iPhone 3G Review Video

Though I’m highly skeptical of this video (ok, completely skeptical)…it does have some pretty cool concepts like turning your iPhone sideways and all the icons turning or a quick way to toggle the WiFi on or off. I’m sure we will see more of these as we get closer to that June 9th day and the release of the SDK Applications.

Watch “iPhone 3G Review” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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  1. This video is a copy of the original one. It is just a design concept for a competition hosted by ilounge for the next gen iphone.

  2. Dang, it did look real : ) I would be great it the Apple logo lit up like my macbook pro :P And then you max it to full brightness and point it to the sky for a distress signal to Appleman :D (Ok, i’m drunk again)

  3. OSX 2.0?

  4. palantirus says

    I can’t watch it on my iPod. It says: “video does not currently support iPhone”.

    • Every video on this site always says, “We’re sorry, this video is no longer available”. :(

  5. My friend claims he has the new one…stole it. Works for apple in shipping and receiving. Told me he got it past security in his pants. Offered me one for 50$. I have to see this to believe it to be honest.

  6. 5mpx camera…looks fake

  7. round the camera…

  8. someone forgot to tell him to turn his monitor sideways or move his camera so we could see it better. looks fake.

  9. wow thats obviously fake

  10. I really like the landscape menu… But the 5mpx cam looks fake…

  11. OS X 2.0?


  12. absolutchrys says

    Guys!…of course it’s fake…just read it…it’s a mock-up for a contest…it’s pretty nice though. Wouldn’t it e cool to have a flash “ring” around the camera…that’d be nice.

  13. here is the real deal