6 iPhone 3.0 Icons – WinterBoard Theme

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

6 iPhone 3.0 Icons 6 iPhone 3.0 Icons is a theme that includes the Stocks, iPod, Phone, Voice Memos, SMS and MMS icons from the 3.0 firmware. When you install 6 iPhone 3.0 Icons (via the iSpazio source), it will add the theme into WinterBoard where it can then be activated/deactivated. When activated, the Phone, Stocks, iPod and SMS icons will change to the 3.0 icons however, you will not see the Voice Memos or MMS icons due to the fact that there are no apps with these titles on your SpringBoard (or at least not on my SpringBoard). But, the icons are in the theme’s folder so if you want them you can go to Library/Themes/iPhone 3.0 Icons/Icons folder on your iPhone or iPod Touch. I also added them to this post (see screenshots below) The theme only contains these six icons. I will say that I’m a little confused by the MMS icon…I’m not sure if it is based on the country you are in or what but, Doug does not have that icon on his 3.0 upgrade.


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  1. Where would the Voice Recorder icon replace?

    • It doesn’t replace anything unless you changed the icon title in the theme’s folder to something else. I think they just added it to the folder in case someone wanted all the 3.0 icons.

    • What does the red messages icon replace? Anything? Was it just included as an alternate?

  2. The red icon was likely added to be used for SwirlyMMS since its not combined like it is in the new firmware in one app. Thats also the reason its not in Doug’s phone since MMS and SMS are the same app.

  3. Why pretend you have 3.0 if you don’t? Does anybody really care what you have? This is like buying a suit at discount store and putting an Armani label in it.

  4. Where do I find the Themes Folder to add the Voice Memos icon?