SBSetting Themes

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

SBSettings Themes Well, I said I would do a post on all the SBSettings Themes and here it is! :) It took a little longer than I thought it was going to! Below are all the of the themes that are currently available for the SBSettings application. All of the themes are through the BigBoss source. Also, remember that the themes are added into the actual SBSettings application in the More section…they are not activated via WinterBoard. I know a lot of you use SBSetting so, I hope you find one you like…happy modding!

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  1. wow tanks

  2. steveleepete says

    yea i am stoked on how many themes actually started showing up in cydia since the release of 1.0 of whatever a few days ago

  3. oh nice brooke, mine is also listed

    greetz blatz

  4. Broooke: Whats the theme you got goin’ on in those screenies? Like on the bottom of paradoxsbsettings2… Thanks in advance.

    • btw, sorry for the typo…..

    • The name of the theme is Smoog. It has been on my iPhone for about a week now (which means I really like it!) In the screenshots, I had the stock dock on…it actually looks better if you turn on Transparent Dock in WinterBoard (if you have five icons in your dock) because otherwise they don’t fit quite right.

  5. Brooke,
    I installed three via Cydia. Where is the “More” section? How do I get them to show up?

    Thank you

  6. yay =] I see my theme! lol

  7. I don’t have a button called “More”. Inside “Toggles” is Wi-Fi, SSH, Phone, EDGE, etc.

    Any suggestions?

  8. Never mind, I found it.

    Thanks all

  9. thanx, wouldnt have known without ya


  10. Troy Haas says

    ON the screenshots, what theme are you using (not the SBSettings)?

  11. how do i open up te sbsetting menu?


  12. What kinda theme do u use as Winterboard theme? springboard

  13. I’m goint to Manage>Packages>sbsettingstoggles, but whenever I click it it closes cydia. Can you help?

  14. Applemilk might’ve been made for me :)