Stack v2.2 New Features

Coming Soon: Cydia       Price: Free  


Stack 2.2 comes with some great new features. First, you can reposition the stack on the dock by dragging it around. I’m excited about this one because I’ll be able to fit 5 icons on my dock. All you do is drag the stack where you want it and tap anywhere on the main screen to confirm. Other features include themeable grid view, and removal prompt. The ETA hasn’t been released yet but make sure to follow the developer (@stroughtonsmith) for release information. Check out the video below and make sure to leave comments here or on Steve’s blog on what you think!

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  1. Very nice! I’m excited about Stacks 2.2 as well! Looks neat and could blend in very well with some themes that want to make their iPhone look different.

    Also, what is that mouse thing you have?

  2. When will it be out?

  3. @Brian I detail how to develop plugins for the simulator on my website (linked in main post)


  4. you can already have five icons in your dock. Just install 1 blank icon and put it in the middle of the dock and then set stack to be in the middle.

  5. My favorite app…I use it to stack my photo speed dials, always good for “oohs” and “ahhs”

  6. i just the single icon option!!!!!! i love the app but it looks ugly when all three icons are stacked back to back…

  7. If we only could have two stacks on the dock. I would love that.

    • I agree. This would allow me to have a 5 icon dock, one stack icon to the left corner, and 1 to the right corner, and I could have games for the left icon and apps for the right icon, even better, if the app could create as many as 4-5 icons for stack so we have more control over the functions of our iphone and more organization

  8. Ryan Graves says

    I agree with orchid bc i always wanted to use a custom Folder icon and have that as my stack. Maybe there will be a mod available for that. Either way though, i’m very excited about this app!

  9. The drag and drop is something that i just cannot believe

  10. Thank god now it asks you to confirm if you want to delete an icon. I hated when you slided your finger a little too much by accident and it deleted the icon….so you had to add it again….and to get then in the same order….another problem….but fixed =D
    Steve took a little time but good thing it will be con Cydia soon

  11. Anyone, what’s the repo for Stack v2.2? I can’t get it on Cydia

  12. Is it possible to move icons on the iphone using your computer’s mouse???

  13. When will it Come Out?

  14. I’ve never given this a try, but I think it’s about time I do.

  15. i have tried installing the stacks app but when i do it just goes into safe mode i would like this app plz help


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