WildEyes! 0.14b1-2

WildEyes! There are just a few changes with version 0.14b1-2 of WildEyes!. It is now available in French and the pop-ups have been changed so that they do not pop up but slide up. You will notice that when you select a file, the menu will now slide up from the bottom of the page. I honestly thought it already did that but, maybe that was moleskine! Either way, I like it! WildEyes! is available through the databinge source.

WildEyes! 0.14b1-2 WildEyes! 0.14b1-2

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  1. Hi! :)
    I tried to install this but it said i need lightTBD or something like that… and when I went to install the lightTBD it says failed all the time…
    Im on 1.1.4 with Ziphone… Please help :)

  2. ChaosOnFire says

    Make sure you clear your Queue before installing the LightTBD. Most likely when you try and install it Mile skin is queued up before it and its failing before you get to the lightTBD install.

  3. WildEyes! is almost great! It lacks a must have feature… there should be a way for a user to be able to go to a specific page… i’m using it to read books while i’m waiting on a coffee or car and it’s a pain to go through 100 or more pages scrolling!
    Plus, safari has a nasty feature that if you touch the upper left corner of the screen, it scrolls back to the beginning of the file! :S

    • I think it just uses safari for the reading, so if safari doesn’t support it, there is little chance WildEyes will. :-( But I agree, that is a needed feature. Maybe apple will add it to their pdf reader.

  4. I have a problem installing it. I tried to install it, but it says Main script execution failed!

    Need a little help, please!