Defend Your Castle – Preview

Available In: App Store       Price: $1.99  

Defend Your CastleXGen Studios, who bring you online flash games, are getting ready to release a game in the Apple App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch called Defend Your Castle. allow me the privilege to get my hands on this game a little early.

*WARNING* If you have the following medical and personal problems, do not get this game: no thumbs, carpal-tunnel, narcolepsy, a personal life, a family, lots of homework, or a fear of spiders.

If you are good past this point, keep reading.

This is a very fun, but in my opinion, LONG game. I began playing this game on Friday and had to finally just put it down after getting through 50 levels in Normal and Heroic and about 5-6 hours of playing without ever losing (non-intentionally) or beating the game. Plus my hands and forearms were on fire from flinging spider looking stick figures with button heads in order to defend my castle. BUT this game is addicting.

Each level begins with your castle being bombarded by spider looking stick figures with button heads. In order to defeat the castle, you must flick them in the air and when they fall to the ground they splat with a pretty splattey sound. Other “things” that you get to “flick” are spider looking stick figures with button heads and tongue depressors as battering rams, big button head Cyclops that you have to poke in the eye to kill, bombs of sprockets, and trebuchets of wood and hex keys. There may be more but I couldn’t handle playing anymore and my wife was done with me being attached to my iPhone.

With the points scored from flicking the spider looking stick figures with button heads, you have the option to purchase items that help you defend your castle like archers, magic powers, and fortification of your walls.

Hopefully some of you can finish the game. Let us know how the ending goes if you do. I will update if I finish it.

Look for Defend Your Castle in the App Store in the next week or so…at this time, we do not have any info about the cost of the app. You can get Defend Your Castle for $1.99 once it hits the App Store!


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  1. is this out yet? it´s not in the swedish appstore!

  2. I loved to play this game on my computer, now I can have it for my iPhone!!!


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