Text Message from AT&T

AT&T Today I received a nice text message from AT&T. It told me that if I upgrade to the newest software, I will receive “fewer dropped calls, improved battery life and get the latest enhancements to Maps, Mail and Safari.” It then went on to say exactly what I needed to do in order to upgrade. There are a few things I find strange about this text message…one, firmware 2.2.1 has been out since the end of January two, Doug’s grandma also received the same text message a few days ago (she is on firmware 2.2…as am I) however, neither Doug nor his grandfather received the text message (they are on 3.0 beta 2 and 2.2.1). This leads me to believe they are only sending it to people who are not on 2.2.1 or above. I’m curious to know if you also received the text message from AT&T and what firmware you are on. Screenshot of the full text message below.


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  1. Weird… I’ve never gotten a text message from AT&T on my iPhone.

  2. I am on 2.2.1 firmware and I actully did not get a text message. Thats pretty wierd.

    -Dewan from AppStoreMod.com

  3. It makes sense that’d they’d only send it to people who are not running the latest firmware, right? I don’t see why they’d send it to people who have already updated.

    I don’t understand what’s strange about this text message. You’re not running the latest software, and the text message is telling you this.

  4. I’m on 2.2 and I received it as well. I think you’re right. Only those that haven’t updated their firmware are getting the texts. Do you really think battery is improved with the update???

  5. lol i get these like every day, weather its about my plan, bill, phone, or firmware. they do NOT leave me alone.. i just ignor them

  6. Received text message from ATT. I’m on 2.2.1 on iPhone 3G.

  7. I’m on 2.2, and I received the stupid text message.

    Was 2.2.1 worth re-jailbreaking? I didn’t think so.

    Also: fewer dropped calls? Hah! That’s everyone’s #1 complaint about the phone, and they’re all on 2.2.1.

  8. Better battery life? What a laugh!

  9. Sounds Weird,but then again, AT&T is that way…

    Ignore it if your phone is working fine…

    BTW,i always get a e-mail saying why i should check or register my e-mail account….

  10. Steven Tsujisaka says

    That is weird. I have an iPhone and I did not get a text message like that from AT&T. Do you have the 2.2.1 software on your phone?

  11. I’m on 2.2.1, 3G and I got the message. At the time, I was standing next to a friend with a 2G iPhone with 2.1, and he did not get the message.

  12. My son got the message, and I laughed at him, because he thought it was referring to 3.0. He hasn’t upgraded. My Wife and I have and we didn’t get the message.

  13. i have the 2.2.1 software and i received the text message! i am from puerto rico!

  14. AT&T SUCKS !

    I pay $80 for unlimited voice, data and text at tmobile. The same with AT&T is probable $140 or more !

    • AT&T definitely sucks if you are a new customer. However, I am one of the rare people that was with Cingular before the switch. And I had the ancient 1000 anytime minutes plan for $39.99/month. So, with that my bill is $99/month with all the additions and taxes and whatnot. I have the 1500 texts/month cause I don’t do a lot of texting. And I have many truckloads of rollover minutes because I don’t do a lot of talking lol. Yes it costs more for me than your T-Mobile plan but that’s cool. I’m still paying A LOT less than customers that signed up new contracts with AT&T for the iPhone. ;)

    • yeah. i’ve been with tmo for a while too. i dont know if new customers can get the same deal. ps. that deal is without contract extension

    • Gotcha beat toNYc311… I was on AT&T before they became Cingular before they became AT&T again. That’s what I pay a month (before taxes) for 4 phones including an iPhone. I only have 750 anytime minutes though.

  15. Tmo is running a promo :)

  16. Jerry Pirrung says

    I have iPhone 3G running 2.2.1. I have received similar texts in the past but not this one. My question is how would AT&T know what version of the software you’re running?

  17. I received this message as well. I’m using firmware 2.2 and have no plans to update to 2.2.1. The minimal improvements didn’t seem worth the trouble of messing with my themes and jailbroken apps.

  18. My girlfriend got it a couple days ago, she is on 2.2.0, I got it today and I am on 2.2.1

    Both phone are jailbroken.

  19. My assumption would be that the tower sees the Baseband version the phone has as this is the portion of the firmware that communicates with the tower.

    Therefor all phones that were Jailbroken using Pwnage to generate a Jailbroken firmware would have had the firmware patched to not update the baseband that communicates to the mobile provider.

    AT&T would have sent messages to all users that appeared to be using the older firmware by identifying them via baseband firmware version.

    I received the message and am currently running 2.2.1 Jailbroken with the baseband from 2.2 which was 02.28.00.

    Just my two cents.

  20. I just jailbroke the other day up to 2.2.1 and I got the message. I’m assuming they thought I was still on 2.2

  21. I am on 2.2.1 jailbroken and I received the message. May be because my wife and I are on a plan together and she is on 2.2

  22. Leviticus007 says

    I am running fw 2.2.1 as of 3 days ago, and hot the text

  23. My thought when I 1st recieved the txt was that the firmware 3.0 was out early. But when I checked everything out, I was dissapointed. Looks like we’re still having to wait till June. Bummer :(

  24. I’ve never gotten that text message. When did you get it? I restored my iPhone to 2.2.1 2 days ago because it needed it. I hadn’t restored since 2.2 was released. So, maybe I missed the time frame where AT&T sent the text message because I am now on 2.2.1.

