New Poll – Have you asked for or plan on buying an iPhone and/or iPod Touch (or accessories) for Christmas?

AiS Time for a new poll. The last poll was – How many times have you restored your current iPhone or iPod Touch? Below are the results based on when we added the poll just under a week ago.

* Between 1-3 times (30%, 539 Votes)
* Between 4-6 times (24%, 435 Votes)
* Between 7-10 times (12%, 207 Votes)
* I stopped counting!! (26%, 467 Votes)
* I have never restored my iPhone or iPod Touch (8%, 146 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,794

I will say that I was among those of you who have stopped counting! And, it is probably for the same reason too…installed and tested too many applications!! I think it is crazy that 146 of you have never restored your iPhone or iPod Touch…that is awesome! You can still vote on this Poll in our Poll Archive page. You can also vote/view all the past polls on the Poll Archive page as well.

For this next poll…we would love to get some feedback from you! I sure many of us would like to know exactly what accessories you have asked for and/or bought…include links!! Or even where you bought them from or if you got a good deal somewhere!

Have you asked for or plan on buying an iPhone and/or iPod Touch (or accessories) for Christmas? (Choose all that apply!)

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  1. I definitely play on getting my iPhone, but not for christmas. I SHOULD be getting mine from a local AT&T store next Friday, December 19.


  2. I think I will buy the video component cable for the TV and the universal adapter with the remote. I have a 1st gen iPhone and will be landing at NY on dec 24th :D

    Off topic: Have you seen a game named deadbeef? Very good and.. free!

  3. Is there and option that says check if you plan on holding an iphone and a ipod touch in your hands then give it to someone else for Christmas? That would be a check from me. All I get for Christmas is to load ipod touches with apps and music then repackage them to give away for someone else to have pleasure with. While I sit here without either… :(

  4. There is no option for people who are not buying or asking for and iPod touch or iPhone

  5. I’m with jonesyxxiv, where’s the option that says we’re NOT buying iPhone or iTouch related products?

  6. I am in the middle of a long car ride and can kick myself in the butt for not buying a car charger. My cigarette plug in is broken in my car, but we never take my car on long trips. Arg!!!

    I turned off wi-fi and lowered the brightness which helped