Dobot Todos 1.0

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

Dobot TodosDobot Todos is a very simple, yet very functional To-Do list application. It allows you to create categories and then add tasks inside each category. When you open the application, you will find two default categories; Personal and Work. You can create your own category by selecting the + icon in the upper right corner. You can delete a category by swiping it and then selecting delete. When you select a category, you can add a task to that category using the + icon in the upper right corner. You can enter the task’s title, due date, priority and add notes to the task. Once you finished entering all of the task info, select done on the keyboard and then you can select Save in the upper right corner of the screen.

This will bring you back to the task list screen where it will display the Title, due date and priority of each task. The priority is represented by the bars to the right of the task. One bar is low priority, two bars is medium priority and three bars is high priority. You can quickly change the priority by tapping on the bars. You can also edit the task by tapping on the arrow to the right of the task. On the lower menu bar you will notice two options; Sort Options and View Options. In the Sort Options you have the ability to view sort the tasks by Priority, Due Date or Creation. In the View Options you have the ability to view All tasks, Hide Finished tasks or to only view Today’s tasks. If you choose to Hide Finished tasks, it will display how many tasks are hidden on the lower menu bar. When you have completed a task just tap the box to the left of the task and it will be checked off. You can get back to the main To-Do categories list by selecting the Todo Lists option in the upper left corner.

I do find it to be a little tricky to try to change the priority of a task without accidentally selecting the edit arrow. But, I do like that the it saves a task you have created even if you forget to select the Save button before going back to the task list. Overall, this is a decent To-Do application…especially for the price! You can download the app here from the App Store.

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  1. Brooke,
    sorry for the off-topic. Did you receive my previous emails?
    Apple just enabled add-hoc distribution I need your identification numbers to add your devices into our ad-hoc profile.

  2. I see that it has a Due Date option. When it reaches the due date, does the app show a notification? I’m thinking it probably wouldn’t considering the Apple rules. I would love a ToDo application that you can set reminders. Anyone know of a ToDo app on Installer that works like that (and actually works)?

  3. When will someone do an app like “Agendus for Palm” but for the iPhone !!! COMPLETE synchronisation with Outlook including notes, colors for categories, and everything ! Why does it seem to be so difficult ?

    Iambic said that they are working on it… but they’ve said thatin March and no news since..

  4. Hi guys, I just discovered this site on Friday and I’m loving it. Been following your updates ever since. Keep up the good work.

  5. Can anyone tell if This one is better or ToDo ?

    • I like ToDo better because you can drag the tasks around to put them in order. I’m still looking for the perfect to-do app…

  6. I just started using this app and am really liking it so far. One thing that could be improved is the due date format. The wheels are cute but they aren’t easy to use and the fact that you don’t know the day of the week is a big pain in the butt.

  7. Anyone know how to delete a todo once you have entered it. I know I can check it as completed but I don’t see where to delete the record completely.


  8. Hi Jay,
    Lists and todo items can be deleted by swiping your right finger across the approriate row in the table and pushing the delete button. Sorry for not making this clear earlier.

    Cheers, Aria

  9. I agree with changing the calendar format for selecting due dates. Also, I would like to suggest adding the automatic spell check correction while typing. I would also LOVE to see integration with iCal.

  10. I like the simplicity but …

    1. When will there be an update?
    2. Bug in deleting record. (Hard NOT to notice when it deletes wrong record)
    3. Alarms ?
    4. This is a BIG ONE …. sync with tasks in MS Outlook. (I’m sure this is a really HUGE problem with all those business users (like me).

  11. Oh, and 5 see ALL tasks across lists/categories view.

  12. I just thought of another cool feature. Can you put the little red number that indicates there are things for any past due/due today tasks? So, from my home screen, I can see, at a glance, if I have any tasks that need to get done.

  13. I find this app very useful. I have spoken to the developers about adding a reminder function and they have said it is coming soon. Im not sure there is much else I want it to do? perhaps sync back to my mac… Anyway, this app has made it onto the front page of my iPhone.

  14. I agree – What I want in a To Do list (as well as everything this does so far) is Alarms/Reminders and the ability to sync it with other apps such as Outlook on my pc or even with the Calendar function here on iPhone (which is then synced with Outlook).

    There’s another free iPhone application called Zenbe which syncs over the web (it can hook up with calendars & emails etc). It seems to mostly be lists though – I haven’t worked out whether yu can prioritise tasks or set reminders. But the lists are great.

  15. Francois Delori says

    I like this app VERY promising
    I tried several and this is IT
    2 options and I will be in 7th heaven
    1. Only 1 list (can’t handle more than that.. and even then)
    2. more items per page maybe 9 instead of 6
    ALSO, reopens were you left ToDo

  16. Just downloaded DoBot and it had a built-in reminder to register by 9/1 to get free updates for life but when I enter the website in my browser I get a security message. not sure if this is a safe website. any suggestions?

    • Jonathan says

      Hey Lisa

      I had the same thing. A security message advising it was taking me to * – and I should return back to “safety”.