Animated Lockscreens

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

winterboard Recently, there has been a couple of files in Cydia that have caught my eye. These were lockscreen animations. This made me pretty excited because I could finally de-uglify my lock screen. There are 3 available through the ModMyiFone source, one of KoiFish, one of Clown Fish, and one (for the guys) of a speedometer. They’re pretty neat an add a nice touch to the customization of your iPhone. It’s also something nice to look at when you unlock (literally, not SIM card unlock) your iPhone instead of a stale picture. Since this has been discovered, I’m sure we’re gonna see a lot more being released in the next couple of days, or even weeks!

Note: (from Brooke) These are used via WinterBoard. So, once you install them you will need to go into WinterBoard to activate them.

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  1. I will not use them because it will shorten battery life on the IPHONE–the amount of battery time before a recharge is needed

    • Dustin James says

      Except, though, after being locked for about a minute, much like a computer, the iPhone goes to sleep.

  2. DJContagious says

    i forgot to add that Brooke, thanks!

  3. Pointless I’m afraid and seriously slows down your whole phone.

    Your lock screen is only visible every few seconds, then it blacks out.

  4. Steve anderson says

    phone lags like mad with these like going back to 2.0.2 firmware

  5. a couple of pics or better yet, a video wud be nice before chosing to installing it.

  6. I doubt that will mix well with intellsicreen. I keep my lock screen black so the intelliscreen stuff reads easily.

  7. I actually have not had the problems mentioned above. I have tested the animated lock screen and did not find any issues with it and it definitely did not affect my whole iPhone. I was even able to use IntelliScreen at the same time as the animated lock screen.

  8. I have the only problem that it slows down my i phone when i unlocked the lockscreen with the main slider

  9. you all should really start doing some research before assuming something. i installed it as well and i have not had one problem at all. i like how it’s more interesting than seeing the wallpaper i already see on my springboard at all times.

    don’t knock it ’till you try it. if you don’t want it, then dont download and install it…

  10. John Fitzgerald says

    I tried all 3 lockscreens and although they are a good idea, they really slow the lockscreen down. Especially the sliders.

  11. waiting for the pix
    u should put some example pix

  12. Thanks, but no thanks! iHave iToday on 1.14 and iT allows me to add video backgrounds on the lock screen. iCan pretty much upload any .mp4 or .mov video and i’M good to go! The same with vWallpaper on the Home screen! 1.1x FTW (For The Win)!!!

    -sent from my iPhone
    iGet enough exercise just pushin’ my luck!

  13. iphonejunky says

    i havent had any issues the video wallpapers thats another story..those mess up my phone bad!!! it wont even open the camera and when it does work the pictures are split screen..i love the idea just wish it would work..but the lockscreen is good maybe there is hope

  14. The problem with this is that it slows the phone up a lot, the slider gets stuck in places and video begins to skip. I prefer not to use one.

  15. Ok well i have downloaded all three and tried them all out, i have to say the one that completely slows down my iphones lock screen is the clown fish one….the sliders lags and when i proceed to enter my password i takes wayy too long before it clicks, really sucks….the other fish one is not that bad at all…the one that really is nice and does not slow anything down is the speedometer one…not realy animated in my opinion since it just seems to be 3 pictures changing like a slide show…the other two are actually animated since they hace fish moving around, has a lot of potential but need work still

  16. I have an animated lockscreen called Earth-moon and it does not make the phone slow in anyway at all. try it

  17. Multifishlockscreen will not slow down your iphone or shorten your battery life! Look for it in Cydia.