RemoteNote 1.0.3

'RemoteNote The update to RemoteNote 1.0.3 adds a new Restore feature. This allows you to restore notes from a previously saved backup. When you create a backup using the RemoteNote Backup option, you are able to save the backup to your computer as a .db file. Once you have created a back-up you can restore/jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch and when you are finished restoring, you can then create a note in your stock Notes application (you have to have at least one note created in your Notes application in order to connect to RemoteNote) and use RemoteNote to restore the rest of your previously backed-up notes. To do so, select Restore and then choose the .df back-up file you saved to your computer. I personally really like RemoteNote and think this is a great new feature.

There is also a new Preferences option, it is below the Restore option…you will probably have to scroll to see it. In the preferences you have the options to choose font type, size, IME Mode and Text Encoding. Though, I have yet to have any of these options work. Let me know in the comments if they are working for you. RemoteNote is avialable through the BigBoss source.

RemoteNote 1.0.3 RemoteNote 1.0.3 RemoteNote 1.0.3 RemoteNote 1.0.3RemoteNote 1.0.3

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  1. is this program also available for fw 2.2.1 and 3.0.1
    I can’t find in in Cydia. Only a version to maintain notes on a website (