2.0 Firmware Unstable

2.0 Firmware I don’t know about you guys, but I am having quite a few issues with firmware 2.0. The App Store seems to crash one in every five times I use it (if not more), my iPhone locks up almost every time I get a text message pop-up while in a program, my iPhone randomly restarts and App Store apps constantly crash while using them. I do not seem to be the only one having these issues. Here at Apple iPhone School we have three iPhones and one iPod Touch on firmware 2.0 (the rest are still on jailbroke 1.1.4) and they are all having problems. Let me know in the comments what your experience with the 2.0 firmware as been like.

Print Screen of Crash List:

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  1. I have lose the option 2 turn 24 hour time on or off it is there but grey and stuck on. Anybody else have this problem

  2. Cramster says

    Encountered issue: Itunes not showing album art when art is part of the file

    Encountered issue: screen is distorted after a sync, randomly, and is fixed by double tapping home to enter ipod or favorites, and then home again to display screen normally

  3. hey guys,

    i’m running FW2.0 on my non 3G iphone and all the applications are running quite stable. Only super monkey ball crashed once. But after a restart it ran stable untill now.

    best regards, hanson

  4. hmmm.. i d/l the 5A347 link from the live stream the other night (for my ipod.. (gotta love free) and have had 0 problems (knock on wood) .. is the one you d/l from itunes 5a345? i dunno.. i love enigmo.. sprmnkebll and remote.. i saw a vid on youtube where all the icons on the springboard turned when u went to landscape too.. but i think that was fake.. (would be kwl tho) yeah i see the colors in calender too.. (but not here) strange.. but mine runs snappy tho.

  5. Mine runs great – Its 3g and not jailbroken :)

  6. Gio Willis says

    Everytime I connect the iPhone 3G to my mac the iPhone backup takes almost an hour of time….How is it possible, this is very frustrating. Never had such problems on 1.1,4

    • This is common, it’s backing up all your apps and settings from all the programs. First time takes a while. Let it run one night when you go to bed and it won’t take as long in the future.

  7. He’ll get a lot of help from spam-bots though by posting his email address here ;-)


    1rst download 1.1.4 fw, then download itunes 7.5 and uninstall your itunes install this one.

    2nd put iphone in recovery and restore with shift or control depends on your os…

    3rd downgrade the baseband with ziphone

    You are on 1.1.4 again!!!!

    Good luck

    Seen at http://www.esferaiphone.com

    Sorry for spam, but i think its important, and i cant copy the manual cos it is in spanish and im writing on the iphone…


  9. i LOVE my jailbroken 1.1.4 xD

  10. Steve (UK) says

    I too have found the OS to be unstable…

    But what’s really bugging me is all this business about 3rd party hardware no-longer charging the iPhone. I have a really nice speaker system with dock that I used on my 1st Gen iPhone. When I got my iPhone 3G home, before activating it, I popped it into the dock on my speakers to give it a charge, and guess what – it charged perfectly…

    But now, since I installed everything and activated it – it says the unit cannot charge the iPhone…

    What’s irritating is that the hardware physically CAN charge the iPhone, but apple’s firmware has decided that it WON’T permit it.

    Maybe they’ll relent on this in a later update…

    It’s proving quite difficult to remain an Apple fanboy…

  11. Sounds like with the addition of firmware version 2.0, the iPhone has turned into a Windows Mobile device.

  12. applestar says

    I had one full system crash using the AppStore (first day). Then I relalized some applications crashing.

    Then I decided not to restore from backup. I restored the 2.0 firmware first and did not use any former update. since then things are perfect.

    Probably some of the crashes are due to a restore form jailbroken 1.1.4 phones. I had mine heavily modified. Since I did the clean 2.0 install no more problems ;)

    • Dude…most people are talking about their new 3G phone they got from the store….

      I am on Tmobile. I have no interest in the 3G phone. Besides I think it will be $99 by christmas.

  13. Wow all the problems.. you stood in line and forked over big $$ for all these problems? Another reason why I didn’t and will wait for the hackers to get me int 2.0 and the best of both worlds. Come back to 1.1.4 and stability, at least for now. I’d be pissed if I had a 3G too.

  14. Agred. 2.0 does seem to have some problem. Mine gets hung up a lot and then just restarts or i have to restart myslef. Sucks but hopefully they will fix it.

  15. for those having crash/lockup issues. Please firmware version(5A347), include 2G/3G info. List of apps installed. Was restore done from Jailbroken backup.

