2.0 Firmware Unstable

2.0 Firmware I don’t know about you guys, but I am having quite a few issues with firmware 2.0. The App Store seems to crash one in every five times I use it (if not more), my iPhone locks up almost every time I get a text message pop-up while in a program, my iPhone randomly restarts and App Store apps constantly crash while using them. I do not seem to be the only one having these issues. Here at Apple iPhone School we have three iPhones and one iPod Touch on firmware 2.0 (the rest are still on jailbroke 1.1.4) and they are all having problems. Let me know in the comments what your experience with the 2.0 firmware as been like.

Print Screen of Crash List:

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  1. im experiencing random reboots aswell but not too often

  2. same over here

  3. yea same here kinda
    the phone is slow kinda
    and it reboots sometimes

    they need a fix and fast!

  4. woah i seem to be not the only one with the same problems.
    lets see i downloaded aquaforest, myspace app, aim, and 2 other apps. and guess wat after my iphone gets synced or restarted no matter waht app i open it crashes before it fully opens. id say 2.0=FAILboat.

  5. apple will probably be aware of this iisue, if so many people are cmomplaining, and you guys should see an update to firmware 2.0, soon(within the next couple of days

  6. ihawktech says

    My phone seemed to be running slow after the 2.0 update. I did the update through iTunes and then restored all the settings. The settings were from my 1.1.4 jailbreak. I ended up doing another restore and this time setting it up like a ‘new’ phone and it seems to be running a little smoother, or at least faster. Don’t know if the clean restore helped but it seems like it did something.

    • Doug actually ended up restoring his new iPhone 3G…he didn’t even try to hack it or anything. But, it was being really buggy so he restored 2.0 with iTunes.

  7. yes!!!! my ipod touch is doing the same things! I will try to open a program and it will reboot and take like 5 minutes to restart! :( they need an update already

  8. I was having the same issues with my 3g phone. Apparently all iPhones shipped with an older version of the 2.0 software (5A345), even though there is now a newer version of the 2.0 software available (5A347).

    I was having huge issues with sluggish UI, bizzare video playback, software crashes. All seems well now that I have the newer version.

    You’ll have to attach the phone to iTunes, then do a restore. Once it backs up your data, allow iTunes to restore the phone. This will NOT work by using the update feature in iTunes, it has to be a full restore.

    • This is exactly what you need to do, everyone should take this as the best solution. 5A347 is definatly more stable than 5A345.

    • I think they are both buggy. Brooke new iPhone 3G is on 5A345 and crashed, probably more than my 3G. My 3G is on 5A347 but still crashed, especially when an 3rd party app is open and I get a text message pop up. One of our 1st gen iPhones is on 5A347 and it’s very stable. Also has way more apps installed than our iPhone 3Gs.

  9. is apple losing its touch (no pun intended), or just a string of bad luck?

  10. If I get a text message pop up while in app, and press reply, the typing in the SMS app is very slow and buggy until I exit and reopen it. Typing overall is very buggy on the new software.

  11. weird, I’m not having this problem at all. I have a 16GB 3G and a 8GB 1st Gen. and I have over 6 gigs of data on both, plus about 40 App Store apps on both and everything works completely fine. My iPhone does freeze up every now and then and does reboot randomly every 5 apps I download, but nothing crucial.

    • RigorMortiz says

      Same here. I notice a little bit of diminished stability vs. 1.1.4 but no where near as bad as users here are reporting. My gf’s 8GB 1st gen and my 16GB 3G both work okay. FWIW, she did a complete restore. (my 4GB 1st gen worked acceptably as well)

      The biggest issue I’ve had is wrong position reported when on WIFI at home, and strange behavior when removing apps via iTunes. If I hit sync immediately after deleting them (form within iTunes) it works well, though.

    • Same here. So far have only had one reboot and have been using the phone a lot. It’s not too far off from 1.1.4 for me.

  12. I’ve been waiting to hear your experiences — I’d be lost with some of my jailbroken-only apps, so I’m in no rush that’s for sure. Too bad for Apple, this launch seems to be riddled with problem after problem. I’m kinda surprised, actually. Hang tough – we’ll get there…!

  13. I am also getting some random reboots and the app store seems to crash a lot. Also apps downloaded from the app store crash one out of every three times it seems and always freeze up.

  14. SLLLLLOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwweeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr than 1.1.4

  15. i have had a few random reboots its pretty annoying but hopefully they will fix this soon

  16. I take it with 2,0 and the App Store, that Apple have made it so you can have more pages of apps without crashing to the point of a restore, wasn’t there a 60 to 80 limit before a big crash and restore with 1.1.4, plus is there anything like Catagories in the App Store so we don’t have to have pages of stuff ?

    • I haven’t figured this out yet, but it’s on my list to push it to the limit so we can see what the limit is… We’ll write about it once we know.

    • While attempting this I also tried to install more than one app at a tiime. You’re asking for trouble when doing this :) two were installing and trying a third bogged stuff down pretty bad. I don’t expect this to be a feature, allowing more than one to download at a time, I’d rather it not allow it so it doesn’t crash.

