iPhone 3G Unlock Pre-Release Info for yellowsn0w

Dev TeamThe Dev Team has released some info about the iPhone 3G unlock. Previous information is true that the unlock will work with the newest version of iPhone firmware 2.2 and the baseband that comes with it, version 02.28.00. This means that if you upgraded to 2.2 without using a custom firmware the unlock will still work. It also means you will need to update to 2.2 if you are still on 2.0 or 2.1. The unlock software, called yellowsn0w, will be available via an app in Cydia or Installer. We’re still waiting on the Dev Team to release the Source URL that you need to add to Cydia or Installer. Once we get it, we’ll let you know. We’ll also post a walkthrough of the process. You can read more about the release of yellowsn0w on the Dev Team’s Blog.

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  1. Bitte bitte release it!!!

    Happy new year! from switzerland

  2. Thanks dev team your doing a really good job. Keep the hard work up.
    Can’t wait to unlock.

  3. Uttamamuni Lam says

    Million Thanks To Dev-Team. Now I can Unlock my iPhone.
    May God Bless You all….
    Best wish to Dev-Team with Healthy, Weathly and long life.
    Peaceful mind can make Peaceful Person; Peaceful Person can make Peaceful family; Peaceful family can make Peaceful community; Peaceful community can make Peaceful country; Peaceful Country can make Peaceful World…

    Please take my respecful

    Uttamamuni Lam


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