  16. for crashes. Please inlude info noted above.

  17. I have the 16 gig 3g iPhone in white and I’m haveing the problem that every once in awhile my phone does the hard respring to the lock screen. I also found that if your phone seems slow go into maps and see if it is trying to find you. Mine was so I turned off location services in the general settings menu. Since then my phone seems to be acting normal. So you might want to give that a shot. Also I had the first gen iPhone and for some reason I think that the new iPhone or maybe it’s the software makes it harder to type on anyone having the same problem?

  18. yeah i turned off location services in general settings and it doesnt crash anymore!
    give it a try!

  19. Hey Brooke. Did you get this problem from the starting or after using the firmware for some time and installing apps. Because I am going to upgrade and cant afford crashes. Will be using my Exchange account for corporate work. Also let me know how many apps you have.

    Apple has also said that 2.0.1 firmware will be having some security fixes, so hope that solves the problems…

  20. I’m shocked that so many of you updated to 2.0 .
    Why would you not wait? with the history behind firmware updates , why are you all acting surprised? come on people if you aren’t botching about one thing then its another. if you thought this first release was going to be smooth , then you deserve a messed up iPhone . Stay with what works and let the devs fix the bugs. Its why we all depend on them.

  21. if i want to update i am not looking for that installer app but can i use my iphone on a different sim card in my country (lebanon) if yes steps : are update to 2.0 and backup from jailbroken iphone is that true or its fake thx (sorry for my english)

    • My advice is, Do Not Update yet. Wait for unlocking sofware to be available incase you run into problems.

  22. yea my 2.0 ipod touch reboots so many times at random.

  23. he just wanted some help! This is an iPhone community we r soppsed to help each other!

    Ok, so there’s a program in installer called “home button” and it does exacly what the home button does… I’m not sure what source it in so just put it into the search over here because I know doug and broke did a review on it…

  24. Puppster says

    I’ve noticed 2.0 is a crash magnet. I updated my iphone classic to 2.0 on Thursday and had loaded about 80 free apps without it being to bad. Now with the new 3G everything seems slow and I get crashes on installed apps as well as even iphone’s original apps.

    On a side note, I figured out how to stop that horrible backup process. If you turn off the automatic sync in itunes, and just do manual sync’s it skips right over the backup process.

  25. my non 3g iphone after upgrade with itunes 7.7 not work any more only icone itunes and usb cable on the screen and also my itunes not recognize the iphone only turn on and off

    • Did you activite? or you try down grade to 1.1.4….or use it as door stop (just kidding)…

  26. You have to reboot your ipod every time you sync it to itunes. Its kind of like when you download something in installer how it automatically rebutes, well it doesnt do that with itunes

  27. Brooke, can you please add to the first post. It’s a video from ABC America that highlights how people are having activation and software problems with the device. Here it is :http://au.video.yahoo.com/watch/3097312/8813817

  28. advice dont try and update ur iphone to 2.0 if ur using iphone as unlocked ive staied last night 12 hours reformating my iphone thx to GOD it worked and my iphone is know at 1.1.4 more stable than it was before i dont know why but it worked good bye


  29. Hi,

    does anyone know of a way to copy things (eg: contacts, wallpapers, pictures etc etc) from the old iphon to the new one?


  30. I’m getting frequent crashes when clicking on apps. My iphone shuts down and can’t be restored unless I go into the file system with a third party app first and delete all data. I’ve had to restore it this way many, many times. (First generation iphone)

  31. wow 2.0 is a joke, my iPhone restarts automatically when i have unistalled an application and go back into the appstore, so annoying my god cmon apple fix this crap

  32. The same. My phone freezes consistently through the day either when I’m on a call or off a call. Recently, my Edge network has stopped responding.

  33. This new firmware is two faced. I like the appstore and some of the new small features like holding .com to bring up new choices (.net .org…) However it is terribly slow. Its ridiculous, i try to show off new apps and they just crash and the phone reboots. When i type in SMS the response is at some times incredibly lagged. Also, if i get a new voice mail it takes almost 30 – 45 seconds for me to be able to pull up the voicemail tab. They need to update quickly.

  34. I upgraded my Ipod Touch to the Firmware 2.0. My wifi is unstable – constant drop outs. Apps are the same, very sluggish and sometimes crashes.

  35. can u help me to download my iphone back to version 1.1.4!plz..

  36. I have the same problem on my iPhone after upgrade from 1.1.4 :(

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