JustMobile Xtand

JustMobile has just released a stand for both the 1st Gen iPhone and the iPhone 3G. It’s made out of aluminum and has rubber feet so it won’t slide around. Being made out aluminum makes it a little light for my liking although it’s not really sliding around too much on me like I thought it would. It comes with rubber mounts for all four corners of the iPhone and are interchangeable for both 1st Gen and iPhone 3G. There is a hole in the back of the stand for your USB cord but only the USB to computer part fits through it. The end that connects to the iPhone doesn’t fit so if you’re cord is plugged into the computer you have to unplug it to get the stand detached. It also rotates for horizontal viewing and you can adjust the height slightly. The stand costs about $40 and is distributed in the US by nuCourse Distribution. Visit the Xtand website at xtand.net.


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  1. That looks pretty cool. It would be nice to set on my desk at work and have a movie or something going on while I try to get work done.

  2. Hi everyone,

    If you like the a nice stand similar to this that I think rocks, check out the iCooly. It basically looks the iMac desktop stands for Apple’s desktops. Personally, I like the look of the iCooly better because the part that holds the phone is more solid, so it looks more like it belongs.

    Just thought I’d give you another alternative to this stand. :D

  3. nice one. But I too got da icooly one. It’s better gripping makes it rock.
    Also wud like to share tht categories 2.0 is out on da new cydia for iPhone 2.0 and up. Though in beta i still think u should Go ahead and get it.

  4. Is there anything related to Iphone that is cheap?
    Icooly looks better but for the price? In this Bush economy?

    Apps cost money… Apps in Apps store are cheaper than Cydia.
    I can do without them all.

  5. Hi Guys,
    I was wondering if is there other iphone stands like these “justmobile” and iCooly in the market.
    I wanted to ask also if iCooly fits for Iphone 2G and 3G


  6. I don’t know about stands but you can get cases and screen protecters for $2 at Monoprice.com

    Also did you guys see that catorgories is back in cydia?

  7. $40 should be a joke.

  8. I guess some people still have money to burn in this economy. I’ll stick with my stock iPhone stand and turn it on its side when I want to view a movie or YouTube :)

    • Oh, wait. I don’t think the 3G comes with a stand – does it? I mean you have to buy it extra? I still like my 1st Gen! It came with all the extras :)

    • I thought that was very cheap of them to remove the dock from the package :(

      Can’t be happier with my 1st gen iPhone though!! ;)

    • 1st Gen with 2.0.2 firmware is MUCH better with location features that are built into many of the applications. If I want a GPS, I’ll use the one in my car but even my first gen iPhone can locate me! I guess what I am saying is JuanKi, I agree :)

  9. That stand does look great, it has a very nice design too.

    Kinda expensive true true…

  10. Where are all the posts…… i miss them?!?!?


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