WeatherIcon Mod Updates 1.9.1 and 1.9.2

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WeatherIcon I was excited to see the update to the WeatherIcon mod last night…the updated boasted improved battery performance, memory improvements, fixing the Safe Mode issue and better rendering of the status bar icons…all of which I was very excited about!! So, I updated the app last night and instantly encountered a few problems. After updating, all I would get was a ? on my status bar and my weather icon. I restarted my iPhone and then waited a bit and the ? did eventually go away (though, it continued to come back randomly throughout the night). Well, it seems this was fixed with another update to the app this morning! Which, so far, has seemed to fix the problem. However, I am still having a few other issues.

For some reason, the WeatherIcon mod is not allowing me to change the icon background from the one it is installed with. I have selected the Katra Weather Icon theme as well as the Blank Weather Icon theme in WinterBoard (which is what I always do) and yet I still see the stock icon background. I have tried moving things around and uninstalling and reinstalling things and it still doesn’t seem to work. I have a few more options I’m going to try before I blame it on the WeatherIcon update but, it does look as though it is some sort of bug. Let me know in the comments if you are having the same issue or any other issues with the update.

Oh, also, I still find that I am having battery drain issues even after the update…let me know your thoughts about this too and if you have noticed an improvement in battery life after the update or not.


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  1. I’ve not really noticed the battery drain issues even b4 the new update and my background is clear like it was b4. but yay for no more annoying safe mode resprings!!

  2. i didn’t get an update. i’m still at version 1.8.7 under the modmyi repository. is this update under a different source?

  3. iphonejunky says

    i havent recieved any updates mine is still 1.8.7…although i have refreshed a zillion times..hopefully it pushes through

    • You probably do not have it installed via the developer’s source which is the source (see link above). You might have it through the modmyi source which doesn’t get the updates out as quickly.

  4. I have tried to add the source and Cydia states it does not reconize the source what is up???

  5. Whats the theme you are using?

  6. I’ve got it installed and it’s great. But what i want is to have the live weather icon on another app. I think I see how to do this in supreme settings but you need to enter the unique application identifier for the other app I think. How can I find that out? I’m trying to add the live icon to wether pro btw if that helps

  7. Ihad to remove it becoz of the safe mode issue.
    My phone would go into sleep mode and when waking it up, it was constant into safe mode. Upon deleting it problem stopped.

  8. The battery life is the same. Same old 1% loss every few minutes. You’d think Apple could have put a little better battery in this thing.

  9. Myself and a few others are having problems with WeatherIcon.

    The temperature displays fine but the Icon displays bright sunshine regardless of what the weather is like. It did used to work and I can’t pinpoint when it stopped working, if I enable “Klear WeatherIcon” in Winterboard it works ok but the standard one refuses to.

  10. Dirtypants says

    I can edit the CSS for the icon, but I can’t figure out the CSS for the statusbar color of the temperature. Is there a way to run CSS for the statusbar?

    What CSS elements does it accept?


  11. I can get the temperature to display in my statusbar but not the icon. Does anyone know what the problem might be?


  12. Hey. Using 2.10. Anyone know how to change the weather data feed from Yahoo to AccuWeather? I’ve already switched it in the settings section but to no luck.