Caterpillar changed to Kate (1.3)

Caterpillar Version 1.3 of Caterpillar brings some interesting changes….including a name change. Caterpillar has now been changed to Kate due to legal reasons. Below is a snipit from Kate’s website.

Due to a legal dispute with Caterpillar, Inc, the new name of the package is Kate.

Because Caterpillar, Inc, the makers of heavy machinery have demanded the name Caterpillar is infringing their copyright (apparently the bulldozers have their own operating system named the same way!), RiP Dev, the makers of the most advanced commercial collection of tools for the iPhone, have decided to settle the conflict in a peaceful way and change the name to Kate. The name Kate resembles a Russian female name Katya, which is a signature name for many Russians (and RiP Dev, having Russian roots, wholeheartedly thinks you will like the new name).

Though the name has changed, the icon and the logo are still the same. There are also no changes to the actual functionality of the app…just a simple name change. Besides the name change, there are few other new feature (see list below). Out of all the new options, I really like the new Night Mode setting! Under Privacy there is now an option to turn off incoming call and texts during certain hours of the day! I think that is totally sweet. You just go in and set a Start Time and an End Time. So, if you don’t want any calls or texts from 11:00pm until 5:00am…just put those as your Start and End times! Very cool! There are a few other cool new features…check out the list below! Caterpillar is available through the RiP Dev source.

All Components:
    • Due to a legal dispute with Caterpillar, Inc., the name of the product is changed to Kate.
EQ (new component):
    • New component: three-band equalizer for the iPod application — you are no longer limited by the default EQ presets.
    • Added an option to enable or disable birthdays from the contacts list (as Outlook duplicates them).
    • All-day events for the next day are now properly displayed as the next day.
    • Added the night mode setting to disable incoming calls and SMS messages sounds during the specified interval.
    • Reminder no longer produces notifications during a phone call.

Caterpillar 1.3 (Kate) Caterpillar 1.3 (Kate) Caterpillar 1.3 (Kate) Caterpillar 1.3 (Kate) Caterpillar 1.3 (Kate) Caterpillar 1.3 (Kate) Caterpillar 1.3 (Kate) Caterpillar 1.3 (Kate)

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  1. ikitten says


  2. I have a question regarding the quet time setting. Psyl and the other one tend to mess up your phone a little because if their nature to fiddle with those aspects of the phone. I hope you know what I’m talking about… Does this do the same? I can’t really explain better than that…

    SMS’ get messed up, and calls act strange. Let me know!

    • @DAI Cracker and Hacker Brazil says

      A Solution for bug Crash Kate
      Use Putty
      and use commands:
      ps -ax
      (Get pid of any app Kate running and pid of SpringBoard and kill same)
      kill -9 pid
      kill -9 pid
      and unisntall.
      PS: Kate is developed bad… without many tests … Not worth the risk and much less pay for it.

  3. They changed it to Kate because Katya is a common Russian name? How many iPhone users are Russian? It doesn’t even give a slightest hint of what the app does. Bad marketing in my opinion.

    • Last I heard about 500,000 Russians were iPhone users. And Catepillar gave a hint of what the App does? Same boat, different name. Does anyone know if this program has anyconflicts with other programs that are available for the iPhone?

    • bleepurchin says

      Yeah i totally agree! Cos the name Kate just sums up this programme completely! …NOT!

  4. T Webb, at least with “Caterpillar” it hinted something about “transformation”… or at least I got that. Kate, I don’t get unfortunately.

  5. Whizkid says

    how do u uninstall this program??

  6. It is still not free, correct?

  7. Has it got any more stable?

    • bleepurchin says

      NO, touch response still becomes ineffective soon after you install this app! ‘Kate’ sort it out! Too many people with this problem now for you to ignor it!

  8. Omar Kamounah says

    How do un-install this correct?? I tried to in-install it and now my Installer keeps on crashing??

    Pleeease help me!!!

  9. In order to uninstall it you have to open the app and disable all the features, then reboot, then uninstall. At least that’s how I did it but that was the previous version so I’m not sure if this version has a problem or not.

  10. After I installed it (f/w 1.1.2) it would not connect correctly, and i noticed that my speaker no long worked?!?! So i uninstalled it and have the same problem! Can anyone help me sort this out please! an iphone that doesn’t make any sounds ends up becoming a paper weight :-(

    • Ok,
      so i unistalled it, then powed off and back on again, and to my great joy-the sounds are back!

      why is it everytime i try a new app, there’s always a sense of HIGH RISK!?


