THTouch 0.32e

THTouch The biggest change with the update to version 0.32e of THTouch, a Texas Hold’em application, is that the controls have been changed back to the way there were in previous versions of the application. They still look the same as in the version 0.32a however, you are now able to just swipe instead of holding down the controls and then selecting Ok. I know this is something a lot of you did not like in the previous version of this application. Also, the Deal button has been removed from the top of the application and been added back into the controls…though, I actually like the deal button. The event log has also been cleaned up, the donate button has been fixed and the French and Russian languages have been fixed. Other than that, the application plays the same as the previous version. You can get THTouch via the ModMyiFone source.

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  1. Much better – the swipes are now smooth and quick as they were before.

    HOWEVER, I really like when your name is boxed and it asks, “Call 20 Chips?” or “Option?” – Otherwise it’s tough to know when it’s your turn – Or how much you’re calling, unless you look at the little numbers next to the player.

    I know I was a huge critic of the last version, so this much better, but I think most will agree to have the feedback of “Call 20 chips?” or “Option?”

  2. Brooke – Why do you like the Deal button in the top right hand corner? Everything is done by the quick and smooth swiping… If you like the Deal button, then why don’t you want a Call button and a Fold button… It’s all the same. That would ruin the game.

  3. Still doesn’t work on iPod Touch. Displays first screen, and then application quits.

    • Works on my iTouch. Earlier versions were very buggy but it’s shaping into a really nice app now.

    • No trouble on my touch.

      However, I still find that moving all in with say 1450 chips, being called by some one with 900 chips and losing, you DON’T get your 550 chips back, no, you are out of the game.

      THAT is now my only gripe on this app.

    • Umm, yeah… Just go ahead and ignore me. I see the all in thing has been fixed.

      Any Grist, you running 1.1.4 on your touch?

    • Jeremy,

      I am running 1.1.1 (3A110a).

  4. sooo happy everything is back the way it was…or, at least, its as smooth as it was…

    I have to agree with se7en, i really find it difficult to know when its my turn and what im calling or checking…i wish the “Call 20 Chips” was back along with “option?”

    all in all, im back playing it and enjoying it…now its time i donate!

  5. since last two updates I am not able to use the check option. Only two options in that situation are call or fold. Anybody else having the same probf?

    • Are you sure you’re double tapping on top of your cards? Used to work anywhere but now has to be on your cards.

  6. I am having the same problem as arno above. I can’t seem to check no matter what I do.

  7. nice one, love this game
    great graphic and smooth…
    thanks to publisher

  8. You can, actually, check on the whole screen again with 0.32e.
    Just be sure to do it quickly, as the current timeout to be recognized as a double tap is at 200msec. I might raise it to 250 in the next release, but 200 is noe problem to achieve. Just to make sure you don’t accidentally trigger the check action.

  9. thanks for bringing back the swiping! i do indeed appreciate a developer who is accessible as you are, and who listens to feedback.

    couple things: the event log needs to be a little more… relevant. i spend an entire hand looking at the results from the last hand, and i think it should update more often. for instance, show what the last action was from the player before me: “Susan Raised 10” and then the bottommost line could read “Call or Fold” os whatever.

    also, a bug: on the first hand of a game i went all in and everyone else folded. before i raised, there were 50 chips in the pot. at the end of the hand, i got the pot, but the amount that i had raised (990) was still showing above my hand when the next hand started. when my turn came around, that 990 went into my current total and i had over 2000 chips.

  10. lol, I just removed the “Susan raised to xy chips” messages in the latest, since there were complaints saying this is not necessary, since you can see what the players did by looking at their badges and bid labels… that is true. I might be offering a switch for that in the preferences later.

  11. heh. definitely a candidate for the preferences… no, i just think the log would be better utilized with more current information, i.e. “call 20 chips?” not necessarily what the last player had just done. i think it was this way back around .29 or something… [shrug]

    i think having that information right in front of me allowed me to sorta not pay as much attention to what was going on. i could put the phone down to go do something and know immediately what was going on when i came back to it, as opposed to having to look around at the other players actions to figure out if i was going to be calling or checking…

    another idea would be to have a button somewhere that would show the items that had scrolled off the log.

    as far as the delay on double-tapping, i think that 200ms is a little too quick. i can do it with my finger, but not always with my thumb, for instance… again, prefs?

  12. I like this app, but if you receive a call in the middle of the game and take the call, it starts the game over from scratch at the end of the call. I was deep into a game when this happened to me. So weak.

  13. Dannyslice says

    Brillant app, the controls are sweet again. A credit you everyone involved and thankyou for being so quick in producing the updates based on feedback.
    Please please please is there any chance of having a safe game option?
    Thanks again

  14. Dannyslice says

    sorry i mean’t to say SAVE game option

  15. Captain Hook says

    I have trouble with the game locking when I up the chips & sometimes on an all in. Seems a little buggy to me but great for giving us the swipe back.

  16. I’m having a problem…I CANNOT DOWNLOAD!!!
    everytime i try to download it just says “Error Package download failed!”
    everything else is working fine though…
    even tried uninstalling the last version, which was a dumb thing to do cause now i dont get to play at all!!
    i loved this game, many thanks to publisher!
    any suggestions?

  17. TenSpeed says

    I’m having the same trouble as SomeGuy above.
    I tried to install 0.32e but I get the package download failed error message.
    I uninstalled the last version which I have to admit was pretty dumb, considering i can’t play at all now!
    is there a fix for this, or possibly a manual install through SSH?