    • Thanks for the reply, sounds like you guys are really putting 2.0 through it’s paces, good luck :)

  17. It’s been running smoothly for me. I noticed just 2 things: google maps lags while trying to input text in search, also one app didn’t fully install so it caused all the other apps to crash when trying to open them. I solved this by deleting the app in question and re-installing it.

  18. Treadeater says

    yeah, mine has randomly restarted once and a few apps have frozen. Plus when I try to sync with my computer iTunes will say it’s backing up but it will be extremely slow.

    • This process is extremely slow if you have a lot of apps. Once it does it the first time it gets better from there.

    • Treadeater says

      ok. Thanks for the advice Doug. Btw, love the site. Definitely the best iPhone site out there. Keep up the good work.

  19. yea, mine’s buggy too.
    The most annoying part is that whenever I run an app, it seems to mess with my volume settings.

  20. TheDiggin says

    wow apple you where once a company that made a gud looking kool phone that worked…

    now your a company that makes a better looking phone that doesn’t work.

    you better fix it soon steve, otherwise im going to have to kill you ;)

  21. I had the same problem with several apps, but one in particular, ICE, crashed continuously. I wrote the author, and this is his reply:

    There appears to be an issue with either the iPhone OS or iTunes or some combination of both that for some reason causes the problem that you mentioned. This issue is not limited to ICE, but appears to affect pretty much any third party application, but it’s totally random. Many developers as well as Apple personnel have been working this weekend to try to figure out what is going on.

    Now that we have the background information out of the way, let’s move on to resolving the problem!

    1. Make sure your iPhone is synced with your copy of iTunes.
    2. Remove an application from the iPhone. It doesn’t appear to matter which application you remove, but since ICE is fairly small and you’re experiencing issues using it, go ahead and remove it.
    3. Once the application is removed, completely power down your iPhone.
    4. Wait a moment.
    5. Power your iPhone back up.
    6. Reconnect to iTunes.
    7. Add the application (ICE in this case) back to the iPhone.

    I did this, and it seems much more stable.

    (Former Windows Mobile 6.0 convert)

  22. Random Restarts.
    Freezing During Application Syncing.
    Apps Crashing.
    Random Freezes

    and this happened once:
    i locked my ipod touch and than after a few minutes i wanted to
    play with it again and it wouldnt unlock it just stayed
    with the blanc screen.
    and i had to connect to the computer to unlock it.

    tons of bugs >_>

    • That sooooo happened to me too!!! I had to plug my iPhone 3G into my computer to get to the lock screen to come up…I thought it was broken! Then, it fixed itself. I had forgotten about that!

    • That actually happens to my jail broken 1.1.4. Not often and if I give it a minute it comes back to its senses but it’s very obnoxious.

  23. Typical Apple fashion for those of you who don’t know. Apple’s customers are always the beta testers for their products, don’t expect a decent version for at least a few months if were lucky.

  24. Glad I didn’t update my touch. Becides, I’d be lost without it looking like windows vista and being custmize to my exact liking. Don’t know what I’m gonna do if theres no custmize on 2.0 when jailbreak is released.

  25. Kelvin Alfaro says

    Same here. It looks like Apple released a very unstable update

  26. ok i have a question if i have an unlocked and jailbroken 1.1.3 and i do a restore to go to another firmware like 2.0 when it is unlockable and i click restore from backup is that ok? or does it backup installer files that are bad?

  27. Yeh, my phone has been crashing all the time. I expect an update to the OS very soon.

  28. I noticed that the 2.0 firmware was unstable right off the bat. the app store has locked up at least four times on me and at least one app (TTR) completely crashed the phone :-/. Originally i had the train of thought that it was because of my previous jailbreaks but seeing this post changed my mind.

  29. The caps and the seemingly 10-year-old whiny voice probably will only encourage people to ignore you altogether.

  30. I have had restarting issues!!! Multiple times! Its annoying! APPLE FIX THIS!

  31. Mike Zappa says

    Ahhh, I love my 1.1.4 1st gen unlocked iphone!

    • tonyc311 says

      Preach brother! I was gonna totally buy a 3G iPhone on Monday. But FORGET THAT! I can’t believe all the problems people are having. I’ll stick with my jailbroken 16Gig 1.1.4. :)

    • And I’ll stick with my 8Gig 1.1.4 pwned iPhone!!!

  32. i’m quite happy to still be in good old 1.1.4 jailbreak .
    looks likes they didn’t have enough time for this 2.0 crazyness.

  33. yeah, the 2.0 software seems to be unstable. I have had similar issues to what you have been experiencing doug. Hopefully Apple will address the issues.

  34. actually guys, i havent had any trouble with these things happening, i have a first gen iPhone with 2.0 software and mine hasnt crashed or nothing. So i guess im just lucky.

