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LiveTime LiveTime is an application that animates and updates the clock icon on your SpringBoard…allowing it to continually display the current time. When you install LiveTime, it will automatically begin to animate your clock icon. The hour and minute hand will show the current time and the second hand will move accordingly. Now, when you first install the application, it is an overlay on your stock icon. So, you will see the stock time (10:15 and 0 seconds) underneath the animated clock. However, when you installed LiveTime, it also added a theme to WinterBoard titled; LiveTime Clock. If you go into WinterBoard and activate the theme, it will change the icon so that you only see the animated clock.

Honestly, I think this is a pretty cool mod. Now, all we need is one that updates the Weather icon! That would be sweet!!

Note: The only icon in the LiveTime Clock theme is a blank clock icon so, you can use it in conjunction with other themes (by having the LiveTime Clock theme before your other theme in Winterboard) or you can ssh in and copy it into other themes. The blank clock icon is located in the Library/Themes/LiveTime Clock.theme/Icons folder.

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  1. i was just thinking how the icon should show the time like the calendar. unreal.

    • I’ve always thought this from day one since I got my phone.

      don’t animate (seconds) it if it’s such a hassle but it should the real time…

    • MelissaRigon says

      Hey guys,
      I’m a journalism student, and I’m writing an article based on animated icons for the iPhone. I would just like some information based on how you go about desiging the actual icon itself. If anyone is willing to help me out regarding the live-time icon and the weather icon that would be great. My email address is
      – Melissa

  2. Making weather icon update would be more useful

    • take into consideration that in order for the weather to update you would need to be online somehow all the time, be it wifi or data plan…

    • Stimpy5050 says

      I’m actually working on a weather icon right now (inspired by this extension). I should have a basic working version in a couple days.

    • Thats great. I would also suggest making that weather icon launch “The Weather Channel” app. instead of crappy iphone app. I dont know if this is possible……

    • Stimpy5050 says

      Planning on it. It’ll actually be pretty easy to have it launch any app you want.

  3. Adam Reineke says

    Sweet! I installed this, installed the five icon dock, stuck the clock in the middle and set Stacks right on top it. I used Make It Mine (MIM) to put my e-mail address at the top, which removed the clock, but now I just pop up Stacks to see what time it is! (Or return to the lock screen or check my actual phone.)


  4. Surely this must slow the phone down quite a bit?

    • Adam Reineke says

      I didn’t notice a slowdown. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if there is a slight battery impact though.

    • Cool. I might just try it out. Though I must say I’d prefer a digital clock icon :) If it only showed hh:mm I suppose it would take less CPU power as well.. o_O

  5. Im sorry, i cant find it in cydia. Can you tell me what the source of it?
    Thank you.

  6. And how to use it, if I don’t have winterboard?

    • Why don’t you have Winterboard?

    • because when I had summerboard installed, it slowed everything down…is the same with winterboard? or is it a musthave application?:)

    • It is a must have for this app and I can’t imagine not having it on my phone. I never noticed summerboard or winterboard slowing any processes down. Might as well try it and see, right?

  7. I have old time icon under the new animated clock. Why?

  8. This is a very cool app. works like a charm.

    I also noticed in the video, your Winterboard had “reflective dock” 3rd in line. Can you tell me how/where to get this? I have been wanting a reflective dock for a long time and can’t seem to find it.

  9. Does this work with just the factory icons only or will it work on modified icons???

  10. Good hack! Thanx!

  11. Will this slow down the iphone or make your battery drain faster?

  12. DJContagious says

    i hope this is a step closer to animated icons for ALL apps!

  13. i have a few too many hands i think – most clock don’t have 4 hands do they??

  14. Obviously this app is not in cydia with ispazio installed for me. I don’t know why there is always a lag for me to receive these new apps

  15. Dascalargo says

    Hmm… I use another calendar application and I’ve always missed the date on the icon, as you’d see with the stock icon. If someone can create an animated clock icon, surely they can also plug the date into a calendar icon, right?

    Hint, hint. :-)

  16. These little extension really are what makes jailbreaking so awesome.
    Many thx to iSpazio devs ! This is really really neat .

    Thx to you guys too because if it wasnt for your post, I wouldn”t have activated the WB extension!

  17. This is something I have allways wanted on my iPhone. But I recently started using the small-e theme, only one that changes all my icons. But for that the second hand are too long. There must be a place where I can modify it. Does anybody know where the files are?(not the no_hand_icon, I’ve found that one) I can’t find them using iPhoneBrowser in Windows.

    • which icon you’re refering to? i managed to edit my stock clock icon found in the

    • You don’t need to modify the stock icon. Just select livetime in winterboard. I whant to modify the animated hands. They are too long for the weather icon in the small-e theme.

  18. Lilplaya360 says

    This Mod will drain your Battery Power. Because the clock hands even run when the iPhone is sleeping. Its not like the Calender app, where the date only changes once a day. But the clock keeps going around.

    So Yeah!! Its upto You guys

    • I have something called a rechargeable batterie in my iPhone. Don’t know about you. But it’s very comman. LOL

  19. where do download blank clock icon

    • When you install this it will add a winterboard theme with just the
      one icon, a no_hands_clock icon. Just select the LiveTime theme in winterboard.

  20. Did not work for me. I pulled LiveTime Clock off of Cydia along with the Weather Icon as well. Both show up in my Winterboard list but with the weather one I got ‘Weather Icon’, ‘Weather Icon Background’ and ‘Smoog Weather’ <– What’s that all about? LOL Anyways… When I check them in Winterboard I get no hands on my clock icon or temp on my weather icon. I have tried every combo for the weather but still nothing. I obviously resprung and even powered down and refreshed Cydia a million times. Any ideas?

  21. Just a quick update, the name of this app was changed today. You can now find it in Cydia under the new name “LiveClock”. Still the same app, same functionality, just a new name!

  22. Sry… i have problem… why my clock icon did not change… still is the normal icon.. i can not change it… m itouch is 2.2.1

  23. cassandra says

    on 3.0 ‘liveclock’ will not let me turn off old clock.

    any suggestions?



  24. Raquel A. Noriega says

    Hi! I accidentally erased my LiveTime MOD in Cydia. I really like this application so much so I just had to re-install it. But after numerous attempts of downloading the application, i always get this error message “HTTP://WWW.ISPAZIOREPO.COM
    Appreciate your help :) Hope to hear from you soon! Take care!

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