Moleskine 0.37b2 & 0.37b3

MoleskineThe update to Moleskine is absolutely huge!! So huge, that I am going to list all the info via the developers below! But, I can’t resist telling you about some of the new features that I think are seriously sweet!! When you first open the app and are on the list of all your folders, you can tap the top status bar to turn on the ability to reorder your folders…just tap it again to turn off the reordering! I absolutely love this feature. This is much better than the previous version where the Folder were stuck in the order they were created in! You can use this same technique in edit mode to turn on/off auto capitalization.

Another sweet new feature is that you can now add a voice note to your notes! In order to do so, you must create a folder then inside that folder, add a note. Once the note is added you can go into it and you will see a record icon at the bottom of the screen. When you tap it, it will bring up two icons – a camera lens and a speaker. The ability to add a video note is not yet available (though coming soon!) so, you will want to choose the speaker icon. You can then record a voice note!! Once you are finished, and have tapped stop, it will show up as a little tape cassette. To listen to it, just tap on the cassette icon and you will get a menu with the following options; Play, Delete, Change Icon (and there are some cool cassette icons!!) and Cancel. The sound quality of the voice notes are excellent. I just can’t get over how seriously sweet this it. I already totally love this app and now it just got soooo much better…just wait until the video notes! MAN!

Now for a quick run down of a few other new features. There is now the ability to go back to the previous screen by shaking your iPhone. Though, it doesn’t really take a shake, just a gentle tilt will do the trick. It also auto saves what you were working on and creates a back-up of the app when you tap the Home button and go back to the SpringBoard. Both are very nice features to have!

If those updates in themselves weren’t enough, there are A TON more!! It is going to take some time playing with the app to really feel the full effects of all the new features, changes and bug fixes!! I just can’t get over how much I like this app and how well it is developed…it might be shaping up to become my favorite app! Moleskine is available through the databinge source. See below for full list of new features, changes and bug fixes via the developer…oh, and screenshots too.

Note: I almost forgot about another really cool options with version 0.37b2…the ability to change the skins of the folder, note and cassette icons is now part of the free version!! So, mode away!

Update: Version 0.37b3 was just released and it adds the auto-correct feature back into the app…it was accidently removed from version 0.37b2.

    • Added voice notes recording
    • Added cassette icons to the theme
    • Animate audio and camera button
    • 2-finger tap (on the same row)/slide on the browser view to toggle maximise/minimize browser (use 1 finger to scroll)
    • Localization : French version is available (with French theme shortly at
    • Sorting added
    • Tap on status bar when in full browsing mode to toggle rearranging (status bar will turn orange)
    • Tap on status bar when in full editting mode to toggle auto-capitalization
    • Shake to go back to the previous view
    • Last note editted is saved if user exit directly by pressing HOME button
on exit, a backup is created

    • Popup notifications changed to slide up notifications
    • Destructive button for delete
    • Improvement memory management
    • Tap once in text area to toggle editting mode
    • Slide finger in editting mode (instead of tapping) to bring up magnifier (if you tap, if will hide the keyboard – sliding is keeping your fingers there and move around while tapping is just tap and instantaneously lifting your fingers)
    • In full editting mode, everything else gets hidden to give more space
    • When magnifying on text, the whole text area will shift down a little to accomodate the magnifying glass so that it is not out of range if you try to edit the top most line
    • Large text
    • Removed the option to delete a folder if it contains subfolder (makes the program more stable)
    • Scrolling about view
    • Removed instructions
    • Renamed preferences plist

    • Magnifier not focused
    • Last line of text hidden
    • When transitioning to editting view, text appears large and shrinks immediately
    • You will notice that when you launch it for the first time, it will quite immediately. That’s normal. After that it should be fine. A lot of those features that you have seen in the video (camera, different ways of using accelerometer, are not released yet). I think the list above will get me lots of bugs report .. maybe too much to handle at the moment to release everything.

Moleskine 0.37b2 Moleskine 0.37b2 Moleskine 0.37b2 Moleskine 0.37b2 Moleskine 0.37b2 Moleskine 0.37b2 Moleskine 0.37b2 Moleskine 0.37b2 Moleskine 0.37b2 Moleskine 0.37b2 Moleskine 0.37b3

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  1. Actually in order to change the cassette icon you need to be able to record a note and the free version does not allow voice notes. It seems you can only create one folder. I like this app and i bought time capsule but i take issue with his definition of DONATION. Its not a donation when you enforce a minimum. I dont think any app is worth 15.00 until it is completely stable.. just my opinion. i bought time capsule with the belief it would restore files without issue.. it was not the case at all. maybe its just my phone.. but i wont pay another 15.00 without being able to test it. Seeing as i cant record not even a test message in Moleskin.. im not convinced its worth 15.00.. not yet anyway :)

  2. Trying to find a use for this. What I really need is a proper ToDo app.

  3. My #1 request: Be able to move notes from folder-to-folder. Actually, given that this is 2008, I’m surprised this still uses the “folder” concept. I’d much rather see “Labels” implemented. Take a look at how Gmail does it. Now THAT would be an improvement.

    My vision for the “killer” iPhone/iPod Touch app is a multi-purpose Note application that leverages Labels, and lets you define a note as either a note, a ToDo, or an appointment.

    • I personally like the folders concept, as I use this to keep notes related to my projects organized – folders work great for me.

  4. Hi ikitten,
    I’m the author of moleskine…
    i’ve been wondering about ‘donation’ and ‘payment’..
    but ‘paying’ is as though the program is already finalised and bug free..
    i release updates very often.. and each comes with new features rather than just bug fixes..

    as for voice recording features… yeah it’s donation only.. but new features added will displace old locked features.. such as icon selection.. which is why multi level is still donation only.. developer have to eat to.. :p

    I think the main feature of the program is for taking notes, so it already serves its main purpose for free. That is the policy.. make the main function of the program free.. anything secondary, extra or just for cosmetic purposes.. i’ll let the users decide. Unlocking custom icon is an exception though.. coz I think most iphone/ipod users like their device because it looks nice and it has nice interface.. so I’m sure most users will think of this as a necessity

  5. Sorry for the double post….

    Hi JIm Barr,
    tagging is in the work… it will have both folders and tagging..
    yeah.. i like tagging in gmail… so that’s the way to go..
    but the conventional way of folder is much easier to implement for starting

  6. Is it available thru databinge? Because I don’t see any updates on my installer… I wonder why.

  7. Thank you for taking the time to respond.
    it is obvious that you put alot of time and effort into your work.
    I guess i feel like if its a donation then we should decide. i miffed because i paid for this pretty keyboard from alohasoft and now its FREE!!! i apologize for taking my frustration out on the others. i do love timecapsule ( eventhough it doesnt restore the way i thought it would) it needs a few extra steps. Your quality of work is superiour. :)

  8. Looks like a great update… but i’ve installed and its crashing back to the springboard when opening. Anyone else with this problem?

  9. I just Love this app !!!!

  10. I noticed above in the body of text that describes this app, it was said: LARGE TEXT.
    I assume one can change the font size?
    I have not find that option, could you please expand on this?