moleskine 0.19

moleskine Version 0.19 of moleskine adds a some very cool new features!! The best part of the update is that there are now unlimited levels! So, you can create notes until your heart’s content! Another sweet new feature (though only available in the full version, which you must donate to get) is that ability to have both folders and notes within a folder. In the previous version you could only create notes inside of a folder but, not anymore. Man, it’s like ultra-organization….my kind of app! There has also been the addition of auto-capitalization…which according to the developer will be optional in the future. I continue to be impressed with this app. It is reliable, easy to use and sleek…keep up the good work! moleskine is avialable through the databinge source.

moleskine 0.19 moleskine 0.19 moleskine 0.19 moleskine 0.19

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  1. This app is very nice, and sure I donated it! But it keep crashing on the 0.19 update!?..and the most funny thing is under the “Update” in Installer there is a 0.18 ready!!??

  2. is there a RemoteNote or will be there it perhaps for this apps?

    • That is a great idea…the ability to edit the notes in moleskine via a computer. Like remotenotes allows you to do with the stock

  3. Digitalfields says

    I have tried to install this application, but when I run it the databinge screen shows for a couple of seconds and then the application closes. It never gets past that screen before “crashing” back to my springboard home screen. Is there another program from Databinge that must be loaded to make this work? Does anyone else have this problem?


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