iPhoneHome 0.8

iPhoneHome I was excited to see this app in the Installer! I used iPhoneHome everyday when I was on 1.1.1! I actually emailed the developer of this app before I upgraded to 1.1.4 asking him if he was going to update his app so that it would work with 1.1.3 and above (that is how much I loved it!!). He had emailed me back saying he was in the process of upgrading it. So, I guess today is the day! I tested it and it works great! It also has a slightly new look. The icon is now next to the app instead of above it. If you are looking for a simple app to change the double-tap shortcut of your Home Button, I would definitely suggest this app! iPhoneHome is available through the Ste Packaging source.

iPhoneHome 0.8 iPhoneHome 0.8 iPhoneHome 0.8 iPhoneHome 0.8

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  1. It is actually very useful. Thank you:)

  2. Does this one work on the iPod Touch?

  3. Whenever I open the App it kicks me back out to the Home Screen. I’m on 1.1.3,

    • Looks like ClickOnce was the culprit. Once ClickOnce was removed iPhoneHome worked as advertised.

  4. you can set the home button to open whatever app you want with Erica Sadun’s “Xlaunch” (which does work on .3 and .4 :D)

    • Yeah…that is what I had been using because iPhoneHome hadn’t been updated yet. But, iPhoneHome lets you set more than just applications you have on your iPhone as the Home Button double-tap such as; iPhone Favorites (which you can also set stock), Phone Recents, Phone Contacts, Phone Keypad, Voicemail, iPod (which you can also set stock), a Phone Number, a Blank Email or ever your one of the SpeedDials that you have created with SpringDial. It’s pretty sweet! Man…now I remember why I liked this app so much!

  5. doesn’t work on my iPod touch. Stille get that little pop-up from the music player..

  6. i have the same problem that MaDDiN doesn’t work on my iPos touch

    i hava a iPos touch 16 GB whit 1.1.4 upgrade

  7. Pat McRotch says

    Why has there not been any recent activity on this? Is there anything that does this that works on 2.2?!