    I noticed that after I finished restoring an iTunes message popped up saying there was an update from my carrier (AT&T) and did I want to upgrade to it. iTunes did not say what exactly the update was but I selected yes and it did the update (whatever it was).

    A quick message about the so called fewer dropped calls. Last night I was talking to my mom and I experienced the most dropped calls EVER!!!!! So, I’m not sure if there was a network issue or what. I restarted my phone to see if maybe it was that but the dropped calls continued. It was so bad that it was searching for a signal. Then after a while the AT&T logo came back but there was no EDGE or 3G logo. And with all that going on I couldn’t get internet or make and receive calls.

    But again that was the worst I had ever experienced. It hasn’t happened again. The only other thing I have noticed is a reversal in service when I’m at work. I work in the lower level at my workplace. I used to get EDGE there with a reasonable signal. Wasn’t the best but at least I got service. Now even though the EDGE logo shows up I cannot connect to anything. No emails, no internet, no nothing. However I can text message and make and receive calls.

    This was an issue before I restored to 2.2.1. So, I’m lead to believe it’s an AT&T issue. I say that because for months and months I had received a signal with connection service downstairs at my work. Now nothing even though the “E” appears on my screen. Really annoying………….

  25. They are telling everyone to update because the update includes the new baseband that can;t be soft unlocked. Apple retail stores have also been instructed to manually update phones. This is all to attempt to stop soft unlocking. That is basically all this update does since everything else they claim like better battery life is totally fake.

  26. Tha38thParallel says

    Im on 2.1 and i received no message like that

  27. yeah i got this text message from AT&T yesterday at 2:07PM. i am running 2.2 firmware. funny thing is though, when i clicked the link, it took me to the “2.2 firmware update” page. :-\ weeeird.

  28. im on 2.2 got it. my sister on 2.2.1 she didnt get it

  29. Yeah i got the message too, and i’m still on 2.2

  30. Yup, I got the same text message yesterday… I’m on 2.2

    I remember back in January when 2.2.1 came out the Dev Team showed a screenie of their text message from AT&T.

  31. I got the text message yesterday. I was hoping to find a 2.2.2 waiting for me.

    I just upgraded to 2.2.1 last weekend from 2.1 — how I loved 2.1, it was the most stable release for me. I tried 2.2.1 when it first came out and had some WIFI problems, so I went back to 2.1, but there have been so many apps that require 2.2 lately, I finally caved. I’m jailbroken with a downrev baseband, prolly from 2.1.

    2.2.1 killed my wifi — it spends all its time trying to acquire new IP addresses, I can’t keep a connection long enough to download cydia or appstore apps. It was also slow on webpages. If I went to the google front page and just toggled between mobile and classic view, the mobile view would take over a minute to load. [ http://discussions.apple.com/message.jspa?messageID=9304271#9304271 ]

    I seem to have dropped calls in 3G mode now – it drops as soon as I answer an incoming call; I haven’t had problems with outbound calls. Switching to EDGE I have no dropped calls. Maybe if I go with the full baseband update things would be better? I wanted to keep the simunlock path open, I’m not sure if they’ve hacked the 2.2.1 baseband yet.

  32. edden Amber says

    im on 2.2 and i havent received the text YET! i tend to get them later then other people.

  33. 2G
    i get tons of dropped calls
    NO Text message from AT&T

  34. Fabritzio says

    still waiting for that iSmart dialer review.. any news?

  35. 3G
    Got the message.

    Was like whoa….and came to your site yesterday.

    Looked all around for a recent update like maybe 2.3 or 3.0 came out early.

    Oh well….weird

  36. I got the text yesterday roughly 1:30 PM EST. The only problem (for me) which is why I’ll upgrade is that at least 2 Apps NEED 2.2.1 to work!

  37. On 2.2 and yes. Got it last week

  38. ….I am on 2.2.1 (jailbroken/yellowsn0w) and got this message but my wife’s 2.2.1 non-jailbroken phone did not get it

  39. I am on 2.2.1 (jailbroken) on my iPhone, but I only went from 2.2 to 2.2.1 about a week ago. I received the text.

    However, my girlfriend’s phone is on 2.2.1 (not jailbroken) and has been since it was released, yet she still received the text.

    The worst part of it for me, was not that we are both already on 2.2.1, but that the texts came within seconds of each other at 6:38AM on Saturday. :( I woke up from a dead sleep thinking there was some kind of emergency/problem, because we very rarely get texts at all (~5 a month each).

  40. i running on 2.2.1 with the 2.30 baseband did not recieve it, my wife however who is on 2.2.1 with the unlocked .02.28.00 baseband did recieve it, i believe at&t can only tell by what baseband your running on, in my opinion based on what happened in my case

  41. I received the text as well. I am on 2.2 and did not update.