    • hate kate says

      try to hold on the main screen (move icon) then delete Kate icon to uninstall.

    • That Kate…. she shagged my fone as well – I can not stop her, if anybody has any ideas please let us know!

      Many thanks,

  12. I have over 300 contacts on my iPhone. All I ask is that RiPdev do a little work on their dialler app.

    There are viable alternatives out there – just this little thing would justify the cost. Come on ripdev – look at and the way in which iphone looks up the name in the sms app. quick.

    Otherwise great app.

  13. iphoneinator says

    help!!! i installed this and i went into the app an unchecked a few things i didnt want and it said i need to restart so i clicked restart and now it wont do anything! its just sitting there with the apple on the screen as if its in the middle of restarting but i wont do anything and i hasnt for like 15 minutes!

    • It’s bricked. Easy fix though plugin to computer then hold top and home button to put into recovery mode then restore the rejailbreak.

  14. richard says

    just installed it and it froze my iphone HELP

  15. If you don’t want to risk your iPhone crashing, DON’T INSTALL 3RD PARTY APPLICATIONS!! Seriously, if you don’t know how to fix a crashed iPhone leave it stock. Everytime you install new apps you run the risk of your iPhone crashing. I’ve crashed mine too many times and just restore it. A small price to pay to get new features and I’m willing to take the risk. Just wait to install the paid for apps in June with no problems. If not, STOP complaining about your phone crashing…Just my opinion…

  16. kate messed up my phone also – could not use the screen. the only thing that worked was the home button.

  17. PLEASE HELP………. I have installed Kate (Previously known as Caterpillar)…….. When i opened the application……..It showed the options with a button Apply……..

    FROM THN Im facing probs……. I just can enter in a menu or application…….but after then nothing works……..I touch the Screen,,,, but it doesnt work……..I cannot browse my phnbook……I cannot even go to the uninstall option in the Installer…… I tried removing Baseband… with Ziphone thn again Jailbreaked……..But it comes to the last configuration where the KATE is still installed……

    I use Windows…. Should i try restoring with iTunes.??…….Or is there any other solutions……

    I tried every possible option like…….Resetting with Home key n sleep awake Key……..


  18. Thiago Souza says

    I’ve been using kate (since caterpillar 1.2) with no problems…

  19. I have the same problem. I have tried to ftp inside the phone an delete my the app manually that didnt work. I also try to delete my screenshot app ( and still didnt work. These guys really messed up my phone. Here is a link to another sire talking about this
    But not help there for me at least.

  20. there is any app to record calls out of USA?

  21. iphoneinator says

    i did what you said even though my phone is in the midddle of restarting and wont come out of it but after i type in “kill -9 pid” it says “kill: illegal pid: pid” am i doing something wrong? i typed it in like 3 times.

  22. I’ve never been particularly interested in Caterpillar/Kate. Until now.

    They have an EQ. A freakin’ CUSTOM. EQ. CUSTOM! Okay, it’s a 3-band, but for good lord, I’ve been praying for a custom EQ since the 4G iPod! And there it is!

    But I’m not paying just for that. Kate ain’t a cheap date. Someone’s gotta spin that EQ off into its own App, STAT.

  23. Damian Espinel says

    Don’t install it until it stands a test of time first. It locked my touchscreen so it would only OPEN apps, but then it’s disabled completely.

    Do NOT install this app.

  24. Kentaurus says





  25. Locked up my phone. no programs work. cant do a thing. once i enter a program i cant use anything. even basic phone functions.

    don’t waste your time or money with this app.

  26. Restart springboard to get screen functionality back.

    • bleepurchin says

      No, this doesnt work. Kate has a bug where touch response is disabled…and they ask you to pay for it!???

  27. rodrigo says

    travo meu iphone e nao adianta reiniciar !!! como apago pelo winscp
    alguem sabe hellp por favor…

  28. dragon76a says

    My phone locked up too but all you got to do is hold down the icon like your going to move it then hit the “X” to delete and when it prompt you to uninstall or cancel just let it sit there and it will unfreeze it self or just hold the home button for a while…weird?!

  29. digital629 says

    My phone just locked as well. I “uninstalled” and it worked fine for about 1/2 an hour. Now it locks again. I can’t even restore it to original settings. Any ideas???

  30. for cracked version go to and scroll down to kate 1.3 cracked
    if u used trial ssh and delete ~/library/ripdev and ~/library/ripinstall and u can trial again :)

    • Hey, I did the crack at least 7 times and it doesn’t seem to work for me. I saved all the files on my computer just in case this happened. Is there anyways you can help me out with this please?

