New Poll – What are your top five favorite features of the new 3.0 firmware?

AiS" Well, since yesterday’s poll is a little outdated already…here is a new one!

Apple actually did surprising well yesterday with the updates in firmware 3.0…there were quite a few new features added (check out THIS post to see them all). Some of my favorites include; copy & paste, push notification, spotlight search, the new options for accessories and peer-to-peer connectivity. However, I know a few of you are still waiting for those certain features (video recording…etc). Let us know in the comments what features you are still waiting for.

What are your top five favorite features of the new 3.0 firmware? (You can pick five)

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  1. I must say I’m surprised at the press that copy/paste gets. It’s nice to have, but I don’t have the need for it on my phone that often.

  2. Maybe you’re right, it’s not used *that* often. But when you do need it, it’s really annoying that it’s not there. It just makes sense to be able to copy an address from a text message and paste it into maps.

  3. i mean seriously guys, is Copy & Paste THAT vital to your life?
    I would much rather see Video Recording and MMS than Copy & Paste -.-

    • Copy and paste is almost vital to business iPhone users. There’s no reason to say that it’s not as important as MMS or video recording. All these features are perfect for different types of users.

  4. surprised video recording is not implemented since it was done so seamlessly by cycorder in cydia.

  5. Picture messaging?
    Is that a new way of saying MMS? Which I btw missed from your poll.

    • Since MMS is the sending of multimedia, and a photo would be considered media, then yes. Picture messaging is MMS. Think a bit.

    • I still think a better, more correct way of saying this would be: MMS (limited to pictures).
      Or is it common to call it Picture Messaging in some countries?
      Even if it’s only pictures, we still call it MMS over here in sweden.

  6. no flash and no video yet…come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!