IntelliScreen 0.95

IntelliScreen Below is the list of changes I noticed in the update to version 0.95 of IntelliScreen. IntelliScreen is available through the Intelliborn source.

Main Menu – The Auto-Check Mail option does not show up unless you have Mail set as Only New Messages. The Mail Account Option has been moved into the Mail option, they are now longer seperate options on the main menu. New quick preview icon in the upper left corner (magnifying glass). Just tap it to see a preview of what it will look like on your lock screen.
IntelliScreen 0.95 IntelliScreen 0.95

Display Order – There is a new feature in Display Settings; IntelliSkin. As for now, there are give options for skins; Default, Green, Purple, Red and TestDemoSkin.
IntelliScreen 0.95 IntelliScreen 0.95 IntelliScreen 0.95 IntelliScreen 0.95 IntelliScreen 0.95 IntelliScreen 0.95

Mail – Now includes Mail Accounts and the option to turn on/off Tap to Check Mail. If turned on, it will add a refresh icon to your mail section on your lock screen. You can then tap it and it will update your email.
IntelliScreen 0.95

Alerts – New Alert Sound option. You can now choose what you would like the Alert sound to be. The list of sounds is pulled from the Ringtones you have on your iPhone.
IntelliScreen 0.95 IntelliScreen 0.95

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  1. Paul D. Spradling says

    Version 0.95 Enhancements:
    When Mail set to If New – Refresh Section Appears for Manual Network Fetch

    Version 0.95 Bug Fixes:
    Adjusting Mail Account Order

    Version 0.94 Enhancements:
    Choose Alert Sound
    Alert Volume will match system volume
    Russian Localization
    Battery Improvement – Must tap email refresh button to do network check for new mail

    Version 0.94 Bug Fixes:
    Swipe Launch has intermitten issues
    Alert sometimes stayed alerting after dismissed
    Display sometimes stayed partially lit after flash alert
    Quiet Start time offset shows +/- dial time
    First Install – can’t delete final news Feed
    Alert plays during call
    Alerts end iPod playlist

    Version 0.93 Enhancements:
    Taskbar icons for missed phone calls, unread email, unread sms
    Alerts for missed calls/missed SMS/unread email
    Alert types including Vibration, Sound, and Flash
    Quiet Time for Alerts

    Version 0.93 Bug Fixes:
    Fix for Non-English Language Gmail accounts
    Fix for Weather – Thunder Storms showed as Sunny
    Install improvements

  2. Paul D. Spradling says

    BTW, can anybody tell me if IntelliSceen’s taskbar icons are better than Taskbar Notifier 0.9.6-1?

    • They are almost the same, the only difference is the SMS icon which is better on IntelliScreen.

    • Really…I think I like just the plain chat bubble from Taskbar Notifier better than the one that says SMS in it with IntelliScreen.

    • Paul D. Spradling says

      Resource wise?

    • I agree with Brooke. I like taskbar notifiers text one better, but I can deal with the one Intelliscreen has. Is it true that intelliscreen will not be free soon?

    • @ Paul – What do you mean resource wise? Like, do they work properly? From what I can tell, they both work correctly.

      @ Andy – Yes, when you install it I believe it says it will be avialable until June 10th. I’m slightly confused by this. It makes me think that it will be part of the AppStore. However, I would think an application like this would not meet Apple’s criteria for the AppStore. So, I guess we will just have to wait and see.

  3. For italian users i create an italian translation, it just has a backup of original english strings and the new italian-english stringfile.

  4. I dont see the two top buttons in IntelliScreen Preview, how you do you? Moreover, even putting that “only appear new e-mails”, I always see a small box say that I have “0 unread e-mail” and that’s not happened in the previous version

    • Paul D. Spradling says


      The 2 top bottons on the 5th picture are not part of the app. It’s another application, Capture I think, that s used to take these screenshots. They must’ve forgotten to hide the box or something.

      The email bar is because of the following (from my first post):
      “Battery Improvement – Must tap email refresh button to do network check for new mail”
      There were some battery problems, so they made the email check manual.
      But then when you used “only new messages” for mail, and had no new mails, you weren’t able to get your email from the start screen. So a tab/bar appears now were tap the corner and it manually checks for new emails:
      “When Mail set to If New – Refresh Section Appears for Manual Network Fetch”

      Paul de Uruguay :-)

  5. Anyone managed to confirm what “software will expire on June 10″ means? I understand this to mean it will run free only until June 10 other” then the usual pop ups happen after.

  6. my installer doesn’t feel like installing intelliscreen fully…it always give me the “main script error” or whatever…sucks for me i really like this app.

  7. This expires on June 10th??? Bah. Then I have to wait for 2.0 to be jailbroken and maybe buy this : (

  8. There is another very nice SKIN here:
    see u

  9. OK i have never had any problems with any of the betas until today….. for some reason when SAFARI is open and surfing the web you will not be able to RECEIVE phone calls … i had to uninstall the application to be able to RECEIVE phone calls when i was browsing in safari. … very unstable. plus ME AND BIG BOSS (dev related support) have decided that this app is not worth it because of what it does to your Battery in the LONGTERM… please take our review into consideration and if you need us you can contact us in irc at #iphone ..

    IPHONE 1.1.4

  10. When i first saw this app i said “this is what i was waiting for” but after installing it, i’ve realized that it drains the battery. So i had to uninstall it sadly :(

    • yup… and not to mention one has to pay 20 bucks for it… so i uninstall it happily.

  11. zoltan szoboszlai says

    Some body tell me how set up inteliscreen to have email alert sound???

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