Customize 2.2.1

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

CustomizeWell I thought this was going to be big news. And, it’s a start… If you remember Customize you know what I’m talking about. But for those of you who don’t, here’s a little info. Customize lets you change all kinds of things on your iPhone or iPod Touch: sounds, system strings (like the Slide to Unlock text), icons, wallpaper, etc. There’s also a huge theme database within the app. It’s all very nice but tonight, it’s just not working for us. Very buggy, crashing our iPhones, not keeping changes, etc. We’ll keep testing it and watching for updates but I’d wait on this one for now.

Their site is also back up and running where you can upload your own themes from your computer that will show up in the list right on the app. Here’s a quote from the front page of their site:

Customize 2.2.1 (compatible with iPhone 2.2.1 firmware) is now available. You can download it here:

It will also become available through Cydia Installer soon.

Best, Spicy

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Thanks to Ed for tipping us off to this!

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  1. With winterboard able to theme every aspect of the UI on the phone, who really needs Customize now?

    • Well you see with customize you can do things within the iphone without having to use SSH. Like editing strings, which is very nice.


    • That is exactly what Jay Freeman (saurik) said to me a few months ago.

  2. Customize was very nice in its prime. Can they return to their old glory? This is very big news.

  3. Itaintrite says

    There was once a time when we needed Winterboard.


  5. hey where do we place that downloaded file?

  6. Had so many problems with Customize in the end and I’m so used to using Winterboard and SSH now that I doubt I’ll start using Customize again. Will keep an eye on it though.

    • Dascalargo says

      Gotta agree. I was once a major Customize tweaker, constantly making changes, but its absence led me to Winterboard. At first, I really didn’t like it, but now that I’m used to it it does what I need. Plus it sounds like Customize still has some way to go before it’s usable.

      With the announcement about 3.0, I see no reason to change horses right now.

  7. I’ll use it for changing the strings but at the moment it doesn’t let me save them.

  8. Wow, this app crashes WAY too much when trying to do anything. I’ll stick to Winterboard and Total Commander for all my modding needs.

  9. its still doesnt work.. i was so happy when it came back but it still doesnt work =/ i want my red wifi lol

  10. iambored8907 says

    The app uses no extra memory to theme (unlike winterboard that uses more memory per replacement image), but it doesnt seem to apply any themes yet. Or save editted strings

  11. Well, I WAS excited to see that Customize was back. But from all the negative feedback I think I’ll hold off installing it. I used to use it when it was in it’s prime back on firmware 1.1.4. Then I used it briefly on the 2.0 firmware. But once I got more used to Winterboard I didn’t see a need for Customize. Especially since in the 2.0 version there were so many inconsistencies and compatibility problems. I DO however miss being able to edit my strings to whatever I want them to be. I hope they update it son.

  12. Theme browser still does not work…..

    Useless unless all you want to do is customize your system strings…

  13. Also for those wondering why system strings don’t work, it is because the download is missing some files. Just remove it. Customize 2.2.1 is in Cydia now anyways.

  14. every time i open it it asks me to create a new account!!

  15. goonerlen says

    Hi was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction to change my system strings via ssh? i know how to get into it but dont know what route to take ie= var/mobile/system etc thanks. remember the 1.1.4 days when you had to keep taping the screen to get customize to work haha

  16. i cant change system strings or download any file sets… what happened to the old customize? i hate having to use winterboard because you are so limited but until the bugs are worked out i guess we have no choice

  17. Ed Richards says

    By the way Customize has now been made Open Source, So hopefully a developer will fix it so it’s not so buggy. The code is on

  18. After I installed this app and entered my previous information (because I used to use Customize some time ago) it says that my email address is already being used. I assume this is because it’s the address I was using before. This sucks as I was a subscriber back then so I can’t use it because I don’t want to use another email address. I don’t see anyway around it. If I register another email address then Customize will be stuck on the new one and I don’t want that to happen. Any suggestions at all?

  19. Chris Baker says

    Its doing the same thing for me bro… it keeps saying failure…. hmm I guess it doesn’t work with firmware 2.2.1 yet or something….

  20. Installed on my 2.2.1, loaded some extra themes with it, but now, when I try swapping some app icons, it says “Encountered an error copying the files”…

    I remember I’ve seen this same kind of issue long ago, and I managed to resolve
    by setting some folder permissions, but I can’t remember what it was.

    can anyone help?

    btw, winterboard can’t be used for swapping selective app icons, but it can only throw entire set, along with the backround, at once, which I don’t like…

  21. Man, I’ve installed it right now on my iphone 3gs by cedia ”iprotect1.1”, but the only problem is on where I can get the registration code to open the app, could you please help me! thanx a lot

  22. I was wondering, how do you get the the corner where he tapped it and all the icons came up in a cool arc shape?