the video shows.

    • What options do I click as my iLiberty+ is different to the one shown in the video, I think there has been an update.

  12. Also, to those of you who are planning to use the Ziphone method, i’d suggest NOT downgrading your BASEBAND from 4.6 to 3.9. if i am not mistaken, it is a semi-permanent change that can only be switched with the recently released PWNAGE tool for Mac. Not yet available for Windows. downgrading your baseband, correct me if i am wrong, will disable phone functionality i.e. making calls, sending texts, etc…

    if any of my information is incorrect, please reply.

    • I have used Ziphone which downgraded my BL from 4.6 to 3.9bl which it had to do than, so you could run certain apps etc. Liberty+ I believe does a fake 3.9 which can be reversed if you need to. The reason you would want to reverse the change, is should you need to send the phone in for repair and it was a model that came with 1.1.3 or higher, and started out with a 4.6BL. Also there are rumours that with 2.0 you will need the 4.6BL to be able to use it.

      You can get BootNeuter now from a source, and install it directly to your Iphone which will bring your phone back to a 4.6BL unlock and neuter the phone allowing it to be fully functional with a 4.6BL. Also as noted on other sites Ziphone does some of its very risking hacking on the first pass which can be fatal for your phone should it fail.

      IPownage for Windows should be out soon for us Mac users, and the Mac version is already out.

    • Bige2333 says

      ok to clear up any miss information on downgrading BL, yes there might be a chance that it could permanently mess up ur iphone if downgraded to 3.9, but chances are slim, not really recommended unless u know what u are doing…..i personally have the downgraded BL that went from 4.6 to 3.9, it wasnt because i choose this, ziphone did it automatically without me knowing at the time, this was an early release of ziphone…u know have the option of disabling the downgrade from happening, anyways my iphone works perfectly fine,,, every single feature on the iphone works without me having to do any fixes or nothing, with the exception of visual voicemail, and thats because its a carrier feature only compatible with att …anyways thats all i had to say

  13. I just wanted to ask u smthin brooke,
    I used the exact same method to upgrade my iphone from 1.1.1 to 1.1.4 but when i opened installer it didnt display all sources and when i tried to add more it didnt recognize them…also the mail app always crashes…did you face similar complicatios?

  14. Congratulations Brooke … welcome to 1.1.4 … Hope to see a link called “BROOKE’S iPHONE” .. soon …

  15. Machappy says

    Hey Booke. I did the same thing this weekend (saturday). I went from 1.1.1 to 1.1.4 using iLiberty+ and the whole process was fairly painless. It’s taken some time to get the sources I wanted into installer and then add back the apps I wanted, but that’s ok because it feels like I got a clean start. Now I’m wondering why I was so afraid to make the jump BUT I think we gave the jailbreaking apps time to mature, right?? I had not one problem…everything is working perfectly! OK, no longer caught in the past, we are now enjoying the wiggly icon goodness!

  16. jtesnani says

    it’s recommended to stay away from ZiPhone as it has been the cause of many issues people have with their iPhones such as an unworking Wifi or Bluetooth. refer to the following two posts for more info:

    this is from’s news page:

    “I’ve received a couple broken iPhones recently that have the exact same, and currently unsolvable, problem: Invalid calibration data in device tree. In neither case was the owner of the iPhone aware of this situation. So I’d like to put out some information on this problem so that you can determine whether or not you have this issue. In short if your phone seems to work fine, then don’t worry about this. These symptoms are quite obvious, and dire.

    If you DFU restore the iPhone, iTunes will give you a 1011 error. This indicates a mismatch between the baseband and the firmware on the iPhone. This should NEVER happen during a restore so this is a definitve sign.
    Repair needed message is displayed.
    If you press the “i” button from an unactivated iPhone it will display the IMEI and ICCID as “unknown”.
    No carrier signal bars
    In your Settings screen, the Wi-Fi will be greyed out and say “No Wi-Fi”.
    In your General screen, the Bluetooth will be greyed out and say “Unavailable”.
    In your About screen the Wi-Fi Address will say “N/A”, and the Bluetooth address will say “00:00:00:00:00:00″, and the IMEI, ICCID and Modem Firmware will be blank.
    There is no sound.
    If you go into Field Test mode, the Firware version will be blank.
    The iPhone will take a long time to turn on and shut down.
    Of all the reports I’ve read, there has been one common factor: the use of the ZiPhone program.

    — March 29, 12:25 MST”


  17. hey can anyone tell me whats with the numbers on the status bar after it has been upgraded/unlocked. it has the number 54 near where it sais brooke, and 100 where the battery should be. Am i right in thinking these are percentages???

  18. Brogollack says

    how can i know which baseband does my iphone have istalled?

