PushMod – Auto Check Email Every Minute

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

PushMod PushMod is a mod that allows you to change your email settings so that it checks for new email every minute. Once you install the app, you will need to go into your stock Settings application and then the Fetch New Data options…here you can select the Every 1 Minute option. You do not need to turn the Push feature On…it will automatically override that. That’s it, now your iPhone will check for new email every minute (this will update the badge on your email icon every minute as well).

This app seemed to work fine for me. I tested it, sending an email to both of the email accounts I have set up on my iPhone and it worked…it updated my badge (saying I had another new email) within one minute of when I sent the email. It also worked when I deleted emails (it updated my badge saying I had fewer new emails within one minute of when I deleted them). I haven’t tested this app long enough to know it’s affects on battery life but, I’m assuming it will massively drain your battery. Let me know in the comments if you plan on using this mod and if you have noticed any battery drain from it.

You can get PushMod via the modmyi source.

Note: This app does not add an icon to your SpringBoard, it is just a code mod. To remove the app, just uninstall it (or change your email Settings back to your previous settings).


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  1. The reason u don’t have to turn push on is cuz it’s fetching every minute, not pushing. Bigboss wrote an article on it and states the name of this app is misleading

  2. Well THAT won’t deplete the battery in an hour or 3…

  3. and people complain about the iPhone’s horrible battery life….
    this hack would absolutely drain your battery.

  4. Da187suspect says

    It does drain your battery. I installed this and within the first hour, my battery was half drained and I didn’t even receive that many emails.

  5. THIS IS BULL! NOT “push mail”.

    This is rapid pull mail, which WILL drain your battery. Push isn’t rapid pull, its a slow, long, pull.

  6. great stuff

  7. I need this because I get 20 emails from my friends every 3 minutes… Then they complain that I reply too slow or that I’m ignoring them….

    Sure, it drains your battery… But for people that need this: go right ahead