SpinBoard Preview – Rotating SpringBoard Icons

SettingsHere’s a preview of a new hack coming to the iPhone. It allows your icons to rotate when you rotate your iPhone based on your accelerometer. The features are limited and it’s in the very beginning stages. We’ll keep you informed as soon as it’s released! Here’s a video preview (sorry for the poor quality, this was streamed from my iPhone):

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  1. Only the icons rotate but not the text below it?

    • Yeah, for now. This is an early version. Not the final.

    • umm soo where do i get this and do i just go to settings or how do i get it

    • cool ideas for update:
      spinboard should let you have the option to slide the springboard horizontally and/or vertically. And maybe have the option to have the dock at the bottom of the screen when the iphone is horizontal too. it would be cool if spinboard didnt interfere with the soon release(hopefully) of infinidock so that they both work together. Anyone have any other ideas?

  2. i would be doing this all day. just cause it would amuse me =p

  3. nice start!

    • I was just thinking about something like this the other day. Wierd. Anyway, this is awsome. I think this should have been an original feature on the iPhone.
      I look forward to seeing this under the tweaks section in cydia!!!!!

  4. iphonejunky says

    ya the text needs to adjust to the position and this would be fantastic!!

  5. Awesome hack, i can’t wait. Just hit Winterboard and mark Undocked icon labels and Docked icon labels and its gonnna be great. I dont need labels, i know my apps & games!!! Cool hack!

  6. Great job

  7. Ooh! Date number & icon text should rotate in the future versions

  8. ya gr8 app…wil b w8n for this…hey any of you guys knw if bluetooth(file transfering) would b comin 2 d iPhone 3G??

  9. For what its worth, I’d rather the dev work on other aspects b4 rotating text, u can always just turn off labels in winterboard

  10. 210sananton says

    How do u get the 5 icon dock?

  11. Rotating the text would be good.

    @210sananton: 5 Icon Dock is in Cydia.

    • Rotating the text gets tricky when combined with five column dock / springboard: not enough space reains to put the text inbetween the icons. So I’m thinking of letting it rotate only up / down, not left/right.

  12. Needs a lot of work, but will definitely be on my iPhone when it’s ready.

  13. Maybe it is too early to ask this .. but .. Will this hack work with any theme or only with the default one?

  14. iambored8907 says

    Looks promising! Any info to share about the developer? Last time when you posted info on a unreleased springboard mod (5 Column), it was available straight from the developer.

    • Actually when we posted about the 5 Column mod the developer had not released it yet to the public. It was only available in a forum for beta testing.

  15. I hope it’s possible to make the labels rotate, and get the dock to rotate and add more icons from stuff on other pages or something. Maybe give it a settings pref for dock apps in landscape or something.

    Been waiting for this :D

  16. Nice one !

    Apple is seriously sleeping. They should purchased Clippy and added it to 2.2.1 like they did with the chinese hand-writing recognition app.

    This feature will be added by Apple, maybe in firmware 9.6 ??

  17. As far as I know, the developer of five column springboard hasn’t even released that via the Ste repository yet, I’m still waiting for that, let lone this hack!!

  18. DJContagious says

    it has potential…….

  19. Is this available for download yet, even if it’s in beta?

  20. Stanley C. says

    I know this is off topic but is there a way to get the old springboard version back where you scroll up and down instead of switching between pages??

  21. Why can’t I view the videos in your reviews on my iPhone safari? Since you have an iPhone verson of your site I would think I would be able to view them.

  22. Nice tweak!

  23. so how do we get (if we can)

  24. Cooooool Stuff guys….

    But it seems dock icons & icon text don’t rotate…i hope they’ll be fixed with final release :)

    When is it releasing??? wazz the repository??

  25. Johnny Drama says

    Seriously, what’s the point ?
    don’t tell me you need them to rotate to recognize your icons when the phone is horizontal..
    I think, as good a hack as it is, and congrats for the achievement!, but isn’t there anything a little more interresting to do?

    • You’re completely right. :-) It’s just for fun. And I suck at coding, these useless little hacks are all I can do; for me it’s a nice way to pick up some coding skills before doing something actually useful.

  26. Awesome I would love to see that.

  27. I wish they’d just release it already…

  28. Hi, I’m developing that ‘SpinBoard’ rotating SpringBoard icons hack. I hope to finish it up this week and put up a first version in Cydia. There are still a few issues to be fixed, which make it more of a fun hack now than a really usable SpringBoard extension. But anyway, you guys want to play, right? I’ll ping you here when it’s up, okay? Thanks for your kind words everybody!!

    Btw: yes, it works with any theme. And yes, the dock icons rotate too now. Stay tuned!

  29. Heck yea!
    Sure it’s not usefull, but it’s one of those little things that would make my phone a litlle better again. I love the work you’re putting in WiFone!

    that’s what I love about this phone, every week it gets just a little better!

  30. Baaaaaaaaallllllllllllllliiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!

  31. Hey van i want ti be a beta tester of this hack……..

  32. Yea man kp us informed n gt it as soon as possible..wil b waitin

    All The Best

  33. @WiFone: Because you had said this is just for fun, i think if you changed it that the entire springboard is horizontal, (entire dock moves) that would be useful. and maybe further have an option to have the icons fixed in one position or the other through settings?

  34. date of realise???)

  35. Very impressive… Really looking forward to this one. Thanks to the coders for putting in the time to make these entertaining and awesome apps for the world! Much appreciated.

  36. HEY YOU GUYS….ok i know this is a really big request but im sure that this is a feature that everyone with an iphone would want and i know its not hard. do u remember the old 1.1.x day? do u remember how instead of having multiple pages for icons we could just have one and scroll up or down NOT LEFT OR RIGHT….i used to love having the springboard like that…so i was gonna ask if u guys at apple iphone school could try to make an app or a setting in winterboard to do that? also u know when u used to slide to unlock and instead of the icons coming from all directions to the screen they would appear from sliding upwards then staying on the screen. we would love to see that happen to ..pls reply and tell me if that it is possible

  37. I agree with aly, I’ve been looking everywhere for a hack that lets you scroll down on the springboard. I would love to see that happen. But unlike the old version with just one page that scrolls down, have every [horizontal] page have the ability to scroll down. Hmm… I doubt we’ll be seeing this in the near future, but I guess it’s worth asking about. Thanks!

  38. Is there anyway we can get the beta source code?

  39. i would def test this one out if a beta source is available. i have a mount for my iphone in my truck right next to my radio where i often dock it in landscape to watch movies or show off coverflow, this would be perfect to leave my iphone docked horizontal. ive been waitin for an app like this.

  40. when will i be able to have this
    i love the idea even if there is a
    few things that need to be worked
    out first i would love to get my hands
    on a beta

    keep up the good work

  41. i’m gonna assume this is dead?

  42. hello? Any news? Or was this a hoax?

  43. Leaked Beta Version available at Xsellize Member Repo!

  44. it’s really cool.man!

  45. hey this isnt downloading off the xsellise website ..like i press install/confirm and nothing happens just freeses up then 10m seconds later it goes restart springboard…when i do, nothing happens after the respring and when i go back to cydia it says i havent installed it…..im running on an iphone 3g 2.2.1


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