iPhone 3G Photos

Here are some pictures of the new iPhone 3G from all over the web:

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  1. jaylou180 says

    I am very disappointed with the new iphone 3g. I was looking toward to video conference and video recording. I will stay with my iphone for now. The only thing to look forward to is the 3g speed. Maybe when jailbroken it will be worth it.

    • I agree with u totally it really makes no since to buy the new iphn the only thing its offering is the 3g feature they could at least add mms and video recording and sharing that’s probably why its cheaper. Anybody that will rush out to buy this phone I will think they are very foolish. I will keep my phone for now or buy the LG Vu

    • yeah very disappointing!

  2. PLASTIC!!!…its just sad…

  3. The LG VU is a piece. I work for AT&T and wouldn’t consider purchasing it. You guys are forgetting GPS though. That is definitely something to be excited about.

  4. hoping that mms and video camera will be an update or an app you can buy. I’d pay for mms

    • good point. thats what everyone is forgetting about, maybe some of these features can be in the app store. such as video recording and mms. they have it in installer, well mms doesnt work for most ppl but its there and the features are there. just give it time guys. they only demoed a few apps out of the 100’s, maybe even 1000’s that big companies have developed.

  5. don’t you have to buy the appstore applications?

    • hopefully the applications don’t cost $20 a piece, that’d be madness. Yes, the phone is going to be cheaper, you people are going to spend more money on the applications…. thats just what I think

  6. cut and paste, did he mention cut and paste ?

  7. all i got to say is a big WOMP WOMP…. nothing about the 3G excites me. Not even the faster speeds. My life is crazy as heck, but I can tell you right now, that waiting an extra 20-30 seconds for a pic to send, or a page to load does not bother me at all. I like my Iphone 1.0.

    I LOVE it actually. I open it often just to stare at my apps and customized apps. I love my video camera, my games, my emulators and most of all, i LOVE that I dont need to pay for them. I do DONATE, and i feel thats how it should be.

    Im a musician, people steal my music all day long, all over the world, but in doing so, they are showing their appreciation in an era that no longer views file sharing as a bad thing. Us older folks do cause we watched it happen and change, but kids dont have a clue. They think its the norm and I have adapted to that status quo. So… in conclusion, im still with you Iphone 1.0, you have my heart and soul, i dont care to leave you for another…..

    not yet at least.

  8. Don’t you remember what happened last time? Iphone came out then not much time later the 16gig came out….I would just wait to see if something better comes and if it doesnt then at least you beat the crowd and not camping out on the streets like people did last year.

  9. EvePineda02 says

    First I think that the new iphone 3G is a total rip off… you see that they didnt’t really listen to what everyone was saying about the MMS and Video Recording as well as Cut and Paste… and what about the stereo bluetooth?… I went to the apple website many of times and in the comments everyone was saying that they needed to improve on all these things… It seem like Apple needs to read there own web site before they make upgrades to there phone next time… Plus there is no reason that I should upgrade to the new iphone since it is working on the 3G capability T-moblie is still on EDGE and I really dout that they are going to be changing anytime soon… All I know is that I will be upgarding to a 16 GB iphone now that the price will be going down since they dicied to make the new one so cheap… As for the the appstore I think that apple saw that people with jailbroken phones and installer were really benifiting from the iphones capabilities that they wanted to make some money off of that… I am very happy with my iphone and don’t think that I will be getting the 3G phone until I can do everything that I can do with the one that I have now… As far as the GPS not that excited cause I have GPS in both my cars and really don’t need GPS when I am walking…hehehe…. I think that apple should really listen to consumers next time…