    • I agree on this, our first gen iPhone that is upgraded to 2.0 is much more stable. I wonder if some of the different hardware in the iPhone 3G is causing problems…

    • I had the same issues with my phone, I restored it 3 times, on the fourth try I turned the 3g off (when not using data), since then I have had NO issues. I think when apple was designing these new phones, they were only thinking about the 199.00 and 299.00 factors (1 million phones later), all the networks that they launched with had 3g available, so its not the issue of the network. Apple needs to do some larger testing of their phones in markets like chicago, new york , los angels , and mexico.To see if their 2.0 can handle the speed of the customer and the speeds of the networks. BTW, I traded in my 16g that I bought on sunday(which the told was the last iphone available) , I went back today with my lock up issues, they had plenty of phones for software issues, I think apple planned for this to happen, They just needed the revenue push on their stock.

  35. yeah, every time use myspace or something, it crasshes and restarts

  36. YUP!! I have been looking around online to see if anyone has had similar problems and this is the first site to mention it. I compared my 3G iphone to my other 2G iphone and it seems to be slower. The apps and settings start a lot faster on 1.1.4. App are constantly crashing and some wont start. I find myself having to restart my phone more than before. Apple come on!! were is 2.0.1?????? LOL

  37. We are running Firmware 2.0(5A347) and the only crashes are from new apps, like “where” and “Google”. Kind of expected that myself; the new OS seems stable enough for us. No errors on phone, ipod, sms, mail, maps, notes, contacts, photos, clock, weather, stocks and settings so far for us.

  38. for me the app store crashes every time i’m loading an app while being in the store. sometimes all my apps are crashing on the loading screen. then i have to wait sometime to use them again. ihope there will be an update soon.

    p.s. i’ve got a question: why doesn’t the landscape homescreen work? or is it just on iphone 3g?

  39. I bought Super Monkey Ball and it keeps crashing, I only got to play it once :( I’m going to try re-syncing it hopefully that will help

  40. Hey Doug or Brooke, can you please help me out….I was wondering if you guys know how to customize the calendar with different colors. I saw it all over the 2.0 upgrade page in Apple.com but Im not sure how to do it. I am currently on 2.0 firmware and I do not have the 3g iphone. Thanx for your time and hope to hear from you soon……

    • Aussiephone says

      The colours reflect what categories you have setup on your computers calendar, iCal (Apple) or Calendar in windowz , eg; Personal, Business, Birthdays etc. I’m not sure you can edit them on the iPhone.

    • As far as I know, you’re right, can’t control this from the iPhone. It’s just to separate the different calendars you have synced.

  41. i havent upgraded to 2.0 yet but ive heard it from different blogs as well.

  42. Mine reboots once in a while as well. I was wondering if this was some residual from when it was jailbroken, but seeing as how this is happenning to brand new iphones, i guess not.

  43. bigmcq77 says

    I upgraded by iPod touch to 2.0 and in the begginning I had some problems with AIM rebooting randomly but somewhere official I read that you may need to reboot a couple of times to get the kinks worked out and it’s been fine from then all out.

  44. I knew there was going to be a problem, theres always one in the begining. thats why i always wait at least 2 weeks before i do anything so that all the bugs are fixed!

  45. I hate the new firmware….the only thing I like is the deleting multiple emails and the screen shot….I want to downgrade back to what I had…is there anyway of doing that? please help!!!

  46. same here the volume on my phone is always on superlow eventhough I put it all up it always gets turn on realy low

    Another thing when Im texting. It takes for ever to type in a word. That’s what has been a bother for me the most

    Any one know how to down grade. iTunes and the iPhone back to 1.1.4?

    Another thing I notice on my online banking that. I have been getting 1 dollar charges not sure why if I have been dl free apps

  47. Same here – iPod touch 2.0

  48. my biggest complaint is that every time i plug my iphone into my lap top it starts backing up and ive never finished it, but it seems like it would take about 4 hours.

    i have probably over 50 apps installed, they run smooth for a while, but what it seems like every time i open one it actually somehow either stays open in the background or something. Therefore after opening maybe 15 apps or so they open then crash….

    …so i reboot which takes probly 2 minutes and everything seems perfect again but not forever.

    also, it seems like the more apps i open the slower my edge connection gets going.

    oh and my push yahoo account aint pushin as much as it used to.

    so in conclusion, steves little at the wwdc said apps dont run in the background, but it seems like they do. i dunno.

    • Do a sync over night and let it back up completely. Then then next time it will go much faster. I notice that my pics, music and video weren’t syncing and that’s why I restored. It was just actually taking FOREVER to backup and hadn’t gotten to the pics and stuff yet.

  49. Stanley Cousins says

    My yahoo account won’t refresh. It’s been “checking for mail” for about 3 days now and I never recieve any email. I have to log onto the computer to see my email. I’ve played with the settings and turned the phone off and back on and it still says checking for mail.

    • wow thats super annoying. i would restore and not restore from backup. just sync adress and calandar after restoring.

      when i restore from backup it always does something to my mail.

    • I noticed that the mail apps are case sensitive. Try changing that

  50. I agree. Lose the immaturity and find help elsewhere. This isn’t a iPhone repair company. No one is going to fix it for you. Buy a new one and suck it up.

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