FontSwap – Change the Fonts on your iPhone or iPod Touch

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FontSwap Well, it seems that FontSwap has made it’s way to firmware 2.x. A different icon, a much different user interface but overall, the same idea. The application opens to the main menu where you will find four options; Dialer Fonts, LockClock Fonts, Notes Fonts and System Fonts. The Dialer Fonts will change the font of your keypad when you dial a phone number. The LockClock Fonts will change the font of the clock on your lock screen. The Notes Fonts will change the font within your Notes application and the System Fonts change basically everything else. The system font includes your icon labels, pop-up font, font in all your menus, font within applications (ex. Settings, WinterBoard)….basically all other font on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

From the main menu, you can select any of the four options (Dialer Fonts, LockClock Fonts, Notes Fonts or System Fonts) to see what fonts are available for each option. Once you are on the list of fonts, you can tap the font title to select it. Once selected, you will get a pop-up with one of the following options.

For the Dialer Fonts you will have the options to Install & Relaunch Phone, Install Only or Cancel.
For the LockClock Fonts you will have the options to Install & Respring iPhone, Install Only or Cancel. For the Notes Fonts you will have the option to Installer & Launch Notes, Install Only or Cancel and for the System Fonts you will have the options to Installer & Respring iPhone, Install & Relaunch FontSwap or Cancel.

If you are changing more than one of your fonts you can select the Install option however, when you select the last font you will want to select the Install and Respring option. If you are only changing one font…be sure to select the Install and Respring option. Basically you will always want to respring your iPhone when you are ready to leave the FontSwap application.

Once your iPhone or iPod Touch has resprung, you will see the new fonts! Overall, this application works very nicely. I had no issues with crashing or messing up my iPhone. I did have an issue installing the application. I ended up having to restart my iPhone and then install the app. Before I restarted my iPhone…it would crash half way through installing. I also found that the one font option for the dialer font does not work or at least I can’t see a difference in the font.

Once thing I would love to see in this application is a preview option. The developer did say that the Install & Relaunch FontSwap option in the System Fonts is basically a way to preview the font. But, if you are going to respring your iPhone it is just as easy to see the new font on your iPhone as it is to see it in the FontSwap application. I would like to see a preview option within the actual FontSwap application. Below are some screenshots.


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  1. I want to go on record that I had nothing to do with the creation of this app.

    I haven’t had the chance to use this yet but I hope it lives up to standard.

  2. DJContagious says

    finally! :D

  3. I just tested the dialer font and i can confirm that it doesn’t work for me either. Also, I noticed that the springboard icon is square so I don’t know if it was intended to be that way or if it was a bug. I also noticed that, if you go into the dialer fonts and instead of hitting install only you hit install & relaunch phone, it does not launch the phone app.

  4. Your theme looks very nice, what is it?

  5. it ain’t showing in ma cydia. Any special source???

  6. now my iphone is stuck at the apple logo because of this app. stay away from it!

    • just press the lock button and home button at the same time and hold them down whenever it gets stuck.

  7. Did this app get fixed yet

  8. This app actually works great for me.
    The only reason the app gets hung up is if you choose to install the font without re-springing the device.
    When changing the system fonts you must choose, change font & re-spring device or it will hang.
    I didn’t have to re-spring when I changed the notepad font, but I’d re-spring it anyway just to be safe.
    Hope this helps.

  9. were i can download it

  10. ToTo Antonio says

    To All: Don’t use this software. Don’t even try it…Now i lost my iphone…Crashed and unuseable. It was my first iphone and can’t buy one again….

  11. Spironic says

    I installed this app, installed some fonts without respringing to preview them, with the intention to respring later, and tried to launch it again. It crashed. Tried like 5 times, it crashed every time. Pulled up SBSettings, clicked respring from there. SBSettings crashed before it could respring. Tried every respring app I could think of…BossPrefs…Dock settings…nothing would run, everything crashed. I didn’t install any custom fonts, I was just using the default ones. I had no means of respringing, so I rebooted. And now I’ve got the apple logo of death. :(

    Either don’t install this, or respring after EVERY system font change…It’s very dangerous…

    • Hey Spironic,
      How did you get out of the problem ???? coz i am facing the same issue now …. pls man i really need to know none of my apps open … and i am going to safe mode and am not able to open anything there as well … pls let me know

  12. I can’t find Cydia and I can’t change my font this was a waste of my time!