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Doug is starting to do video reviews of App Store applications so, I was trying to find a few applications that I could review that didn’t necessarily need a video. So, I decided to go with a few familiar apps..all of which are free (which is nice!). Most people in the jailbreak community are familiar with the name Erica Sadun…she has developed quite a few applications for the jailbroken iPhone. It seems Light, Moo and To Do have made their way from Installer to the App Store. Below are quick descriptions of each application.

Light is a simple application that turns your iPhone into a flashlight. Once the application is installed, all you need to do is tap the icon on your SpringBoard and voilĂ , you have an instant flashlight. This really does work…I used it all the time on my jailbroken iPhone. They only problem with Light is that you cannot adjust the brightness. So, if you are trying to check on a sleeping baby…it can sometimes be too bright! A flashlight application is a must have for any iPhone or iPod Touch! (Doug just used this app to plug in a mic to the back of his computer! Ha!).
Light Light Light

This is another simple little application. When you open the app, it will play audio of a cow mooing. You can also shake your iPhone and it will play the sounds again. Kids love this one! However, I actually like the Installer version of this application better, it does a few different barnyard animal sounds including; a pig, sheep, horse, duck, donkey, roster and a cow.
Moo Moo Moo

To Do:
To Do gives you the ability to create a simple task list. When you first open this application, once you have installed it, you will need to Accept the terms of service. You will then be brought to the main screen. Here you can create a new task by selecting the + icon in the lower right corner. This will add a task titled To Do to the list. To rename the task, tap on it and then select the option in the middle of the lower menu bar (it looks like a pencil and paper). You can then enter what you would like the task to be titled and select Update. You can set the priority of the task by selecting the 123 icon. You will get the options High Priority (which will change the task to red), Normal Priority (which will leave the task black), Completed (which will gray out the task) or Cancel. Another great feature is that you can add notes to a task. To add a note, tap on the blue arrow next to the task. Then just type in your note and select Done. You will see a little snippet of the note just below the task’s title, on the main list. To delete or rearrange your tasks, just select the Edit button in the upper right corner. If you are looking for a simple To Do list…this might be the one for you! The best part is that it is free!
To Do To Do To Do To Do To Do To Do To Do To Do To Do To Do To Do To Do

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  1. Do i need to upgrade to 2.0 1st before installing this apps?

    • These application are actually available in both the Installer and the App Store. They were originally in the Installer and Erica added them to the App Store as well. So, no, you do not need to upgrade to 2.0 to get these three applications.

    • Yes of course, because you need the Appstore

    • Oh I was too slow. And sorry, of course it’s right what brooke said, but if you want to install them through Appstore you have to upgrade to 2.0 logically

  2. I prefer the Rainbowlight application for jailbreak.
    It does a full spectrum color range depending where on the screen you touch it. Red light doesn’t destroy night vision, so it’s often times better.

    Not only will the baby not wake up, but kids love playing with it as a toy.
    Actually, so do I. Makes stroking the touchscreen fun :) kinda like a mood light.

  3. @Brooke:
    As Eli said, if you want to have an app that can change color AND brightness and it should be available through appstore then try “myLite” It’s also free

    • Yeah, I think there are around five different flashlight apps…all are pretty cheap. I will have to buy them all and do a comparison review so that we know which one is the best…maybe I will do that tonight!

    • The question is, if they are all worth the money. And myLite is free. That’s why I posted it here in reply to your post

    • I grabbed myLite (then again, I’m biased). it’s free! Can’t wait to flash it all over town tonight… :-)

  4. Erica we want LISTEN please!

  5. oh my god… how come apple doesnt select the best application among all the similar ones? Urghh..

  6. those apps r pretty forgettable

  7. just to point out there is two “the” in the title. “the the appstore”. sorry had to point out the grammatical error.

  8. Erica is awesome!!

  9. there ARE two “the”….

  10. I don’t have Shazam and Midomi.
    Please can you send me a email?
    I need the sources!

  11. Erica Sadun has made good aps before back in the 1.02 times and all, now the apps are lame.