MMiThemer 0.20Beta

MMiThemer The update to MMiThemer version 0.20Beta should fix the issue quite a few of you were having with themes not showing up in SummerBoard. I cannot tell you for sure if it fixes the bug because the previous version of this application worked for me. You will have to let me know in the comments if this fixes the bug for those of you having issues. For the rest of you in which the previous version worked, this version should also work just fine for you. I was able to install a new theme using MMiTheme 0.20, it showed up in SummerBoard and I was able to set it as my theme. I hope this version fixes that bug so that it will work for the everyone else because, I think this application is really cool! MMiThemer is available through the ModMyiFone source.

Note: There is also a new icon with the update.

MMiThemer 0.20Beta MMiThemer 0.20Beta

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  1. Thats really cool !!!
    We needed anorher Customoze ! :)

  2. iTz Nay F says

    now 0.21!

  3. My installer won’t even let me download it “/

  4. Hy guys even on 0.21 doesn’t work for me , same problem themes doesn’t appear in summerboard and this time when I try to install a theme my iphone gets to reboot by itself, also when I try to use the search tab it get to respring

  5. i tried to download 2 themes one worked fine the other crashed the app by 75%
    it’s still early Beta probs i think

    • totally agree!

    • i found a solution, it sounds weird but it works.
      when you download a theme, tap and scroll the image on top up and down, while iam doing this the theme downloads complete when i stop it the app crashes ;-)

      unebeliveable but try it

  6. its not in my installer yet and the .19 version doesn’t show the themes in summerboard for me

  7. Henry Wall says

    I tried to download de Macish White theme with MMiThemer and it crashes at the end.
    But the theme appeared at SummerBoard and when I tried to use it,
    my iPhone entered in a endless loop.


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