  19. The numbers are the Signal Strength and the Battery Strength. This is a feature built into one of the apps that I installed and works great. Now I know EXACTLY what I have for battery. I don’t use the Signal Strength myself…but that is what those numbers are.

  20. cassandra says

    the link to download iliberty for osx does not work.


    • hi,

      i tried too, the link does not work since the last days.

      an other link? i could´t find one

  21. ok..yes the jailbreak itself is VERY need to show everyone the ENDLESS fixes that need to be done afterwards :( its awful…

  22. is this done on a mac or PC? can it be done on both, or just 1?

  23. I used ZiPhone and I havn’t had any problems. I didn’t really do any research on the whole jailbreaking thing; my friend just told me to use that site, and it worked fine and quick.

    • The problem with ziphone is if you have a new Iphone that had 1.1.3 firmware or higher, it without asking you down graded your boot loader from 4.6 to 3.9. This means should you need to repair your phone, you would be SOL with apple. Fortunately a program called BootNeuter can now flash your boot loader and baseband back to 4.6, while still keeping the phone unlocked.

    • Should I restore and use iLiberty+?

      P.S. Whats SOL?

  24. Sorry guys: It did not work for me. First i got a 30 minute patch from liberty that did not load. Then after doing EVERITHING I NEVER GOT A SIGNAL FROM MY CARRIER T-MOBILE. I had 1.2 and jump to 1.4. Then after restore one MORE time went to “Z” and everithing work in less than 2 min. Thanks CAVE MAN. PS. I lost all my games, photos, phone numbers, etc. Now I have wiggle icons..:)

  25. i used iLiberty also and i found it super quick and easy. no problems so far. good job brooke!. i am having trouble finding a customize app that is compatible with 1.14. all the ones i try to install say it only works on 1.13

  26. why didnt you use ipwn? i did it to an iPhone and an iPod Touch both worked with no problems on first try.

  27. Do you need to “Downgrade bootloader to fake blank” if you are going to just jailbrake? I have AT&T and only need to jailbrake, not unlock or anything like that. Thanks


  28. MacVenom says

    Mike has a great question. I’m on AT&T and have a mac. Should I use the pwnage tool or iLiberty (please don’t anyone try to sell my ziphone. I would rather just wait till July than try ziphone).

  29. Hii brooke .
    Listen .. i found bootneuter by iphone dev team on the source —
    i have a 1.1.2 otb phone upgraded to 1.1.4 and unlocked by ziphone ..
    but now i upgraded my bootloader to 4.6 and baseband updated to 04.04.05 and its fully unlocked without any issues…
    its an awesome work done by the iphone dev team..
    now we can all get our bootloaders back .. and without using a mac too ..
    plz try this out and write a review about it …

    • Well I have used this Bootneuter and from the source listed above with no issues. Just make sure autolock is set to never, any interruptions during the flashing is very bad. Best thing is now if something should happen to the phone and it needs to be repaired, I simply restore it in Itunes and send it away.

  30. list of ap that need fixes or no longer function after. liberty + Jb – MOBILE FINDER SHOWTIME- TERMINAL- SMS NOTIFY-SMSD – and endless fixes need to be applied :(


  31. Guys there is a good app that changes the name of the carier its called make it mine by Erica
    Question to brooke , I had a jailbroken iphone when i bought it , i could install summerboard and it worked perfectly fine. However a few days ago i ran into some trouble so i decided to restore because my iphone froze and went on a restarting loops . anyway after the restore and jailbreaking with iLiberty+ I noticed that summerboard wont work , no matter what i did , i installed fixes and dir permisions and themes still wont load , are you having this problem as well ?

  32. Brogollack says

    Loveee it!!!!!! Great way to unlock an iPhone… much better than ZIPhone and very easy to use. Thanks Brooke.

  33. can sombody tell me if after i jailbreak and unlock my iphone using ziphone is good idea to jailbreak and unlock my iphone using iliberty or ipwn???? or is going to damage my iphone for change a difrent metod to jailbreak… thank you in advance…

  34. when using iLiberty+ do you lose all your prevously installed apps and contacts? Also i have 1.1.1 so do I still do a Restore to 1.1.4 thru itunes before moving onto the iLiberty site? Thanks for anyones assistance as I cannot view the video Brooke has made

    • I had 1.1.4 when i used iLiberty+ and after i jailbroke my iphone i didnt lose any data that was on their before. i did not however have to unlock because i have at&t.

  35. I had a sidkick lx. i called tmobile and switched to normal service and normal internet and i still cant use my internet on my iphone i used iliberty+ and everything worked perfectly thank you i can make call receive them and also text but i really need my internet can someone help me.