  31. I installed it and it worked for a bit and suddenly, I would get these black and white bars everytime I turned the phone on and the phone would be broken. I could open apps but once opened the screen wouldn’t respond to any touch, only the home button. Luckily, I backed up right before I jailbroke so all is ok. Still cate sucks, Cate needs to come with a warning.
    There should be a thread on harmful apps

  32. How do i uninstall kate
    please can someone help me because i can’t do anything.
    I can’t do nothing.
    Imcan pick uo my phone wen they are calling me en thats it

  33. I have kate and liked some of the features. But like everyone else encountered too many problems to make the app worth using.

    Everytime I go to open it and disable all of its features it opens and then closes back to the homescreen. The developers of kate should make an additional app to uninstall kate. haha sounds funny but I think it would definitely be useful.

  34. Michael Villareal says

    Kate worked fine for my Ziphone jailbroken 1.1.4 iphone however, I did find a conflict with the My eBay app. It seems that when Kate is installed, it rearranges certain files on the phone making it impossible for My eBay to find the necessary data files. I imagine that this is the same mechanism that rearranges the app icons on the home screen when Kate is installed (this is a pretty unnecessary side effect in my opinion). I have notified RipDev on this issue and hopefully they fix it, otherwise, I am going to need a refund on my Kate subscription…

    • were you able to get a refund? I had lots of issues with Kate and many restores later I decided it wasn’t for me. I tried to get a refund but have been unsuccessful. They stopped responding to my emails and now I have no choice but to go through my credit card company. DO NOT GET A KATE SUBSCRIPTION!!!!

    • fortunately rip dev gave me a full refund no questions asked so I am certainly happy about that…

  35. Kate worked fine for me, but I can’t justify a subscription price for this software after all the feedback I’ve heard. No wonder people are cracking this.

  36. your best of not installing this app.
    i installed it when it first came out and it screwed my phone up.

    i tried resetting my springboard and manually removing kate and the applications kate apparently doesnt work with and it made no difference, kate didnt uninstall anyway.

    the only way i fixed my iphone was by restoring it in itunes back to its original firmware, you will lose all your applications but you’ll still have all your texts and phone contacts if you re-sync your phone with itunes after its been restored.

    also, although you lose all your applications, your application data doesnt seem to be deleted during a restore, so if you reinstall an application youve had before the restore, it should work the same way as it did before the reset and with the same settings.

  37. How the ‘ell do I get this off my phone ???? I have a Ziphone jailbroken 1.1.4 iphone. I dont need someone to tell me Kate is crap cos i have found that out … i just need some help in gettin it off my iPhone. Thanks in advance for any help that follows.

  38. First time I tried to uninstall it, the sounds disappeared completely – seemed like the driver didn’t work, as the ipod wouldn’t even count seconds when playing. I then installed and uninstalled again, and now it works. However, all my system settings went back to default, without me asking for it.

    This is a program that seems like a good idea if it worked, but at least mark it as BETA, CAUTION, DANGER, BRICKER, etc.Should definately not be “FEATURED” in installer!

  39. Agreed!

  40. nooo my iphooooone is screwed uppp bcuz of this prograam :(!!!! Brooke, Douglas, Anyone! pleaseee help me/us out :'(!!!! I really REALLY dont wanna restore and rejailbreak my iphone!! There must be another solution for this bug! Pleeassseee help!!! Thanks in advance!

    • iphonehelper says

      just hold down your sleep/wake button and your home button until it turns off then go on Kate and uncheck all the boxes, hit apply and uninstall it. hope it helps!

  41. Don’t install Kate, it locked my screen out, and all functions

    bugged program the app worked fine at the start my trial ended and then i start again with a new trial and it locked my screen i can only navigate the home screen,

    i guess the only thing left to do it restore i have tried hard reboot which phone on and off again with no luck. read all over the internet no-one really has a solution to the problem.

    Mike x

  42. KateKiller says

    i installed kate.and uninstalled it in installer.
    it didnt remove the rip dev in my setting.
    With no choices cause dont want to restore my iphne.
    i installed kate again.and click kate in the uninstall and turn off all applications of rip dev and continue uninstall.
    i return to installer and uninstall kate there too.
    rip dev remove from my setting.

    Warning.when i installed ants and with rip cause me black and white when i turn on my iphne.encountered some similar probs too.mention above.

  43. I’ve been using kate with no problems in 1.1.4. Are you people installing and using this program correctly?!?!?

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