CubicMan 0.0.1

CubicMan CubicMan is actually a pretty fun game! I had never played it before tonight but, I must say, it is very addicting. The object of the game is to get the red cube onto the green square without falling off the edge. The app opens to the main screen where you are prompted to tap the screen to start the game. You will get a Level One splash screen and then the game play screen. Now, you need to move the red block to the green square. However, the red block must land vertically (up and down) on the green square in order to win. To move the block, just swipe it the way you would like it to move. It moves like a cube…you can tip it or roll it. Just be careful that you have enough blue blocks to move your cube onto so that you don’t fall off the edge! There have been a few times when I was so intent on the game that I didn’t realize there weren’t enough blue block for me to move on and then it falls off the edge and I actually gasp! It’s funny…it scares me every time! Maybe it is because it falls off into like a black abyss! CubicMan is available through the source.

CubicMan 0.0.1 CubicMan 0.0.1 CubicMan 0.0.1 CubicMan 0.0.1 CubicMan 0.0.1 CubicMan 0.0.1 CubicMan 0.0.1 CubicMan 0.0.1 CubicMan 0.0.1

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  1. There is a similar game with nicer GUI, Loo by WeiPhone ( =

  2. it stops after level 8 :(
    after that it just goes back to 1… :(

  3. Another cool feature is that you can use your two fingers to zoom in and out!

  4. thanks …

  5. how to add to my iPhone-i dont know,i have just buy the phone????
    please HELP!

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