  36. Brogollack says

    I was reading about BL 3.9 and 4.6. My iPhone came with a preinstalled BL 4.6 but when I unlock it I used ZiPhone and now my BL is 3.9, but I can´t figure out what is the big deal with having 3.9 o 4.6. Do i have to worry about?

    I understand the thing with the warranty and with the future upgrades, maybe should be enough, but it is that all?

    I google the matter, even found BootNeuter but i can’t understand how to install it on my iphone.

    Any help? Thank you.

    • Add the source that i have given above to your installer. And refresh.
      you’ll get bootneuter in the tools section. Make sure u change your autolock to never before using it

    • Brogollack says

      Thanks a lot. I installed bootneuter and change my bl to 4.6, but first i don’t know if using neuter an unlock settings was the right thing to do, if not, can u tell me what settings do i have to choose? Second i still not knowing whats the diference betwen one or an other bl version, can anybody explain to me?

  37. How do I find out what BL my iPhone has? Thanks

    • Download BBinfo in installer in the utilities folder. I think it’s from community sources.

  38. I can’t find the BBinfo on my installer??? someone can give me the source? my firmware is 04.04.05 G is that mean that my BL is 4.6?

    • The source for BBinfo is: it will be under utilities. Its name may be Baseband Info (bbinfo) or just bbinfo.

  39. I tried to use iLiberty+ but it won’t let me download BSD Subsystem in Installer. I’ve restored the iphone 3 times in itunes and jailbroke with iLiberty and it’s always giving me the package error fail message. Any ideas on how to fix it? I guess I’m going to have to go back to ziphone for now.

  40. all this smack talk between iLiberty and Ziphone is just a waste of everyones time. I wish the folks at iLiberty would just drop it. They are doing the community more harm than good. They spread false, or at least very outdated, this ends up scaring off more people thinking about jailbreaking their phones. I get they don’t like the guy that wrote Ziphone, okay…whatever get over it.

    Both iLberty and Ziphone are good tools, they both have problems, but they both get the job done.

  41. i used ziphone for a wail but then just randomly my battery just started going down really fast. i restored my phone and then its fine again.

    But i was wondering if i should use ziphone again or use liberty+?

  42. hello. apple iphone school

    you newest pupil her. i went on a jailbreak rampage i did a one itouch and a 8g iphone. and my friend were stocked i had all this cool thing on my phone they wanted it to i mean i got them to buy one thanks to your website they love it. but……. the was doing some reading and i came across i could ruined my iphone i mean it work just fine right now besides you tube not connecting. im afraid that iafter jailbreaking my buddys itouch and iphone i hope they dont get mad

    but is there something with i zphone really am i scr…ed

  43. I Bought an 8G Unlocked Jaillbroken iPhone it came with 1.1.3 I upgraded to 1.1.4 using iTunes then I ran iLiberty+ to jailbreak it.

    I saw that iTunes was requiring activation so I checked Activate and Unlock using 3.9FB since it said “to use for version 1.1.2 and higher”

    Everything seems to be ok except I cant see my T-mobile signal and I cannot make calls.

    Can Someone tell me how to fix this problem or do I have to return to factory settings in iTunes and then run iLiberty again? if so what are the correct steps?


  44. I have an iphone that hasnt been ahcked or messed with its 1.1.4 and i wanna know if i jailbreak it, could i get it back to original(meaning back to when it was stock)?

    • yeah i wanna know if i jailbreak it and then restore it will it be the same as a stock iphone or have glitches and stuff?

      plz help me im really confused i wanna jailbreak my iphone but i wanna know if i run a risk ok messing it up permanently.

  45. solinthehood says

    i tried to jailbreak my itouch with ziphone but my itouch already has the iphone apps on it and it did not work do you know how to jailbreak a itouch with the iphone apps already on it

  46. Guys i just jailbreak my phone but my email is not work before i did the jailbreak but now i get a message that the user name or password is incorrect. any thoughts please? Thanks……

  47. clueless says

    im sorta a new at this iliberty thing but….the activate, unlock, or jail break option…do either of them make the iphones internet or phone free?

  48. Can I use iLiberty+ to jailbreak an iPod Touch?

  49. I guess I am one of the victims that jtesnani was talking about. Got a phone with 1.1.13 and unlocked it using Ziphone. Phone seemed to work fine for about a couple of months after which I started getting the “Repair Needed” message. I tried restoring but now I get the “1011” message saying that the phone cannot be restored. Any suggestion to get this phone working again would be appreciated. I am new to the jailbreaking/unlocking world, please suggest some steps to go about this. I hear of a savior app called bootneuter , should I be using this ( dont know if i need it?)

    Thanks In Advance


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