Cydia Store Launching “Tonight”

CydiaAccording to a recent tweet from @Saurik, “Tonight (late) a new Cydia will come out with one package “for sale” (more over the next week): more details will be in Cydia.” This is also confirmed in an article from the Wall Street Journal that talks about the drama of Apple trying to call jailbreaking the iPhone illegal. I personally do not think it’s illegal to jailbreak the iPhone. The iPhone is a computer running OS X. Just like my iMac, I can install whatever I want on it.

App StoreThe opening of the Cydia Store will definitely speed up the process of whatever Apple is trying to do to stop all of this. When you’re making money that they think they should be making, they act. A good example is the changing of the name of modmyiphone, modmyifone and modmyi. I also remember everythingicafe being everythingiphone. Both sites added a store for selling accessories and Apple didn’t like them using their trademarked names to sell stuff. I actually agree with Apple on that one. We’ll see how this all turns out soon enough I’m sure.

From the article at the Wall Street Journal I’ve learned that the charge will be the same to developers, 30%, for sales in the Cydia Store. I don’t really agree with the article that the Cydia Store is a threat to the App Store. You’ll have to jailbreak to get the Cydia Store and jailbreaking voids your warranty. Most people won’t jailbreak their iPhone in exchange of losing their warranty and Apple’s support is very good. The Cydia Store, if allowed to stay open, will most likely pull in developers who were kicked out of the App Store but won’t typically pull in first time apps. If a developer is smart, they will develop for the App Store first because it’s on every iPhone. More iPhones equals more sales. I support what Saurik is doing and it will be kewl for the jailbreakers but it most likely won’t “break Apple’s grip on the iPhone.”

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  1. It will be interesting to see if the Cydia Store is a success. I hope for Jays sake that it is!!

  2. See, that’s what I love about living in the same town as Saurik and that other dude who made the Cydia Store, I know that “Tonight” actually means tonight.

    Also, I don’t really want a Cydia Store, even though it is good for people who make great cydia applications to get a rightful amount of credit.

  3. I hope people don’t stop making free apps but i think its cool that he might make a little bit of money for his hard work that he has done and helps to divide all the pay apps from the free ones.

  4. It’ll be funny if Cydia Store makes more money than App Store.

  5. Also, for payed app, I hope to have paypal as paying option.
    BUT, we always welcome free app, with donation option.

  6. It will succeed but not make money than the App store.
    This is where we will have such gems as:
    camera apps like Snapture
    cut/copy/paste extensions
    SouthPark app
    background GPS (if you don’t like the reduced battery life turn off “push” services and/or get a battery pack
    alternate browsers
    adult content (I am neither criticizing nor praising this concept – just that as an adult I am allowed to purchase adult content)

  7. Please start dating your posts. “Tonight”. What does that mean. How is anyone supposed to know when that was posted? Also, when researching on your site, there is no date reference to anything. How hard is it to date a post?

  8. Also. Assuming “tonight” meant March 6, 2009, where is it? It’s March 7. I don’t have any idea where this is.

  9. Beannbag says

    Actually the way it works is the firmware your running is a something apple letting you use and actually is copyrighted and so what your doing is actually modifying their copyrighted firmware which is actually illegal, it isnillegal to even have cydia/installer sitting on your springboard because it means you have modified their firmware which makes it illegal, and I used benall for jailbreaking butnhey it’s illegal andnyoyrngpimgntonhavendeal with it, because unless your running 2.0 ornaomething, which you bought it
    Might not benillegal but still it might me illegal, and you know your kinds out in the open, because evryone knows you guys have jailbroken iPhones, so just give it a thought.

    • how could apple even stop the Cydia store, copy right law, how could they possibly enforce it. Saurik could merely base the store in a country where that law is not enforced. Apple is just jealous Saurik’s one man programing force will create a far superior store.

      If Apple needs something to do, go after AT&T, tell them to boost there darn coverage and stop having the iphone display bars when there is clearly no service. AT&T, your world, disconnected.

    • I disagree. That’s like saying I can’t install programs on my mac or pc. The iPhone is just a computer.

  10. What does this word mean “andnyoyrngpimgntonhavendeal “? How about “benillegal”?

    So it’s kind of hard to give your post a thought…

  11. A post from a person named Beanbag, directly above mine.

  12. Also, what does “ornaomething” mean?

  13. Will it be on the app store

  14. Cydia store has opened …Yuhuuu

  15. I think this is great and I hope Apple stays away from it. Jailbroken programs have a much greater chance of being really useful because they are not constrained by the Apple “apps” API. And by making it easier for jailbroken developers to make some money, we’ll hopefully see much better apps coming out. ( Not that the free and not free ones already available aren’t pretty nice already )

  16. i just bought my first cydia store item. Authroized myself with facebook and paid with amazon (only current payment option). I don’t even care what the app does, just want to help out Saurik on this endeavor. I took screen shots of the process.

  17. here’s a link to screen shots

  18. Well for your mac of pc it’s different because you bought the os but for the iPhone you didn’t

  19. Butnhey in all three example – in fact any OS case you pay for the USE of the OS (a “license”) and do not ‘own’ it so andnyoyrngpimgntonhavendeal with it, in my opinion.