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UstreamBroadcasterThe Mobile app has to be one of the coolest apps that I have played with. On my personal website ( I have a section on my sidebar for live streaming from I really haven’t used this much but this mobile app may make it easier to live stream whatever my heart desires.

To get instructions for the download, you can go to You will need to sign up for a account if you do not currently have one.

Once you have set up your account, open Cydia. If you have not jailbroken your iPhone yet, you will not be able to use the Mobile App. You can download a Watch App from the App Store but to be able to live stream from the phone, you will need to jailbreak your phone.
1. Once you have opened Cydia tap “Sections” at the bottom.
2. On the next screen, tap “Multimedia”.
3. Then tap the letter “u” to find the UstreamBroadcaster.
4. Then install and confirm the installation of the app.

You are now almost ready for streaming. Once the app had downloaded onto your iPhone, shut down Cydia and then head to your Springboard for your new Mobile App. When you open the app it is going to bring up a login page. If you didn’t set up a account, you will be given the option to do that. Otherwise fill in your username and password and sign in. At this point I started having issues. Be sure that if you have your account open on your computer that you have it shut down for at least 60 seconds. That way the app can connect to your account and you can begin to stream.

This app has 4 very cool options.
1. The first is the broadcast button which tells you that you are broadcasting to the world.
2. The second is the record button. You are able to record anything through the app while broadcasting. It is then saved to your account through the website.
3. The third is the “ask” button. This is freakin’ sweet! You are able to ask a live question and the people viewing will be able to answer back to you by clicking yes or no in a box that pops up on their screen. It then charts the answers and shows everyone in a bar graph the percentage of the question’s answers. Once the question has been taken down, Ustream sends you an email of the results of the question. (Very Cool!)
4. When you start to stream from your iPhone, will post to your Twitter account to show all your friends that you are online.

There is one thing I wish would incorporate into this app…Chat! has an app that allows you to live stream as well and it has a chat option where your viewers can text chat to you and you can the audio respond. The Mobile App would really benefit from this.

This App opens so many possibilities for video conferencing especially in the business world. The bad thing about that is that this app is only available to a jailbroken iPhone, something most IT departments won’t approve of. Maybe there are still some tricks up Apple’s sleeve with the release of 3.0?

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  1. I actually tested out this app this morning, because Qik was giving me headaches (it’s still a good app). I was quite pleased with this. I wonder if it works on connections other than Wifi…

    • That is a great question and one that I was wondering about while reviewing the app. Because I have fake activated iPhone, I am not able to test it on Edge. If anyone can test this on Edge, let me know what you experience.

    • I just tried it in EDGE. It doesn’t wanna work. It just tries to constantly connect to the server, but I guess it’s too slow to do so. Maybe it will work on 3G.

  2. Ok,
    I tried it on a first gen phone over edge. took quite a while to load video on my laptop. When connected to wifi it was much smoother of course. On my second gen phone over 3g the vid quality was much closer to the first gen on wifi. I noticed when I loaded the app from cydia on the 3G it offered me a download for a streamer app and a viewer app, but on the first gen only the streaming app was available. And do you know if the appstore app offers a search all live video option, because the one in cydia will only allow search of popular and featured in archived: live: upcoming. So if I want to use this between iphones as a video conferencing tool is it possible?? Can I search out the stream and watch it from either iphone over thier respective data connections is what I want to know. The video streming over 3G looks great, but the first gen phone doesn’t have access to the viewer so????

  3. chrissrockks says

    i know this isnt the place, but im having problems, i ssh into my phone so i can change the icons (themes) and now youtube cydia and itunes are acting up. when i want to preview something or get a video fro youtube, it says can not play movie. and cydia just crashes!! is there a way i can ssh into my phone and change or fix something. i really dont want to restore. thanks!!!!

  4. This app is sweet. I have been using this ever since it was available. I defiantly prefer this over qik.

  5. Antonio Max says

    When you log with your openid, you dont have to add a password anywhere.
    So whats the point if I need a password on the iphone app?
    Had to click forgot password and stuff.
    So far so good. Tested here, everything ok.